Nez de La Reine

Nez de La Reine Ten year old Harmony who loves animals but isn t allowed to keep a pet is given a magic coin with seven wishes

  • Title: Nez de La Reine
  • Author: Dick King-Smith Serge Bloch Daniel Depland
  • ISBN: 9782070626236
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ten year old Harmony, who loves animals but isn t allowed to keep a pet, is given a magic coin with seven wishes.

    • Nez de La Reine By Dick King-Smith Serge Bloch Daniel Depland
      268 Dick King-Smith Serge Bloch Daniel Depland
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    1. Dick King Smith was born and raised in Gloucestershire, England, surrounded by pet animals After twenty years as a farmer, he turned to teaching and then to writing children s books Dick writes mostly about animals farmyard fantasy, as he likes to call it, often about pigs, his special favorites He enjoys writing for children, meeting the children who read his books, and knowing that they get enjoyment from what he does Among his well loved books is Babe, The Gallant Pig, which was recently made into a major motion picture, and was nominated for an Academy Award Dick lived with his wife in a small 17th century cottage, about three miles from the house where he was born.

    2. I really enjoyed re-reading this book as it brought me back to when I was 10 years old.The book is about a young girl called Harmony, who her family don't quite seem to understand. She is a 10 year old girl, rather tom-boyish, and completely different to her elder sister, Melody.If Harmony could have one thing in the whole world, she would have an animal, or two. In fact, she is so besotted by animals that she imagines every person she meets to be some sort of animal; for example, her Uncle Ging [...]

    3. The Queens Nose is about a young girl who is fasinated with animals and imagines all humans as some type of annimal. However her parents see animals as messey and she is not allowed to have any pets.Her uncle arrives and gives her a magic fifty pence piece and once she solves the riddle her wishes are granted. As her seven wishes progress she becomes less selfish and the final wishes saves her uncles life as he is very ill with black fever.This is a short story which deals with issues of moralit [...]

    4. As a child I loved this TV series, I did not realise it was a book, until I read it with a year 3 class during placement. The Queens Nose is about a young girl called Harmony who is in love with animals and wants nothing more than to have a pet of her own. She imagines, everyone in her life as an animal, for example her uncle a big walrus. The story starts off when her uncle arrives and gives Harmony a magic fifty pence, known as the Queen’s Nose; this coin allows Harmony up to seven wishes. A [...]

    5. As a child I remember watching this programme and loving it, the book was completely different to how I remember it, but still really enjoyed reading it. Messages:- Family- Friendship - Childhood memoriesCross curricular links: - History, looking at coins and when they were made. - Geography, money from different countries. - Maths, counting money and problem solving. - English, adverts for missing bunny, story writing.

    6. Dick King-Smith is my favorite choice for a read aloud book in the car. They are somewhat short and always fun. The Queen's Nose includes fantastical adventures and a touch of a moral as the main character learns to be less selfish and draws closer to the family. This book captivated an audience of people ranging from preschoolers to adults.

    7. A girl who wants nothing more than a pet receives a magic coin that will grant her 7 wishes. As is usually the case with such magical items, things don't always turn out the way she intends.Not too many surprises here, but right on for the age group. Our heroine does some satisfying growing up as she makes her wishes.

    8. I listened to an abridged audio adaptation, starring Lauren Mote.The plot in this gentle English children's fantasy embodies the phrase be careful what you wish for.The voice actor for main character, tween girl Harmony Parker, is a bit squeaky but (to my ears) charming.

    9. This is a very clever book. I think some of the passages would be great for a writing class. I love how the girl describes everyone as if they are animals.

    10. [Re-read in August 2017]This was cute, but perhaps not as charming as some of Dick King-Smith's other books. I suspect I'm about twenty years too old for all the descriptions of the funny faces Harmony pulls, but the sense of magic is still enjoyable, and I remember rubbing the edges of 50p pieces and wishing hopefully when I was a child. I loved Uncle Ginger! And I loved that by the end of the book Harmony is starting to see her family in a more mature light. I found it genuinely moving when sh [...]

    11. I LOVED the TV series of this when I was young and I've been meaning to read the book for a while. I feel like Harmony was older in the TV show? She's 10 in this but I seem to remember the girls being about 13 and 16? Anyway, this is a cute little book. It's set in 1983 and references cables, but other than that and mentions of Harmony being born in 1973 it doesn't feel too dated. 8 to 10 year olds will love it. Maybe even younger children if they're advanced readers or have it read to them.

