Mission: Make-Over

Mission Make Over Jake Carlisle kaya tampan dan sangat percaya diri Bisa dibilang ia selalu sukses dalam segala hal termasuk menaklukkan wanita wanita Tapi sekarang ia mendapat tantangan sesungguhnya mengubah Lucian

  • Title: Mission: Make-Over
  • Author: Penny Jordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jake Carlisle kaya, tampan, dan sangat percaya diri Bisa dibilang ia selalu sukses dalam segala hal, termasuk menaklukkan wanita wanita Tapi sekarang ia mendapat tantangan sesungguhnya mengubah Lucianna Stewart, si montir mobil yang tomboi, menjadi feminim Jadi Jake mengajarkan cara berpakaian, cara bermanja manja, cara mencium dan Lucianna belajar dengan cepat MuJake Carlisle kaya, tampan, dan sangat percaya diri Bisa dibilang ia selalu sukses dalam segala hal, termasuk menaklukkan wanita wanita Tapi sekarang ia mendapat tantangan sesungguhnya mengubah Lucianna Stewart, si montir mobil yang tomboi, menjadi feminim Jadi Jake mengajarkan cara berpakaian, cara bermanja manja, cara mencium dan Lucianna belajar dengan cepat Mungkin terlalu cepat.Karena di balik bajunya yang serbalonggar, sebetulnya tersembunyi wanita yang mampu memikat pria mana pun Termasuk Jake.

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    1. Penelope Jones Halsallaka Caroline Courtney, Annie Groves, Lydia Hitchcock, Melinda WrightPenelope Penny Jones was born on November 24, 1946 at about seven pounds in a nursing home in Preston, Lancashire, England She was the first child of Anthony Winn Jones, an engineer, who died at 85, and his wife Margaret Louise Groves Jones She has a brother, Anthony, and a sister, Prudence Pru.She had been a keen reader from the childhood her mother used to leave her in the children s section of their local library whilst she changed her father s library books She was a storyteller long before she began to write romantic fiction At the age of eight, she was creating serialized bedtime stories, featuring make believe adventures, for her younger sister Prue, who was always the heroine At eleven, she fell in love with Mills Boon, and with their heroes In those days the books could only be obtained via private lending libraries, and she quickly became a devoted fan she was thrilled to bits when the books went on full sale in shops and she could have them for keeps.Penny left grammar school in Rochdale with O Levels in English Language, English Literature and Geography She first discovered Mills Boon books, via a girl she worked with She married Steve Halsall, an accountant and a lovely man , who smoked and drank too heavily, and suffered oral cancer with bravery and dignity Her husband bought her the small electric typewriter on which she typed her first novels, at a time when he could ill afford it He died at the beginning of 21st century.She earned a living as a writer since the 1970s when, as a shorthand typist, she entered a competition run by the Romantic Novelists Association Although she didn t win, Penny found an agent who was looking for a new Georgette Heyer She published four regency novels as Caroline Courtney, before changing her nom de plume to Melinda Wright for three air hostess romps and then she wrote two thrillers as Lydia Hitchcock Soon after that, Mills and Boon accepted her first novel for them, Falcon s Prey as Penny Jordan However, for her historical romance novels, she adopted her mother s maiden name to become Annie Groves Almost 70 of her 167 Mills and Boon novels have been sold worldwide.Penny Halsall lived in a neo Georgian house in Nantwich, Cheshire, with her Alsatian Sheba and cat Posh She worked from home, in her kitchen, surrounded by her pets, and welcomed interruptions from her friends and family.

    2. This had so much potential: a Pygmalion story, older brothers, besotted H. But it's Penny Jordan who apparently despises her own heroines.Luc is the only girl in the family and has four older brothers. Shockarama, she is a tomboy who excels in internal combustion systems i.e. she's a mechanic with a failing business. Apparently no man wants a girl working on his engine. Well, on his car engine at least. Her older brother is one of the most insensitive jerks in HarleyLand and is one nyuk, nyuk fr [...]

    3. This one was marked as the most popular Penny Jordan romance on , when I checked some time ago, so I was really excited about reading it. Well, I can only say, what a disappointment. This has got to be the worst Jordan offering I have ever read (and look back at my profile – I’ve read a lot). So the (awful) premise is this: Lucianna (“Luce”/“Luc” – depending on who is speaking to her) is a bit of a tomboy after being raised by her father and brothers. She’s also an incredibly gif [...]

