The Hawk and His Boy

The Hawk and His Boy Murderous assassins A wizard with way too much power You can run but you can t hidet from the Dark Start the epic fantasy series today Jute was just a poor street wise thief until he stole an ancie

  • Title: The Hawk and His Boy
  • Author: Christopher Bunn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Murderous assassins A wizard with way too much power You can run, but you can t hidet from the Dark.Start the epic fantasy series today Jute was just a poor, street wise thief, until he stole an ancient knife full of magic After getting himself murdered, he s brought back to life Sounds like a good thing, except everyone wants him dead now Really dead.With the coMurderous assassins A wizard with way too much power You can run, but you can t hidet from the Dark.Start the epic fantasy series today Jute was just a poor, street wise thief, until he stole an ancient knife full of magic After getting himself murdered, he s brought back to life Sounds like a good thing, except everyone wants him dead now Really dead.With the country under attack, Jute must band together with an unlikely bunch of allies to save their city, the land and pretty much the entire world.The Hawk and His Boy is the first book in an epic fantasy series of exhilarating adventure, fantastic magic and even some romance.Click the Buy Now button to download The Hawk for free today

    • The Hawk and His Boy ¦ Christopher Bunn
      176 Christopher Bunn
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    1. Christopher Bunn was born and raised in California After serving his obligatory sentence in school, he hit the road and spent years wandering around the world He s worked on all the continents except for Antarctica Among other jobs, he has worked in a shoe factory in Israel, ran a post office in a UN refugee camp in Thailand, done construction in the jungle, crewed on TV documentaries and dramas in England, demolished post hurricane structures in Hawaii, worked in an orphanage in Ethiopia, and produced kids dvds and video games in Chicago Currently, he lives and works on a farm in California with his family He loves to bake pie, compose music, and talk to God.

    2. Given all my complaining about fantasy these days, I was all prepared to dismiss this book. The title made me think of C.S. Lewis' Horse and His Boy, and that's my least favourite Narnia book, so my hopes were not suffering from any inflation.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

    3. 3,5*This is a fast paced story with good characters and dialogue! There was enough mystery going on to keep me interested throughout the book, and while it starts with just a bit of magic it gradually becomes more magical.I enjoyed the slowly expanding world and the smooth prose of the book.My main complaint is that the book has no real ending at all. Yes, it is part of a series, and the story will continue in the next book, but usually there is some sort of climax at the end, or at least a part [...]

    4. The debut of an independent fantasy trilogy of which both next books are written and in editing, to be published in 2011, The Hawk and His Boy was a big positive surprise for me.I found out about it by a review inquiry on FBC and while the blurb seemed mostly standard, though on the intriguing side for me, I checked the Kindle sample and I really liked what i read there so i bought the ebook and it became my main read.I felt compelled to turn the next page when finishing the current one, so I re [...]

    5. Ebook: Free Price i would willingly pay: £1.00The Bad:1. To many narratives, this book literally jumped all over the map, we were constantly changing narrators and view points, I could never build any momentum up to really get behind a character.2. There is a distinct lack of action. A few scuffles but otherwise it is an entire novel of setup.The Good:1. The premise is fantastic, if the next books deliver on what this story promises then it will end up a great series.2. The characters are start [...]

    6. In book one of The Tormay Trilogy, The Hawk and His Boy, by Christopher Bunn we meet several interesting characters. We start off meeting a young boy named Jute. The reader is instantly aware that Jute isn't your average boy as there are just some things that seem to be different about him. He has been sent on a job by his father figure, The Juggler, who is a mean and fat man who collects the city's orphans and puts them to work as thieves. Of course the job doesn't go as planned and Jute finds [...]

    7. Hidden away in a tower, there is a wooden box, engraved with an ugly carving of a hawk. Sealed shut by magical forces, its owner has no idea what's inside, but is determined to open it. Equally determined to get his hands on this box, a mysterious stranger hires a group of thieves to steal the box. Jute is the right boy for the job, bypassing magical wards and making his way through the house to retrieve the box. But things don't go quite as planned when he unexpectedly opens the lid and touches [...]

    8. A really fun fantasy adventure. There was a lot of set up in this volume, to the extent that at times I felt a bit like each new chapter was still part of the introduction.It's the characterisations that really made the book for me. Usually in a fantasy book there's one person I want the whole book to be about, and every time we get another POV I'm itching to get back to the other head. But here I find almost everyone fascinating, and I was disappointed when the book ended that I hadn't had the [...]

