Keeping Plumbing Healthy During Winter

The cold winter months can take their toll on our homes and the plumbing that runs through it (as can hard water!). The drop-in temperature can be a shock to the system, unfortunately, you can’t just put a woolly hat on your pipes and hope for the best. So, preparation is key to avoiding a costly call out as a result of winter getting it’s cold and icy grip on your pipes.

So, how do you prepare your home for a brush with the cold this winter?

Stop Those Leaks

The smallest leak in the world can mean big trouble in the depths of winter. All of your outdoor pipes should be checked prior to winter, cracks or leaks may not be obvious so try running some water to flush them out. You should also conduct this check indoors as problems can crop up everywhere.

If a problem does persist it isn’t just bad news for that one pipe, but also the surrounding ones. So, solving it at an early stage means that you will stop the issue at the source. Leaks can also hide. Feeling around, searching for wet patches is a good way to suss them out in this case. Find it, patch it and have a leak free winter.

Ensure Insulation

One of the most basic preventative measures is to insulate your piping. If any pipes are well exposed, the best way to ensure no cracks appear is to wrap it in an insulating foam. This is particularly pertinent in areas such as your attic, crawl spaces and garage. The wrap is cost-effective and easy to install; it can also save you a significant amount of money in heating bills.

Know Where Your Water Main Is

Of course, if the worst does come to happen then it is a good idea to know how to turn off your water. A leak can cause a lot of damage, so it needs to be put a stop to as soon as possible. Hopefully, you may never have to use this knowledge, but it never hurts to be prepared!

Are you worried about the condition of your pipes in winter? Fear not, because you can always count on the expertise of the technicians from Wear Heating and Gas, since we have years of experience in plumbing. Feel free to contact our friendly team at any moment and we will be delighted to help.