Depraved Welcome to Hopkins Bend You re never getting out of here aliveIn the middle of nowhere USA there is a town not on any map A place where outsiders are tortured raped and eaten Where local law enfor

  • Title: Depraved
  • Author: Bryan Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to Hopkins Bend You re never getting out of here aliveIn the middle of nowhere, USA, there is a town not on any map A place where outsiders are tortured, raped, and eaten Where local law enforcement runs a sex trafficking ring And the woods hold even monstrous secrets Today four unlucky travelers will end up in Hopkins Bend If they want to ever get ouWelcome to Hopkins Bend You re never getting out of here aliveIn the middle of nowhere, USA, there is a town not on any map A place where outsiders are tortured, raped, and eaten Where local law enforcement runs a sex trafficking ring And the woods hold even monstrous secrets Today four unlucky travelers will end up in Hopkins Bend If they want to ever get out alive they will have to become just as vicious and violent as their pursuers Just as depraved Depraved lives up to its name in the most brutal and visceral way Sort of like a roller coaster ride but with battery acid and razor blades on the handlebars Ronald Kelly

    • Depraved BY Bryan Smith
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    2. Well, this was a lot better than I thought it would be. This is the first book I've read by Bryan Smith - and I didn't know what to expect. It's a cross between films like: Deliverance (squeal like a pig), Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes etc.After being viciously assaulted (Jessica Sloan) decides to unleash her own kind of justice on the person who attacked her (Hoke Mitchell). Instead of going to the authorities when Hoke let her go, she goes back home, broods, gets her .38 and heads back to [...]

    3. Reading this again before I dig intoI want Rob Zombie and Quentin Tarantino to collaborate on a film adaptation of this batshit crazy town with endless potential for further storylines. That should give a good indication of whether or not this would interest you.Read 2009 & 2014

    4. Horror can take many forms, but what ultimately defines horror as a genre is its capacity to disturb the reader. Disturbance through fright and unease is one method - or a horror novel can just plain ol' DISTURB.Bryan Smith's DEPRAVED succeeds spectacularly in the latter department, not so much in the former - and I imagine that is exactly what the author intended.For readers with a strong sense of decency, this novel may be impossible to finish. For those without (I'm guessing I fall into this [...]

    5. You know what you’re going to get with a Brian Smith novel, a rip-roaring, blood soaked horror with loads of sex and it’s wickedly entertaining.With Depraved we have a backwater redneck town called Hopkins Bend that really doesn’t like visitors, in fact they have a nasty habit of preying on people travelling through and cooking then up in a feast for the old families.We join various characters as they strive to escape the clutches of the old families, get sold to a strip bar where they are [...]

    6. Wow! I've read a few novels by Bryan Smith that really stood out, but this one was really took me by surprise. The action was constant--never letting up at any point. The chapters would alternate between some of the different characters, so you never had a chance of getting "tired" of one particular happening. The conclusion couldn't have been any better executed, in my opinion.Highly recommended!

    7. Simply put, this is the best horror novel Bryan Smith has written to date. DEPRAVED follows a handful of characters who for one reason or another end up in Hopkins Bend, a podunk town in Tennessee, not far from Dandridge, the setting for previous novels, and become prey to a whole host of psycho-sexual, deformed and inbred hillbilly mutants. Full of his trademark humor, graphic sex and violence, Smith's smooth narrative makes this for a very fast-paced and easy read (and the two months it took m [...]

    8. This hardcover copy of "Depraved" is number 29 of 100 copies printed and is signed by Bryan Smith.As far as I have been able to determine this is a list of the Altar 13 books published:"Kingdom of Shadows" by Greg F. Gifune."Depraved" by Bryan Smith."The Beloved" by J. F. Gonzalez."Snow" by Ronald Damien Malfi."The Killing Kind" by Bryan Smith."Carnival of Fear" by JG Faherty."The Devil Next Door" by Tim Curran.

    9. From the first page in this book. To the first line, This book draws you in like a moth to a flame. It's  Extremely violent, deviant and exciting! i couldn't put this book follow the plot of a town in middle of southen usa. called Hopkins bend think "The hills have eye's" And you get the vibe.Without revealing the plot, the book revolves around a number of characters and flips between them.The way Bryan smith does this is awesome!  The only thing i didn't like about this book was the [...]