    9. I have to admit that this book was entertaining enough that I couldn't set it down once I'd started. I really did enjoy it, and will be picking up the sequel as soon as I can, because Christopher Bunn has definitely gotten me intrigued. However, I do have some reasons as to why I'm not rating this first book higher: 1) Although I recognize the worldbuilding and character building Bunn was doing in this novel (which, as a fan of Lord of the Rings and similar books made me very happy) I was sort o [...]

    10. This is a 3 book series. I was given all 3 books to review at one time. I decided to review each as I read them 1 at a time.The first book the Hawk and the Boy starts off strong and drew me into their world, but the story did not end. You have to read the next book and if I would have had to wait I would not be happy. But since the next is just waiting for me to read I give the story 4 STARS.I hate to wait to find out what happens next. Their is no smaller plot that finshed even in the first boo [...]

    11. The GistJute is forced by the Thieves Guild to steal a box from the tower of a local merchant. The house is guarded by wards, and Jute is the only one who knows how to move silently and to still his mind so that the wards cannot see or hear him."Don't open the box, or I will gut you," said the Knife, the man who waits for Jute to return with the box.Jute didn't mean to open the box. It just kind of happened. He didn't mean to reach for the blade inside and cut his finger. It just kind of happene [...]

    12. Picking up a free book from an independent author who you haven't heard of before is risky at best. There's a lot of sub-par stuff out there. Fortunately this is a good book.I don't mean good for an indie. I mean it's good. I can easily see it being published by a large publisher. The book is presented properly. By which I mean it has a good cover, it's clearly been edited.It's also a solid execution of some familiar fantasy elements. I don't think we're breaking new ground, but we're doing what [...]

    13. This book opens the 'Tormay Trilogy', and it's a great start. The quality of the writing is excellent - smooth, accessible, clear - and the book is very well edited, with few discernible errors. The story follows the adventures of a range of characters situated across the duchies of Tormay. Jute is a child-thief hired to steal a mysterious box; the completion of the job changes his life forever. Levoreth is niece to a duke, though her talent for conversing with animals suggests that she's more t [...]

    14. I knew going in this was the first book in a trilogy so wasn't expecting a full story. The plot sounded interesting, a common 'orphan thief' theme, but that appeals to me if it is done well.The first section of the book started out well, enjoyed the orphan thief and his expertise and the supporting cast to that part of the story was quite well done, with suitable bad actors. Unfortunately, the book did not go on from there, but continued to introduce surprising (and confusing) number of characte [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book. The story line was interesting and the characters seemed realistic. Jute, the main character starts off as a thief, but he's more than he appears. The character Levoreth can talk to animals, and some of her backstory is revealed. I'm very interested in seeing how the story progresses and learning more about the cast of characters, especially the hawk. Nio makes a good villain, obsessed with his goals and willing to utilize dark magic to attain his wishes. I would recommend t [...]

    16. I'm not sure I want to write too much now since I wasn't able to stop when the book finished. I just clicked and continued with The Shadow. I will say that it's not a book to read as you are falling asleep. You'll need all your brain power. Very cleverly written and fun to ready. Now if I could only get some sleep in. :-)

    17. Unfortunately I felt like this book never got anywhere. There were simply too many unrelated characters with their own plots and no real connection to the main theme. Oh I'm sure it will all fall together eventually but it didn't come together in this one and was therefore confusing and had an unfinished feel. This is not a series I'll be continuing.

    18. This is a great story. A large cast of characters for different backgrounds allows for a full and fun story. I can't wait to read the next installment. If you are looking for a good summer read for your chapter book reader, I would add this to the list.

    19. Whaaat?! How could you end the book there!!Issa very unfair to put your book in a collection and then end it on a cliffhanger. Twas a very good book though, the plot was most intriguing and the characters quite interesting. The perspectives jumped around a lot, but I'm willing to overlook that. I highly recommend this book to young adults who enjoy fantasy and all that kind of old world ancient languages and awesome world building. Content wise it can be a little on the creepy side (in a good wa [...]

