No Pressure in Your Boiler?

Boilers need regular attention, especially because they can develop issues over time. One of these problems is low water pressure, which can be exasperating, especially during winter when you want your home to be warm – and you want to feel comfortable and cosy!

Tackling the issues before they become more severe is critical for the future good functioning of the boiler.

Why is Water Pressure Important?

Water pressure is vital to the efficient working of your boiler, meaning that, without it, you wouldn’t even be able to have a boiler system. In most modern boilers, pressure is maintained by the inflow of cold water from the mains supply, which is then sent to something called a filling loop.

It’s often fairly easy to diagnose low water pressure, as most boilers come equipped with a gauge.

What Causes Low Pressure?

There can be several reasons why your boiler is having low-pressure issues. For instance, any leaks in the system, no matter where, can cause the pressure to decrease. Even the smallest of leaks can contribute to this, as it affects the balance of the pressure, and they might not even be visible.

We specialise in repairing boilers, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing – and so that you can enjoy a warm home without a hassle! 

How to Fix It

While slight drops in pressure are normal from time to time – it can happen when you bleed your radiator, for example – if it occurs on a regular basis, it might be serious. This means you should take a look at your boiler as soon as possible, in order to catch any problems early on.

Your boiler will have a specific set of instructions that you can check. So first go through your user manual to see if it’s possible for you to re-pressurise it yourself. Every boiler is different, though, so if DIY fails, then getting professional help should be your next step.

You can also check to see if you can find any leaks. If your boiler, pipes or radiators are leaking, you can experience a decrease in the level of pressure. Have a look around your home to check for damp patches around your heating system but, if you do find a leak, don’t attempt any repairs if you’re not confident about them.

Hire professional plumbers who can quickly and easily deal with the issue, as otherwise you might risk making it worse or even endanger yours and you family’s health.

At WEAR Heating and Gas Services, we give you the peace of mind you need during winter, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want someone to take a look at your boiler or plumbing systems!