    10. Bryan Smith's latest novel, DEPRAVED, takes place in the backwoods town known as Hopkins Bend. Anyone passing through tends to not make it back out and most don't even survive. The town is full of inbred cannibalistic rednecks who tend to rape, torture, and/or eat their victims not necessarily in that order. Those "lucky" enough to survive and not get killed are put to work in a special strip club that is also within the town of Hopkins Bend. And what is it with the Kincher family? They appear t [...]

    11. 4.5*The book follows several characters as they try desperately to get out of Hopkins Bend. From the first chapter it's pretty much just non stop action all the way and doesn't let up for one minute.The cannibal themes may be slightly clichéd but the execution is masterful and makes this a book well worth picking up.Another plus is the that there are some great female characters that can certainly hold their own when the going gets tough (and it does on multiple occasions). Laymon did this real [...]

    12. This novel is a cornucopia of crazy! It has everything from mutant cannibal hillbillies to Black Helicopters!

    13. This was my first journey with Bryan Smith. I know a lot of my friends really dig this book. For me, it was like Richard Laymom, Edward Lee, and Quentin Tarantino had a baby that came out as a pretty fn hardcore horror novel. There were lots of cool things in this books, lots of fucking weird shit, and a little too much for me to handle. Smith is one crazy mofo and one the most fearless writers I have ever read. Mad props to him for taking this gritty, dark vision where it commanded him.My ratin [...]

    14. This is a great little pulpy horror story, with no shortage of gruesome violence and all manner of depraved sex. It's a quick read, not especially suspenseful or insightful, but nonstop entertaining nonetheless. If they still made horror movies like this book reads, I'd spend more time watching movies and less time reading. This book feels like a movie - it's very linear and visually direct, without barely any perspective written from inside any character's head.The only reason this didn't get 5 [...]

    15. Oh what to say about this book. It is a mix between "Hills Have Eyes" meets "Wrong Turn" with a splash of supernaturnal mixed in. It is a wild ride from beginning to end. Throughout the story you meet many different "victims" of Hopkins Bend. Some fight their way out of the horrific woods and some never leave. Overall, it was a good read but the last quarter of the book lost me. The supernatural elements seemed disjointed from the rest of the story. It didn't seem to flow as nicely as the first [...]

    16. Bryan Smith's books just keep getting better and better. And while the story of inbred cannibalistic backwoods psychos is not entirely original, Smith makes it worth the read with compelling characters, excellent pacing, nonstop violence blood gore guts and of course, depravity. Also, I thought I'd mention that I'm impressed with Smith's consistently strong female characters, particularly in the genre so often populated by brainless bimbos. Depraved was a fun read and I definitely recommend it.

    17. I'm not such a big fan of "torture-porn." Granted, when it was fresh and new, films like House of 1000 Corpses and the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre raked in a lot of money. Wrong Turn did the whole "incest mutants" thing pretty well. But after a while, it just got old. When the actual story takes a back seat to rape, torture, and cannibalism, what the reader gets is a collection of sordid details without much to connect them.Depraved certainly lives up to its name, in that every charact [...]

    18. Hopkins Bend. A great place to avoid at all costs. Looks normal, but once the unwary set foot in it, like quicksand, they must fight for their lives to get out of it. They may end up tortured and eaten by the inbred founding families. Reminiscent of Herschel Gordon Lewis' movie 2000 Maniacs or Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I could easily picture Michael Berryman from Wes Craven's The hills Have Eyes or Sid Haig from Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses terrorizing Eliza Dushku from Wrong [...]

    19. This is a nasty little tale of backwoods terror. I would only recommend this to seasoned horror fans with strong stomachs. It isn't the most original concept, but Smith's writing is great and he throws enough little twists into it to make his version of the backwoods inbred redneck horror sub-genre an interesting read, if that's your bag. Its kind of "Wrong Turn" by way of Tarantino. Smith doesn't get the fanfare of other authors that are in his league, Brian Keene comes to mind, but he definite [...]

    20. I really wanted to give this 4 stars but a couple things in the book made me hold back. That said I plan on reading more of this author. He can write!Spoilers:Some of the things that made me take back the fourth star:*The supernatural aspect seemed like an afterthought. It wasn't developed and it was distracting.*Jessie. Let me see - she gets raped and a couple hours later she's so damn horny she picks up a stranger, in a town where no one can be trusted, and goes home with him. WTF? *Pete and J [...]

