King's Gold

King s Gold As the year draws to a close London is in flames King Edward II is a prisoner and the forces of his vengeful queen Isabella and her lover Sir Roger Mortimer are in the ascendant The Bardi fa

  • Title: King's Gold
  • Author: Michael Jecks
  • ISBN: 9781847379023
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As the year 1326 draws to a close, London is in flames King Edward II is a prisoner, and the forces of his vengeful queen, Isabella, and her lover Sir Roger Mortimer, are in the ascendant The Bardi family, bankers who have funded the King, must look to their future with the Queen, steering a careful course between rival factions if, that is, they can keep themselves aAs the year 1326 draws to a close, London is in flames King Edward II is a prisoner, and the forces of his vengeful queen, Isabella, and her lover Sir Roger Mortimer, are in the ascendant The Bardi family, bankers who have funded the King, must look to their future with the Queen, steering a careful course between rival factions if, that is, they can keep themselves alive.Others, too, find their loyalties torn Guarding the deposed King on behalf of Mortimer, Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and bailiff Simon Puttock find themselves entangled in a tightening net of conspiracy, greed, betrayal and murder.

    • King's Gold By Michael Jecks
      477 Michael Jecks
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    1. Michael Jecks is a best selling writer of historical novels The son of an Actuary, and the youngest of four brothers, he worked in the computer industry before becoming a novelist full time in 1994He is the author of the internationally popular Templar series, perhaps the longest crime series written by a living author Unusually, the series looks again at actual events and murders committed about the early fourteenth century, a fabulous time of treachery, civil war, deceit and corruption Famine, war and disease led to widespread despair, and yet the people showed themselves to be resilient The series is available as ebooks and all paper formats from Harper Collins, Headline and Simon and Schuster More recently he has completed his Vintener Trilogy, three stories in his Bloody Mary series, and a new Crusades story set in 1096, Pilgrim s War, following some of the people in the first Crusade on their long pilgrimage to Jerusalem He has also written a highly acclaimed modern spy thriller, Act of Vengeance.His books have won him international acclaim and in 2007 his Death Ship of Dartmouth was shortlisted for the Harrogate prize for the best crime novel of the year.A member of the Society of Authors and Royal Literary Society, Jecks was the Chairman of the Crime Writers Association in 2004 2005 In 2005 he became a member of the Detection Club From 1998 he organised the CWA Debut Dagger competition for two years, helping unpublished authors to win their first contracts He judged the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for three years.Michael Jecks is a popular speaker at literary festivals and historical meetings He is a popular after dinner and motivational speaker and has spoken at events from Colombia to Italy, Portugal to Alaska.His own highlights are being the Grand Marshal of the first parade at the New Orleans 2014 Mardi Gras, designing the Michael Jecks fountain pen for Conway Stewart, and being the International Guest of Honour at the Crime Writers of Canada Bloody Words convention Michael lives, walks, writes and paints in North Dartmoor.

    2. Another one down and not too many more to go now. I read the first in this series, The Last Templar, then I jumped forward to the books at the end (because I could not source the earlier books too easily or at all in some cases) starting with The Oath.Then I read the recently released prequel to the entire series, Templar's Acre. And now back to the end of the series with this one, King's Gold. One more to go and if I then wish to meet Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Simon Puttock again, I will hav [...]

    3. Well researched: a story well told.Historical fiction has always been my favourite genre since I first read Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff when I was eight years old. I have my favourite authors in this genre and Michael Jecks has just added his name to my list. He is a true master of historical fiction. And, having met the man, I can report that he is a modest master. He took the time to speak to me, as an equal, although I know that I am not, while we were both attending the Swanwick [...]

    4. Jecks continues to provide an excellent read and sustains the quality of this Templar series with excellent historical research and the weaving of stories within the early 14th century world of England, etc. I have all of the titles in the series as I searched for the initial titles after being introduced to this author a few years back. I have ordered some from overseas but with Simon & Schuster now his publisher the releases in England and the U.S. are closer in time.

    5. I had the feeling in some of his recent books that Michael was moving away from murder mystery towards political intrigue. This latest book has both in abundance, with some clever twists in the narrative - like who eventually ends up with the King's Gold!

    6. I have read most of the books in this series. This one is a little different as the central story is the incarceration of the former Edward II and plots to rescue him. The regular main characters appear as usual but their role is limited and the usual murders which crop up in the course of the book are peripheral to the story. Having said that, I don't think the book suffered as a result. The historical background is painted strongly and is powerful enough to retain the reader's interest. My mai [...]

