Old Tales Retold (Chinese-English Edition) (Chinese and English Edition)

Old Tales Retold Chinese English Edition Chinese and English Edition The main content of Classic Echo New Stories English Chinese consists of preamble sky healing flying to the moon water plucking swords out customs non attack

  • Title: Old Tales Retold (Chinese-English Edition) (Chinese and English Edition)
  • Author: Lu Xun 魯迅
  • ISBN: 9787119026992
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • The main content of Classic Echo New Stories English Chinese consists of preamble, sky healing, flying to the moon, water, plucking, swords, out customs, non attack.

    • Old Tales Retold (Chinese-English Edition) (Chinese and English Edition) - Lu Xun 魯迅
      259 Lu Xun 魯迅
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    2 thoughts on “Old Tales Retold (Chinese-English Edition) (Chinese and English Edition)

    1. Lu Xun or Lu Hs n Wade Giles , was the pen name of Zhou Shuren September 25, 1881 October 19, 1936 , a leading figure of modern Chinese literature Writing in Vernacular Chinese as well as Classical Chinese, Lu Xun was a novelist, editor, translator, literary critic, essayist, and poet In the 1930s he became the titular head of the League of Left Wing Writers in Shanghai from For the Chinese profile, please click here.

    2. Ох, в такива дни така си обичам работата.В тази книга има всичко: прословутата китайска непоколебимост и спокойствие, с което разказват страшните си, бунтарските си, разкъсващите си истории, още по-пословичната китайска мъдрост, интелигентно чувство за хумор, съпружески не [...]

    3. This was perhaps one of my favorite collections of Lu Xun’s stories. In the first place, they are all told in a style reminiscent of “The Thousand and One Nights”, also because they involved traditional Chinese stories that I had never heard and lastly because Xun retells them in a perfect blend of reverence for the story as well as his always present cynicism of the society in which they developed. The stories themselves were also very intriguing because they all highlighted the interim b [...]

    4. My edition is 1972 seond edition published by the Foreign Language Press of Peking. This is a collection of short stories with many references to old stories, gods and dynasties. Some are distinctly odd, probably because of the coded political messages which Lu Hsun seems to be giving in his tales.

    5. These are reinterpretations of old Chinese myths as seen through the eyes of Lu Xun, one of China's great modern writers. I wish I knew more about the myths and heroes of Chinese legend; as I am reading this now I can glean certain facts but I can't appreciate these stories in real depth. However, I do enjoy the Chinese perspective, and the translation of this is quite good.

    6. Fascinating to read, as I was only familiar with Lu Xun's political essays and modernist fiction -- his characteristic biting insight and passionate vehemence even more persuasive modulated into myth. Very good, lucid translation.

    7. Una joyita que me encontré en los libros usados. Editado e impreso en China, por las "ediciones en lenguas extranjeras" para dar a conocer la obra de los pensadores nacionales al mundo entero, hasta el papel es una maravilla. Me gustaría saber cómo fue que llegó a México.El texto retoma algunas leyendas e historias de la tradición China en sus diferentes regiones, para revalorarlas a la luz de la nueva época, la de la Revolución Cultural. En algunos casos el resultado es una crítica sut [...]

    8. If you've never read Lu Xun, then you are lame. He's often called China's first real "modern" author or whatever that means, but he has that peculiar, hilarious genius for making fun of pretty much everyone around him that transcends any stupid lit-crit pigeonholing. In fact, he screams against it. The irony is is that he often evinces his genius through folksy retellings of old tales. Hence the title of this collection.The stories are funny and biting. Chang'e goes to the moon because she's sic [...]

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