    21. All in all, I found Depraved a fun, filthy slaughterhouse of action with a fast pace pretty much throughout and punchy dialogue to match. With just a few shocking scenes lingering in my head, I found the violence and gore verging on comic book. Maybe if the narrative POV didn’t jump to a different character every chapter, I would have been able to empathise with a couple of them a bit more. I also felt that the plot fell flat when linking the supernatural evil presence with the behaviour of th [...]

    22. This book started off like it would be an okay horror read and then spiraled down into stupidity and chaos with porn thrown in. I skimmed most of it and read the ending. Wished I hadn't even done that, what's read can't be unread.

    23. I'm a late arrival to the Bryan Smith Fan Club but I'm quickly embracing him. This book and the previous one I read by him have both been intense, graphic and very violent. At times, so casually factual with the violence that I would stop and have to re-read the last paragraph just to make sure I read what I did and to let it sink in. I've already added seven of his books to my "to read" list and I'm sure I'll be adding more. Like the two sequels to this book.The story focuses on the town of Hop [...]

    24. Yes, this was the sickest book I've ever read, but it was well worth it.Smith did a brilliant job of alternating characters to keep you from becoming bored or immune to the shit they have to go through.The pace is relentless, the violence is unforgiving and the story great. This is a vision of complete Hell on earth, the true stuff of nightmares.I can recommend it to any horror fan who can stomach this much extreme sick, because a lesser author would not have been able to pull this off.

    25. If Bryan Smith was the Shakespeare of extreme horror and gore then his story would go something like how can I butcher thee let me count the ways,… The writing is not bad plot development is just non-stop action mostly of the murderously-raping-kind, character development is two and a half dimensional not flat but not real either. Still for exploitative sex and violence Bryan Smith delivers staying with the Shakespeare comparison in a Bryan Smith tragedy the Capulets and Montagues are brutal r [...]

    26. Kurzbeschreibung:Jessica möchte einen günstigen Gebrauchtwagen kaufen. Als sie mit dem Besitzer alleine in dessen Wohnung ist, fällt er über sie her und vergewaltigt sie. Jessica will nur noch eines: Rache. Deshalb entführt sie den Mistkerl in die einsame Wildnis. Sie will ihn erschießen, er soll sterbenAber die beiden befinden sich an einem bösen Ort. Die inzüchtigen Einwohner des Städtchens Hopkins Bend hüten seit Generationen ein grauenvolles Geheimnis – und Jessica kommt ihnen f [...]

    27. Bryan Smith ist einer der neuen Autoren, welche ich 2012 für mich ausprobieren wollte. Alleine die Titel seiner Bücher, welche erscheinen werden – VERKOMMEN, SEELENFRESSER und TODESGEIL – entsprechen genau meinem Lesegeschmack. VERKOMMEN war nun im März 2012 das erste, welches ich mir nach Erscheinen auch sofort zu Gemüte führte. Die Geschichte rund um Jessica und den Einwohnern des Ortes Hopkins Bends beginnt gleich rasend schnell, sodass dem Leser nicht lange Zeit bleibt, sich zu orie [...]

    28. I don't care for spoilers because honestly, don't read this. Also, there's nothing to spoil as there's no actual story. This reads like nothing but a male masturbation fantasy. An aweful one, at that. And I'm really nothing of a feminist. I really have no words for how bad this was, and I actually complained for half an hour straight to my brother after having finished it. What made it so incredibly ridiculous was the fact that Bryan Smith probably wanted to sound occult and WHATEVER by making t [...]

    29. Depraved is yet another entry into the backwoods-rednecks-who-kill-and-eat-people genre of horror. Basically, there's a whole town full of crazy rednecks of like to capture people passing through and torture them before they eat them.I love a good horror story, but unfortunately this one was less than stellar. So for this review, I'm going to make a list of reasons why I didn't care for this book.-The rape. Dear God THE RAPING. Seriously, I have never seen a book with so much rape in my life. Th [...]

    30. Although I read Bryan Smith before and almost always enjoy his work, I somehow never got around to reading Deranged. But when I found out Deranged 3 was out, I decided to read them all as a trilogy, back to back, since having a part three in horror fiction is quite rare. Horror movies, yes, but rarely in horror novels, especially ones that throw the number 3 after the title. I can tell Smith really had fun writing this book. It comes across as a wonderful mix of Edward Lee, Richard Laymon, and a [...]

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