The Importance of Winter Warmth

As winter kicks in and the mercury plummets, keeping our homes toasty warm is a top priority. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and snuggling down with your family in a warm and cosy house!

Here are some reasons why keeping warm in winter is really important.

Safeguard Your Health

Staying warm at home can keep us healthy during the harsh winter months. In particular, the elderly and those with respiratory problems can be vulnerable to health issues if they don’t stay warm. According to the NHS, there are over 25,000 deaths in England each winter relating to cold temperature exposure, many of which could be avoided.

Improve Your Wellbeing

It’s not just the onslaught of physical health issues that can be a feature of a cold home in winter, but it can impact on our mental health, too. Being cold at home can make us feel low and miserable, and at a time of the year when many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, not heating your home adequately can compound these negative feelings. However, a warm, toasty home can lift our spirits, creating a cosy vibe that makes us grateful to be safely tucked indoors.

Eliminate Mould And Damp

Keeping your home consistently warm but well ventilated this winter can help to reduce condensation, mould and damp. When these become an issue, they can impact on your health, causing allergies and breathing problems.

An Efficient Heating System

Your heating system is really put to the test in the depths of winter, so it’s vital to put it to good use to make sure it’s in excellent working order. If you don’t heat your home adequately during harsh weather, you simply can’t know if it’s fit for purpose when you really need it. By keeping your home topped up with heat, you can spot any problems with your heating system, and get them rectified early on, before small problems mount into bigger, more expensive issues. Crucially, a poorly functioning heating system isn’t energy efficient and could end up inflating your bills. Infrequent use of pipes and radiators may also make them vulnerable to blockages and freezing up during cold snaps.

Wear Heating and Gas can help to ensure your heating system is equipped to keep your home warm this winter. Contact us for friendly, expert advice and assistance.