Last Chapter and Worse

Last Chapter and Worse This collection includes the last six months of Far Side cartoons from newspaper syndication plus new cartoons drawn by Gary Larson since his retirement

  • Title: Last Chapter and Worse
  • Author: Gary Larson
  • ISBN: 9780836221312
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • This collection includes the last six months of Far Side cartoons from newspaper syndication, plus 13 new cartoons drawn by Gary Larson since his retirement.

    • Last Chapter and Worse BY Gary Larson
      473 Gary Larson
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    1. Gary Larson was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington His parents were Vern, a car salesman, and Doris, a secretary He attended Curtis High School before attending Washington State University and graduated in 1972 with a degree in communications In 1987, Larson married Toni Carmichael, an archaeologist.Larson credits his older brother Dan for his paranoid sense of humor Dan would pull countless pranks on Gary, taking advantage of his phobia of monsters under the bed by, for example, waiting in the closet for the right moment to pounce out at Gary Dan is also credited with giving Gary his love of science They caught animals in Puget Sound and placed them in terrariums in the basement even making a small desert ecosystem, which their parents apparently did not mind His adept use of snakes in his cartoons stems from his long standing interest in herpetology.Since retiring from the Far Side, Larson has occasionally done some cartooning work, such as magazine illustrations and promotional artwork for Far Side merchandise.In 1998, Larson published his first post Far Side book, There s a Hair in My Dirt A Worm s Story, an illustrated story with the unmistakable Far Side mindset.

    2. I have probably read every Larson book and cartoon out there. I own all the Far Side Gallery books, and the Prehistory of the Far side so when the Last Chapter and Worse came out I behaved predictably.On the bright side, still hilarious. I miss Larson's (twisted) sense of humor and can still read these over and over, though I'm getting to the point where I may need to put them away for a whilea fairly long while as I am starting to memorize them.oh well.Enjoy (and try not to come down with cows) [...]

    3. When I was working in any of the many bookstores where I was employed and I did not want (or have the time) to read my current book, I would grab one of these collections to read on my too short break. I slowly but surely worked my way through several series. These are great time killers and will usually improve your mood no matter how hectic the day. Laughter can be the best solution to dealing with the public.Larson's seeming obsession with nerds, cows, and all things bizarre always led to a w [...]

    4. Far Side comics are hit and miss for me. Some make me roll my eyes, some make me scratch my head, some bring out a guffaw, and some have me laughing so hard tears form. This was the typical mixed bag. I loved some, I could do without others. The last 13 cartoons are new for this book and never appeared before. The very last one is a series of illustrations the author's father shared with him as a boy that shed a bit of light on how Gary Larson turned out the way he did. Notes on content: That la [...]

    5. A friend loaned me this book, and I have always enjoyed Far Side. I used to read Gary Larson in the paper every day. And when a book came out I would buy it.So, I knew I was going to enjoy this book. What I did NOT know was that this was Gary’s last book. He is now in Retirement. Now, that was a shock. I just always thought, when I picked up a paper I would find the Far Side.This book did not disappoint. I love it and laughed all the way through it. I have to return this book to my friend. But [...]

    6. It's Gary Larson, how can it not be good? I still miss his cartoons in the paper and I wish he had come back as he suggested he might in this collection of his last syndicated cartoons.

    7. Really funny material, excellent drawings, and an unexpected 'last chapter'. Or was that the 'worst' ? ;)

    8. Had a really good layout, Funny and weird. Not something I like because it is a graphic Novel and not something that i am really wanting to read

    9. Last Chapter and Worse is, I am sad to report, the last book of new The Far Side comic strip content that will ever be published, unless Mr. Larson ever comes out of retirement. The good news is that there are thirteen new cartoons that Gary Larson drew after retirement that have never been published before because they didn't have enough to complete this book. Also, at the end of the book is a retelling of a story that Gary's father told him while drawing a picture when he was eight or nine yea [...]

    10. I read a lot of Far Side as a kid, but that was probably half my life ago at this point. I came across this at the library, though, and picked it up for old times' sake. What a delight to re-discover what a genius Gary Larson is. This book collects his last comics before retirement, and even by the end of his career he hadn't lost his touch at all. It's amazing how perfectly he can pack the laughs into all those single-panel cartoons.

    11. I love Gary Larson's comics, though sometimes I just dont get them, which I dont think is due to a bad comic, but mostly due to my limited intellect. Even so, this is not one of his best compilations, but it is still worthy, and I think my favourite is that of God making or baking earth and he is surrounded by sprinkle cannisters contining 'reptiles', 'trees', 'fish' etc and he has one which he is sprinkling over earth titled 'Jerks' and God's comment is, 'That will make it interesting'.There is [...]

    12. I am still laughing at the facial expression of the Student Carnivore on page 101.Reading this last collection of Far Side comics was bitter sweet because they will always have a special place in my heart. Calvin & Hobbes and Far Side were all I read during silent reading time from 2nd grade to 5th grade. Seriously, my desk was full of their various collections. I still hold a grudge against the kid that borrowed The PreHistory of The Far Side and never gave it back (Damn you, Eli!). I am et [...]

    13. You can see some tailing off of creativity in this last collection of Larson's comics (that there are two comics that reference throwing rocks at wasp nests in this small a selection is an example), but there are also some very good comics here as well. The ending comics are a bit silly, but one or two of the originals created for the book are high quality. This is a good reminder that we should be appreciative when a creator recognizes that they are done and ends gracefully.

    14. After Mr Larson stopped doing Far Side cartoons in the papers - he did a few more. These are those few more. If you've read other Far Side cartoons, then you will have some idea of what these are like. These are a little less funny than the others. Not much. Just a bit. If you love them you will love these. If you don't then you won't. Erm - that's it. Stop reading now. No - really - stop reading. There is nothing beyond this point that will be of the slightest interest to you. Or me. See yah!

    15. Some of the most imaginative humour out there, if you can handle comics that have some of the flattest punchlines in existence. The humour can be dry, dull, boring, but it is always hilarious. This is my favourite of his collections.

    16. Far Side strips from the final six months of syndication. Eh. A few smiles, but no guffaws. After 16 years, though (time flies!), it was fun to revisit Larson's characters and off-beat sense of humor again.

    17. The "final" instalment of The Far Side, this rounds up those cartoons that didn't quite make it into any of the other collections. A nice way to tie up loose ends and, hey, a Far Side book is always a cause for celebration!

    18. A bittersweet reading since this collection has the last six months of Far Side's run. However, Larson left at the top of his game with much humor and fun. This is one of the books I reread, along with other Larson books I have, when I need a smile.

    19. Hadn't read any Far Side cartoons in a long time, but I always enjoyed them. Though I will admit there were a few where I just sat there thinking "I don't get it".

    20. The end of the Larson era. Still a great collection of comics that show Larson retired at the top of his game.

    21. Last of the published Far Side cartoons, and then some. They are Far side cartoons, of course they are funny and worth the read.

    22. Reading this collection of Far Side Comic Strips just reminds me how much I miss this comic! The Far Side is one of the best comic strips ever.

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