    20. Christopher was kind enough to let me review this book for him and I don't know whether I have ever been so exited about a review-book. It has everything I would expect in a fantasy-book and it's an amazing first part of a trilogy.The Hawk and His Boy consist out of four different stories that are all interlinked. The first and most central is the story of Jute, a boy who is part of the Thief Guild. He has to steal a box, but he ends up being "killed". He isn't however and falls into the hands o [...]

    21. This trilogy seems to be another play on the boy saving the world trope that used to be so prevalent in fantasy, but seems to have been replaced by the kick-ass chick meets vamp/ghost/demon/were. I'm enjoying both, but wish this one was done more often; when done right, it's so enjoyable.The Hawk and His Boy is no different. There are a few rough spots in the editing, but they in no way interfere with the storyline or enjoyment of the tale.I am liking the story so much that I immediately purchas [...]

    22. Di questo libro avevo letto cose interessanti, e sembrava poter andare incontro ai miei gusti.Un mondo interessante, con un bel background e promesse di epicità: i quattro anbeorun, con poteri elementali e immensi, immortali creature a difesa del mondo contro l’Oscurità.E l’Oscurità che torna in vita e porta morte, silenziosa e furtiva. Senza motivo apparente.Un cimelio, un artefatto magico per il cui furto è commissionato un ragazzino. Che viene ucciso subito dopo, dato che nessuno deve [...]

    23. 3.5 StarsMy full review: coffeecookiesandchilipeppers.bI do not normally review more than one book in a series at the same time. However, I feel that this trilogy reads much more like one book in three volumes and that each of the titles cannot really be treated as a stand-alone book.Disclaimer: I was given this trilogy free by the author via a Librarything Member Giveaway, in return for an honest review.The world building is well done and we are rarely presented with piles of exposition. There [...]

    24. I can smack myself for not getting around to reading this one sooner. It's been awhile since I read a good straight-forward fantasy. This book also reminds me why I don't normally read fantasy on my Kindle. If there is a map, it's not there for reference. That would have been helpful for maintaining prespective but it was not a deal breaker. It would have also been helpful to have a lineage chart of some sort since there are so many legends attached to ancestors. Not a dealbreaker either.I have [...]

    25. Really lovely fantasy, set in a world filled with ancient magic both wondrous and terrible, written in beautiful prose. The story is in part about a young thief boy, Jute, who stumbles across a magnificent and terrifying destiny in the course of a thieving job, and is befriended by a mysterious hawk. But there's a lot more besides: corrupt wizards, unexpectedly courageous scholars, and other people from noblewomen to thieves who are more than they seem to be, as a struggle against an ancient, te [...]

    26. I struggled with the rating on this book. And I struggle with the review. I read this book because it was free and I needed a book to read. That being said, I finished the book. Which is a big step considering it was free. I had nothing invested and nothing to lose.As to technicalities: I did not find any glaring errors while reading - no typoes, wrong words or other editorial issues. Which isn't to say they are not there, but, rather, they were not so overwhelming or obvious as to invade the st [...]

    27. This book had so much potential. I mean, I fully expected, even just at first glance of the cover, to be taken into a wonderful and amazing adventure. And, it could have been. The characters are amazing, as are their names and personalities (For example: JUTE!!! What a superb and unusual, sticking-in-the-brain kind of name!); the descriptions delightful and engaging. The idea of this story is enchanting, magical. The plot makes me curious and pulls me along wanting to know more. Which is why I g [...]

    28. No bird crap?Great story with well written characters, interesting situations and places I'd like to visit (as long as I had a nice blade). Kept my interest throughout and left me wanting more, nice for the author, bad for my pocket book.

    29. Beautiful prose, rich character development - rare finds in this age of ebooks and indie authors. The sheer number of characters is dizzying, and I wonder why the book ends where it does instead of getting more of the story told before we turn the last page of Book One. The hawk is marvelous, and the final image of him awake at his post all night while Jute sleeps is magical. The magic in the prose is what moves me to give 5 stars to a story that seems weaker in plot and pace than in character d [...]

    30. I won this book in a First Reads contest.By the time I finished reading the first few chapters of this book, it was clear to me that Christopher Bunn created an interesting world with a dense mythology and history. The author switches points-of-view between a variety of characters. Many of these characters do not interact with each other in the first book of the Tormay trilogy. One point-of-view, that of the "boy" in the book's title, is used to establish much of Tormay's mythology and history. [...]

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