    12. My boy didn't much like this - I think it was a bit old for him. Still, it was okay in a sort of stuffy old fashioned way, even for the 80s.

    13. Read with a year six child who has given it 4.5 stars. Her favourite aspect was the characterisation; particularly the way protagonist Harmony saw each character as a different animal, to much hilarity. Flawed anti-heroine Harmony was easy to relate to and we both loved to hate snobbish sibling Melody. I loved seeing an eleven-year-old's face delight in the magic of it all. A winner!

    14. This is the story of a little girl called Harmony,who would much rather be surrounded by animals than people. Her family do not seem to understand her and she has a annoying sister called Melody. When her Uncle Ginger arrives from India, he leaves her clues and sends her on a treasure hunt, eventually she finds a magic 50 pence piece that can grant wishes. Of course, there are always consequences for every action and Harmony finds out that some of her wishes do not go quite as she had planned. I [...]

    15. Animal-mad, Harmony Parker is ten years old and a bit of a tomboy. All she wants is a pet of her own but her family are not so keen. When Harmony acquires a magic 50p coin, it has the ability to change her life but not always in the way that she had quite imagined!This book is a personal favourite from my own childhood and it contains some valuable morals about selflessness and growing up. The reader notices Harmony becoming a better person as the book develops based on the lessons she has learn [...]

    16. I do so enjoy a well-developed, realistic, interesting tween girl character! This is a clever story about a girl with a magic coin, given to her by her adventurous, unusual uncle who reminds her of a big, gentle bear. As well as being tremendously entertaining, it's touching how it develops in terms of the family relationships (there ARE family relationships), and her learning about life. Growing up means acting unselfishly and the internal rewards of those genuinely meant actions - are better t [...]

    17. BOOKTUBE-A-THON read 1#Every child should read this because it's a really easy read and carries a nice message about not being selfish and being careful what you wish for. The protagonist is Harmony Parker who wishes for nothing more than a pet of her own to look after but her parents won't allow her to have one because they think animals are dirty. Harmony is given a magic 50 pence piece when her uncle Ginger comes round from India and has seven wishes to spend on whatever she chooses but she m [...]

    18. You couldnt acspect more amazement with a coin then you get in this book. Many adventures happen and you can not put the book down .what better way to let your mind flow whith this fabulouis hairy story of Harmanys hairy exsperiece of a life time. All of theese fantasys come all because of the Queens Noise that was given to her by her uncle.This book has the highest amount of amagination, you coulnt ask for a better way to use a fifty pence coin and a Queens Noise. Just rub the noise and your wi [...]

    19. I am not gonna lie, after reading this book the next time I am in the UK I am going to check every single fifty pence piece to see if it is dated 1973 (I already checked the one's I have in my coin purse here). Another enchanting story from DIck King-Smith. Kids will love this one because the idea of having an uncle who "gets you" as well as a seven wishes from an ordinary old fifty pence piece is irresistible!

    20. I saw this new addition in my local library and I remembered how much I lived the TV series as a kid but never actuality read the book. This naturally would not do so I gave it the once over over a cuppa and plenty of cake. This is a charming, easy read that both adults a children will enjoy. The characters and setting are true to Dick King-Smiths style. A really lovely book.

    21. I saw the television adaption as a child but didn't read the book itself until I was an adult, as a result of being unable to sleep and having nothing else to hand! I'm glad I did read it though because it's far superior to the TV show based on it. The story does have quite a strong moral tone - 'be careful what you wish for' - but it's not heavy handed, more uplifting.

    22. ^^ un livre trés amusant, je trouve! J'ai passé de longues heures au CDI, au collège, à m'évader en le lisant, et en le relisant Le style est amusant ( citation: j'aime (frapper)ma soeur (et surtout lui donner des coups de pieds)), et on passe un bon moment. C'est l'histoire d'une petite fille qui reçoit une pièce de monnaie magique

    23. Noah (6): It was really good. There were a good number of chapters and it was very exciting.Beth (5): There were so many animals in it. I loved it.Daddy (34): I loved all the wishes Harmony made.

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