    7. Historical fiction at it's best. Michael Jecks draws the reader back into medieval times. As the year 1326 is ending London is in flames. King Edward II is a prisoner and his young son has been named King in his place. The Queen and her lover Sir Roger Mortimer are really in control as Mortimer serves as Reagent. The country is torn apart by supporters for both sides and what are the knights to do. They have sworn their allegiance to protect the king, but which one? Guarding the king on behalf o [...]

    8. This book is the second in a collection of works by Micheal Jecks that i have on my bookshelf, with the other being "The Oath" however i do realise that it is an installment within an epic series that expands out to 30 volumes! I adore historical ficiton as i am also a lover of authors such as C.J Sansom and Robyn Young and i can easily say that personally i feel just as passionate & enthusiastic about Micheal Jecks as i am about the others. This tale was truly gripping from begining to end [...]

    9. As the year 1326 draws to a close, London is in flames. King Edward II is a prisoner - and his guards are Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and bailiff Simon Puttock. Their loyalties are torn, and soon they find themselves entangled in a tightening net of conspiracy, greed, betrayal and murder.This story was the end of the trilogy that covered the end of King Edward II's reign, taking us to the time when the King was forced to abdicate and the plots that were thought up to rescue him and return him to hi [...]

    10. Well it could've been a grand mess. But that would be giving it airs it doesn't deserve. Instead just a so so mess.The first part was just mad, character switching. Every couple of pages a new, unrelated plot thread. It was tough to follow and get invested in any of it. It was like someone telling a story by constantly remembering something else to interject. "Oh that's right! This happened. Yeah and while that was happening this other thing happened. Oh did I tell you about this guy and what he [...]

    11. I have been a big fan of Michael Jecks since reading his first book, The Last Templar. Having read all of the books in the series, I can only say that the adventures of Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Simon Puttock have kept me entertained with each successive book. Mr. Jeck's attempts to keep to the authenticity of the time period is to be commended. The books offer a mystery/history buff some very entertaining reads.

    12. It was a little harder to get into then some of the others, King's Gold by Michael Jecks has not disappointed. It is like reading a continuing saga. The history behind the story of Baldwin and Simon is fascinating. In this century the Black death strikes, the world experiences a rebirth. Of course it takes England a liile longer to have the Renaissance arrive. I did love it as I read on. What's next for Baldwin, Simon, and England herself? I can't wait to find out.

    13. Another good solid novel in this series. I did find the continual narrative jumping of perpective at the beginning a bit disconcerting. Although I like, and want, the accurate historical context, I think it swamped the mystery storyline. This is more a historical novel not a historical mystery. The last third certainly picked up. Lastly a bit of moaning, I know they would have been popular names but all the 'R's" got a bit confusing at times, -Sir Richard, Sir Ranulf, Sir Ralph, Sir Roger.

    14. An exciting story. I have read other books from this author and this certainly keeps up the high standard. Perhaps I missed something has this is the first book I have read from this series, but it is a good stand-alone story. Battles, intrigue and underhand dealing. There is some blood and gore but these are not gratuitous and the story is the main focus.

    15. Edward III rules, while his father, the former King Edward II is held prisoner. When an attempt is made to rescue him, his jailers fear it may be an attempt on his life. Edward's fear is that the danger may lie with those who are supposed to be protecting him, and he requests that Sir Baldwin and Simon be called into service.

    16. The page or two focus on different people in their settings drove me Crazy--there was no need to skip around in the story so much. Never got a chance to settle in and get to know the characters. At least the author didn't try to leave at a cliffhanger every single time, ala Dan Brown

    17. The storyline was a little all over the place and took a fair bit of working out as you were reading, which in my opinion distracted you from what was actually going on.Not a bad book, though I think that the story line could of been a little more flowing.

    18. This is another excellent blend of mystery and historical fiction from Jecks. The only problem I have with his books is that they end too soon!

    19. One of the most dull books I've ever read, to be honest I can't think why because I love my historical fiction, I just found it so tedious

    20. was an okay read felt could of been shorter though not one of the best historical fiction have read but just felt this book was missing a little something

    21. First of series that I've read. So many sub-plots were disconcerting at first,but Ienjoyed the book and will read the series.

    22. This book keeps you on the edge all the way to the end. Very enjoyable and I did not want to put it down.

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