Beyond the Sunrise

Beyond the Sunrise I will love you all my life and even beyond that Even at fifteen Jeanne the privileged daughter of a royalist migr knew what she liked Englishman Robert Blake bastard son of a marquess Yet his qu

  • Title: Beyond the Sunrise
  • Author: Mary Balogh
  • ISBN: 9780451403421
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • I will love you all my life and even beyond that Even at fifteen, Jeanne, the privileged daughter of a royalist migr , knew what she liked Englishman Robert Blake, bastard son of a marquess Yet his questionable birth rendered him forbidden Forced to part, they were still young enough to believe in tomorrow But as time passed, that brief ephemeral flirtation at HaddinI will love you all my life and even beyond that Even at fifteen, Jeanne, the privileged daughter of a royalist migr , knew what she liked Englishman Robert Blake, bastard son of a marquess Yet his questionable birth rendered him forbidden Forced to part, they were still young enough to believe in tomorrow But as time passed, that brief ephemeral flirtation at Haddington Hall faded into memory Eleven years later in Portugal, during the Peninsular Wars, they meet again, both of them spies, and destined to be working on opposing sides He is now a captain with the British army She is the widowed Marquesa das Minas sometimes going by the name Joana da Fonte However for only one of them does the flicker of recognition still burn.Amid the fury of war and in the shadow of secrets, passion flares once again But for Joana and Robert, each entrusted to a dangerous mission that demands deception, falling in love could be the most dangerous risk of all.

    • Beyond the Sunrise By Mary Balogh
      307 Mary Balogh
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    1. Mary Jenkins was born in 1944 in Swansea, Wales, UK After graduating from university, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, to teach high school English, on a two year teaching contract in 1967 She married her Canadian husband, Robert Balogh, and had three children, Jacqueline, Christopher and Sian When she s not writing, she enjoys reading, music and knitting She also enjoys watching tennis and curling.Mary Balogh started writing in the evenings as a hobby Her first book, a Regency love story, was published in 1985 as A Masked Deception under her married name In 1988, she retired from teaching after 20 years to pursue her dream to write full time She has written than seventy novels and almost thirty novellas since then, including the New York Times bestselling Slightly sextet and Simply quartet She has won numerous awards, including Bestselling Historical of the Year from the Borders Group, and her novel Simply Magic was a finalist in the Quill Awards She has won seven Waldenbooks Awards and two B Dalton Awards for her bestselling novels, as well as a Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award.

    2. I should really know better than to read/listen to a romance novel written before the mid-to-late 1990s at the VERY earliest (aside from Jane Austen's novels, of course). Balogh is one of my favorite historical romance novelists, but this early work of hers is awful. It's kind of interesting as a historical spy novel set in Portugal & Spain during the Napoleonic Wars, but as a romance it fails miserably. The heroine does nothing but humiliate, emasculate, and lie to the hero, even when her m [...]

    3. Loved this daring change of pace for Regency superstar Mary Balogh -- a steamy wartime romance set in Spain, featuring a rugged British officer and a very unusual Balogh heroine -- a seductive and exotic lady spy!

    4. I've given this an A for narration and a B+ for content at AAR, so I'm rounding up to 5 stars.Mary Balogh’s 1992 novel Beyond the Sunrise boasts a storyline quite unlike those found in the other books of hers I’ve read in that it’s mostly plot, rather than character driven. That isn’t a criticism, however, because I enjoyed this new audiobook very much. It isn’t without its problems, the principal of which lies with the heroine’s somewhat cavalier treatment of the hero and I suspect [...]

    5. Started this on the train home from Paris a rather dense tale almost entirely set between Spain and Portugal. The female lead is a spirited and beautiful young woman, with a British/Portuguese mother and a French father - all the better to blur the lines, right? My main problem with the story was this character- somehow too annoying for words. As a spy, she is obliged to trick the hero and when she could enlighten him, oh surprise, he doesn't believe her. She refuses to beg and plead or basicall [...]