    4. If you love Cinderella stories and a hero who is deeply, crazy, hopelessly in love with a blind in denial heroine who thinks she is in love with another man you will love this book. Very passionate and romantic read!

    5. 4.5 starsI loved that Jake already loved Lucianna the way she was before her physical makeover happened! He's secretly loved her for years and always found her desirable, tomboyish ways and all. Jake only agreed to help Lucianna because 1) he was asked to by her sister-in-law, 2) he wanted her to be happy and if she believed that enhancing her looks would allow her to win the man of her choice, then he was going to help, and 3) he wanted her to gain full power over her femininity.Far from being [...]

    6. Ok I liked it. It was true he wanted to change her make her sexy but really he had the right intentions. Her brothers confused her and gave her enough trouble about her sexuality no wonder she never had sex or thought of herself as a woman. I enjoy their conversations. And that scene in her room with the underwear wow!!!

    7. Es una linda historia y engancha. Y leyendo me entero de que, también, es muy viejita. Por momentos su relación con el que era el novio no me terminaba de cuajar, pero me mantuvo entretenida y estuvo bien. Pobre Lucianna, con su tomboy-style y Jake era un enamorado eterno, un santo de héroe ^^.

    8. I really enjoyed this one. It was very fun and just the right amount fire. My only complaint is why does the woman always have to be irrationally prickly? Other than that it was a fun romp for any romance reader.

    9. Reccomended by a dear friend of mine,it instantly made me obsessed with every page of it.Jake Carlisle is everything a woman wish in a man.Sexy,self-assured,intense,gentle,protective,and good-hearted.His love to the heroine,the tomboyish Lucianna were so beautiful and exceptional.Lucianna herself is a spirital soul that has a certain love for cars,and i found her innocence and childish nature really cute.Another great book by Penny Jordan,and one i will hardly ever forget.

    10. This is an older romance, so it was a little dated but I thought it was cute overall. The term "whilst" was usedA LOT, and it got a bit annoying after a while. Otherwise, it was exactly like I expect a Harlequin Romance to be: a pleasant reading experience that doesn't tax my brain to enjoy.

    11. So, then what did she do after deserting her business? Who knows? Clearly it wasn't important enough to be part of the plot.

    12. I loved this book. I am sucker for Cinderella stories and this was a great one. It was great watching Luci come into her own and recognize her femininity. Great light reading material.

    13. Rather offending premise for a feminist reader. Girl is a tomboy, a wonder mechanic always covered in baggy clothes and soot.Guy is a suave woman charmer, secretly in love with our rag doll heroine in spite of her awful looks!Left to himself he is ok with her shabby appearance, but feels bad that the heroine if suffering from low self esteem. So mission makeover. Get her off the garage and into sexy lingerie. I wonder if that's enough to feel sufficiently feminine. Acting dictatorial and draggin [...]

    14. The story is slow to take off, but gets going mid-read. Lucianna is a bit of a tomboy by virtue of being brought up in an all male household. She is inhibited and not at all body-image confident after overhearing various conversations growing up (ahem girl listening in on her brothers' macho posturing conversations about females).Jake loves her from afar, and somehow ends up tutoring her in the art of being more womanly to get a guy she supposedly wants (who turns out to be a total ass - as in d [...]

    15. Kisah tentang si tomboy yg dirubah penampilannya (make over) menjadi seorang gadis yg feminim oleh seorang playboy demi memikat kembali hati kekasihnya.

    16. just be yourself, because just being yourself is the most natural thing that can comfort you and your beloved one

    17. Not as bad as the reviews said but then the start of the story was dull. Towards the end the story became better. Not one of Penny's best but it wasn't completely bad either!

    18. Hiyaaahhh!!! TOB!! Ga nyesel gw belinya Really like itTerpesona sama Hero.nya yg ternyata udah Jatuh Cinta dl sama Heroine.nya Ngiri =_=. ;b

    19. hihihi,yang ini lumayan bagus deh ;pbikin gue tetep konsen baca walo diprotes orang sekantor gara2 baca beginian pas puasa ;D

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