Common Boiler Problems

Your boiler will give you obvious signs that it needs to be repaired when it has an issue, but knowing what those signs point to might be more complicated. Knowing what the symptoms are trying to tell you might help you know that calling an engineer straight away is safer and more efficient.

Keeping a close eye on your boiler during the summer when it’s less active will result in a lesser chance of serious issues happening in the winter.



The Boiler Loses Pressure

Pressurised systems can be faulty and cause your boiler to lose pressure. Common problems like water leaks are usually the issue, and it has a possible easy fix. You can try to re-pressurise your boiler yourself by following the manual, but calling a professional engineer is the best option; if you accidently exceed pressure levels in your boiler, you could cause a serious accident.


Faulty Thermostat

Older houses might have problems with their thermostats deteriorating. While this might not seem like a boiler issue, it will transfer to your central heating system over time. You can check if your power supply is properly switched on and working and adjust thermostat settings, especially after a power cut.


Lime Scale Build Up

If you notice a lot of noise coming from your boiler, then you might have a lime scale build up in the heat exchanger of your boiler. Noises like gurgling, banging, and rumbling from the pipes are common with lime scale and air build ups.

Power flushing your pipes helps remove the lime scale or the air that has built up. This, however, might be a temporary solution; if the noise persists, it is best to contact a professional and qualified engineer to resolve the issue.


Frozen Condensate Pipes

When your boiler displays a fault code and you notice that the outside temperature is below freezing and resetting the boiler doesn’t fix the issue, then your boiler might have frozen condensate pipes.


Quick and Easy Tips

Resetting a boiler takes a couple of minutes and it involves turning it off and back on after leaving it to rest. If you see that your water, oil, gas, and electricity feeds to the boiler are switched on but your boiler is still not working properly, then calling a boiler repair engineer is your next step.

Don’t forget that your safety is a top priority and that when in doubt, it is always best to call a professional.


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