    6. Vikki’s MusingsI am a huge fan of Mary Balogh ever since I picked up a copy of Allyne Bedwyn’s story. She is definitely one of my auto-buy authors. I can honestly say that I have loved all the books I have read by her, and I have read many of them. Beyond the Sunrise is quite different from her other novels, but nonetheless very enjoyable. I have read many of the reviews of this book, and the ratings are all over the place, which is unusual for one of her novels. While this is not an easy, l [...]

    7. The hero (Robert Blake) is just scrumptious but the heroine is mostly annoying. I couldn't understand why she didn't just hand the villain over to the Spanish partisans when she found him instead of following him across Spain and down Portugal for the second half of the book so she could shoot him personally. The Spanish partisans would have administered a much more severe punishment on him than she did. Mary Balogh has a few books where the plot is stretched out for rather stupid reasons

    8. A highly unusual Balogh. Wartime setting -- a childhood romance that goes awry -- very heated encounters (for Balogh). Rather unforgettable.

    9. (2.5 stars? I blame my library for my having read this. While I was passing the LARGE PRINT section this book shouted out to blind-as-a-bat me and I assumed it was fate. Since then I realize it was just a mistake.)Well, now. This was educational but not enjoyable. How educational? Well, I learned that Mary Balogh could write an HR with an excessive amount of sex in it. Not excessively explicit, just excessive in the amount of times the H and h have sex.The plot itself could have been great. Robe [...]

    10. This story has mixed reviews and I can understand why those who didn’t like it, well didn’t like it. It’s mostly the heroine, Jeanne, and I can see why she’d be considered unlikable. However I found her unique, interesting, and her relationship with Robert a shift from the usual spy dynamic.Jeanne and Robert met a kids and fell in love. But he was beneath her and her father convinced her to break up with him. She does so harshly believing her father.Years later we find our MCs in Portuga [...]

    11. This early Balogh historical is a bit florid and less engaging than most of her other works. It starts out with a well written depiction of engaging childhood friends, separated abruptly by parents and circumstance of birth. However, I lost interest in this couple soon after, as the dense historical plot overwhelmed the emotional growth of their relationship.

    12. I think I may have stumbled across my new favorite Regency romance author. I’ve read two books by Mary Balogh so far, and she has a special talent for spinning a tale of tension and conflict, which can often be lacking in some romances.Beyond the Sunrise is about two childhood friends, Jeanne (or Joana in Portuguese) and Robert, who parted badly. Years later, they meet in Portugal in the midst of the Napoleonic invasion. Robert, who enlisted in the army, is now a British spy, and Joana is one [...]

    13. England 1799Robert Blake, age 17, is the illegitimate son of the Marquess of Quesnay of Haddington Hall. His mother was the mistress of the Marquess for many years until her death. While he has always been provided for by his father, the man’s wife hates him because she has never had any children with him. His father has promised to buy him a commission when he turned 18. The lovely French girl, Jeanne Morisette, age 15, visits the Hall and meets Robert out on the grounds. They enjoy exploring [...]

    14. I love Mary Balogh. I haven't read everything she's ever written, but I have read most of her work. I have never read anything by her that I didn't like--until now. I just could not get into this book. I was so excited to read it initially, because it had so many elements I really enjoy in romance (spies, the Peninsular War), but this book was a struggle. Neither the hero nor heroine were all that likable; I am not usually that demanding of a reader when it comes to likability, but I just didn't [...]

    15. A youthful romance between the two protagonists ended rather abruptly and bitterly when they were found out by the parents. Years later, they met again during the Napoleon War in Portugal, where he was working on a mission directed by Wellington and the heroine, with her half French and half English heritage, had questionable loyalties. Their love-hate dynamics got rather weary after a while, with the constant fluctuations between his "I hate you, but I still want to f##k you" and hers "I love y [...]

