The Naked Edge

The Naked Edge Once they were boyhood best friends playing in the woods near their homes pretending to be soldiers surviving behind enemy lines Grownup they belonged to Delta Force and later worked as protectors

  • Title: The Naked Edge
  • Author: David Morrell
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  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Once they were boyhood best friends, playing in the woods near their homes, pretending to be soldiers surviving behind enemy lines Grownup, they belonged to Delta Force and later worked as protectors for the world s best security company Now their lives have taken drastically different paths, pitting them against one another, forcing them to play their boyhood game againOnce they were boyhood best friends, playing in the woods near their homes, pretending to be soldiers surviving behind enemy lines Grownup, they belonged to Delta Force and later worked as protectors for the world s best security company Now their lives have taken drastically different paths, pitting them against one another, forcing them to play their boyhood game again, this time to learn who dies The survival of a great city hangs in the balance as two friends turned enemies hunt one another and discover that there s a line between predators and prey, a line that s called The Naked Edge From Rambo creator David Morrell, the father of the modern action novel, comes a gripping international thriller that you won t want to end.

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    2 thoughts on “The Naked Edge

    1. David Morrell is a Canadian novelist from Kitchener, Ontario, who has been living in the United States for a number of years He is best known for his debut 1972 novel First Blood, which would later become a successful film franchise starring Sylvester Stallone More recently, he has been writing the Captain America comic books limited series The Chosen.

    2. I've read several of David Morrell's books. Some I like (a lot) others I found stultifying. "For me" his writing can run the gamut.This one I enjoy. If you read much of his writing you'll begin to see similarities. His approach can "often" (but always) take a familiar turn some of his characters can have similar traits. This isn't a bad thing so long as it's done well. I've seen it in other writers with a prolific out put (Dean Koontz for instance). This is the second book about "Cavanaugh" (thi [...]

    3. David Morrell is one of the few authors who has for me achieved the status of whatever he publishes I will purchase. The legendary Louis L'Amour was my first author to hit this level and only Tom Clancy has managed to get there in the past for his techno action thriller series. I had one other author who seemed to be there but has fallen off that perch recently. It is a difficult perch to maintain. This book is a page turner. I love the way Morrell keeps the tension without losing focus on reali [...]

    4. David Morrell is a multi-genre writer, but one common theme seems to run through all his books: relationships. Whether he writes spy novels, horror, westerns, or mysteries, his thrillers often explore the relationships between fathers and sons, fathers and daughter, between brothers, and—in The Naked Edge—between friends.The second in Morrell's limited Protector series, The Naked Edge features the return of Cavanaugh, a former Delta Force soldier turned high-end personal security specialist. [...]

    5. I understand as a writer new territory can be invigorating, but I’m not a big fan of the types of plts in Morrell’s last few books since the Protector. With The Naked Edge Morrell brings back a character and plot that reminds the reader of his earlier work. I've been a fan of David Morrell since reading Brotherhood Of The Rose in the 80's. Morrell’s work spoke to me, in that it showed the origin of his characters. Too often in thrillers we are confronted with protagonists having fully de [...]

    6. Extremely disappointed with this one I was intrigued to see that the main character from "The Protector" (one of Morrell's other books) was back. I loved that book and found it highly entertaining. This one falls flat with an unbelievable plot, cardboard characters and wooden dialogue. First off, we start up with a "retired" Cavanough (hero from the last book) living on a farm with his new wife. I kept wondering if I missed a book as I don't even remember the wife character from "The Protector". [...]

    7. A Friendship That Went BadThe Naked Edge by David Morell is a high octane thriller in Lee Child mode. It explodes into action from page one and never lets up. Morell, consistent, reliable, never disappoints. I have loved his books since I first came across Rambo (First Blood) in the early 1970s. Many books were to follow including The Brotherhood of the Rose in the 1980s, The Fraternity of the Stone (late ‘80s), The Covenant of the Flame (mid-90s), to select only a couple. The great thrillers [...]

    8. Enjoyed this Action novel by Morrell. I really love David Morrell and realized I hadn't read any of his books for years so picked up a couple of audiobooks. This one was about protective agents and one who has to save the world okay, maybe not the world, but like that. There was a lot to learn about knives, so that was interesting. The funny part was that I listened to the unabridged audio version and it was read by Dick Hill. He's a great narrator, but he IS the voice of Jack Reacher so it's ha [...]

    9. This is the second of The Protector series featuring Cavanaugh although it was written seven years after the first. Lots of action but very little story. Not what I expected from David Morrell based on his previous work. Written more like something he wanted to sell to movie director John Woo, that type of action. The reader does learn a lot about premium knives and the craftsmen who make them. Also a quick primer on how to make a quality blade. On the downside of the filler material, Morrell te [...]

    10. I really like a few of David Morrell other books, but this one just felt a bit too predictable and like all the characters were acting in a really cheezy action film, with the same old one liners, same old stereotyped characters and got really corny at bits also,Definitely worth keep trying David Morrell's books if this is your first of his you got into, but if your a past fan, might do better off avoiding this one.

    11. The author of First Blood is in his elements in this taut action thriller that could chill your spine. The phenomenal research that he puts into this work shines through every chapter. It is a duel and a revenge story between once-upon-a-time thickest of friends but the pace is relentless. Visually captivating and arresting to say the least. The 'knife' history is fantastic. If you like action thrillers of the Navy Seal type, you can't get a better one than this.

    12. Wow, the pace of this thriller felt like a downhill roller coaster;) I especially loved the character Jamie. She was very strong, resourceful, intelligent, and truly an equal partner in her marriage to Cavanaugh. The narrative contains perhaps a little too much detail on knives, but that background likely is more appreciated by male readers. Although the book was published a few years ago, the story is quite timely considering current events.

    13. Fun sequelThe Naked Edge is the follow-up to The Protector, and like most sequels it suffers in comparison to the original. David Morrell's commitment to exciting action scenes and thorough research keeps it entertaining, but the story is a bit forced and there's a feeling of déjà vu over the whole book. This one is probably only for people who are already faithful readers.

    14. Good but not quite as good a the Protector. More like a how to book for Protectors. Felt very teachy and less page turner. I'm ok with teachy, in fact I prefer it but not at the expense of "page turner".

    15. very disappointed------morrell used to be one of my favs! story was tooooo choreographed. he must have had a strict outline;very very stinted!! too purfect time line.i suggest reading his earlier works.

    16. Loved this thriller. Great details about special "operators" who are highly trained - and highly deadly!!Really enjoyed the interaction between the main character and his long lost friend from childhood.

    17. Lots of thrilling action, a real page turner. A friendship that goes sour, an insight into the world of high stakes security and lots of technical information re knife making. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. One of David Morrell's better ones.

    18. Morrell's best since The Protector, the first novel to feature Cavanaugh, and quite possibly the best since The Fifth Profession. Morrell is the master of thriller novel and remains without comparison in the genre.

    19. Another masterful thriller by Morrell who almost single-handedly invented the genre. I consider this one of his best. The loss of a star was because of necessary coincidences to move the story along.

    20. Another thriller by David Morrell which kept me at the edge of my seat. As is normal it had a strong story and characterization.

    21. Morrell is always good for a great thrill ride. This one starts with a bang and ends with one, just the way a Morrell thriller should be.

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