Radiators and Pipework

Q. The top of the radiator is cold, but the bottom is Hot?

A. The radiator requires bleeding as air has entered the central heating system and become trapped. The air has created a pocket at the top of the radiator stopping the hot water reaching that part. To bleed the radiator turn off the heating boiler at the controls and find the end of the radiator where the bleed pin is located. Using either a bleed key if screwdriver turn the bleed pin half a turn anti-clockwise. A hissing sound will follow as the trapped air leaves the radiator. Once all air is bleed, tighten bleed pin and move onto next radiator.

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Q. The top of the radiator is hot but the bottom is cold?

A. The radiator generally requires cleaning, not the outside but the insides. This is usually the first signs of a future system failure. Sludge and system debris has collected at the lowestest points of the system and is stopping hot water flowing to the bottom of the radiator. The best remedy is a procedure called a powerflush whereby a piece of specialist equipment is brought in by ourselves and connected to the system. Threw a high velocity pump and cleaning chemicals we can reverse the “aging process” of the system and restore it to full working order.

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Q. The radiator is cold, when bled no air comes out just water?

A. The radiator is most likely suffering from either:

  • An Airlock within the pipework feeding it.
  • The Radiator Valve, in most cases a Thermostatic type stuck closed.

Both of these problems have solutions but generally in most cases a new radiator valve and balancing of the system would be required. However the following can be tried before contacting ourselves. Turn off all radiators except the affected radiator and hopefully with the system running the extra pressure from the pump will push the air lock out. In the case of the defective radiator valve, Remove the radiator head from the valve bodt and using a pair of pliers pull the pin located in the centre of the valve body upwards. If this does not work and you tried the first step then most likely a servicee visit would be required.

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Boilers and system faults

Q. Theres no heating or hot water?

A. There is no one quick solution, However there are certain user controls that can be checked before a service visit.

  1. Check the mains power supply to the boiler is on and the fuse has n’t blown.
  2. Check the Gas supply, For those with credit meters is the credit on.
  3. Check the room thermostat is calling for Heat.
  4. Check the time controller / programmer is calling for Heat.
  5. Check the pump is running.
  6.  If the boiler is fitted with a pilot light, check the pilot is on.

If non of the above works then a service visit will be required.

Contact us for any advice or help on the above problems, Our dedicated team will try to solve a problem over the phone or book a service visit the very same day.

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