    16. not bad but too much about sex. i dunt believe their puppy love lasted all dat long ! i also dunno how jeanne fell in love wid the adult robert. he was absolutely horrible to her ! abandoning life as a duchess to live one of a gypsy really, this happens only in fairy tales ! also joanna had planned revenge for 3 years against the man who had raped her half-sister and for me, the anticlimax is when joana, for no apparent purpose, postponed the revenge for later and missed her chance ! she actuall [...]

    17. This was a very intense read. I really enjoyed it. As a former exchange student to Portugal and a long time amateur historian of the Napoleanic Wars I am hardwired to like a story that takes place in Portugal during the Peninsular War.One of Balogh's best.

    18. Balogh's early novel is as well plotted as Wellington's plans. The historically rich story is beautiful and though heartbreaking at many points must end happily.

    19. Zniesť modré z neba či hviezdy k nohám je pomerne zaužívaný slovný obrat. Ale sľúbil vám už niekto darovať úsvit? „Máte rád západ slnka, kapitán?“ spýtala sa. „Možno je to ďalší dar, ktorý by ste mohli venovať dáme svojho srdca.“„Myslím, že nie.“ Hľadel jej priamo do tváre. „Krása súmraku je klamlivá. Po ňom nasleduje tma. Radšej úsvit. Daroval by som jej úsvit a všetko, čo nasleduje za úsvitom. Svetlo, teplo a život. A lásku.“Na prvý po [...]

    20. Poignant Story of Two People Who Cannot Have a FutureTHE STORY: Robert and Jeanne met at teenagers at his father's estate. Robert is the bastard son of a marquess who is unwelcome in his father' home. Jeanne is the daughter of a French noble. Both excluded from the activities in the house, Jeanne and Robert spend several days together talking, exploring and kissing. They fall in love but both know that it cannot be because of the difference in their stations in life. Over a decade later, the two [...]

    21. Two stars overall but the third star for the well written suspense that kept me reading even though the hero and heroine argue nearly from the start to nearly the end. Not my favorite theme.In the beginning they fall in love as teens, she 15 and he 17. They are bored teenagers with no one else but each other to spend time with during a house party. They profess their love but are torn asunder by their respective fathers. Her father is a French aristocrat and her mother (deceased) an English aris [...]

    22. I am a huge fan of Mary Balogh and have never been disappointed in her books. Beyond the Sunrise, though, was phenomenal. I have not taken the time to look at other reviews, but I noticed there were more negative ones than I normally see, and I find this hard to comprehend.The story concerns two people living out difficult lives in a crazy, war-torn world, where families are blown apart as easily as battlefields. As their story moves from England to Portugal and Spain, all under the shadow of Na [...]

    23. wordnerdy/2015/02've enjoyed the other Balogh books I've read, so figured I'd check out this one--a recent reissue of a book originally written in the 90s. And I'm so glad I did, because it was awesome! It centers on a couple who meet and fall for each other as teenagers--only her father is VERY disapproving, because her love interest is the illegitimate son of a nobleman, and not a proper heir, and she's the daughter of a (French) count. Ten years later, they encounter each other again, in Port [...]

    24. 3.5 stars. Above average for Balogh's earlier works with a bit more sex than usual in those books. The protagonists were difficult to like, particularly the heroine who cultivated a level of insipidness that was difficult to ignore were it not for the knowledge that it was mostly cultivated. Still, she toyed with the hero for her own amusement. While she inevitably got her comeuppance for that, it was still difficult to empathize with her while she was doing so.Balogh spent more time on the war [...]

    25. This is a reprint of an older book. I enjoyed it. I loved the hero. The heroine I didn't love as much. I got tired of her "teasing" and lying, even after she'd told herself to stop doing so. She'd continue. It happened again and again. She did have control issues, she admitted that, but it came across more that she was a "player." There was lots I admired about her. She was fearless, intelligent, loyal. While the hero disliked her manipulation, he did enjoy that she kept him on his toes.I enjoye [...]

    26. Good story.Joana and Robert have alot of history between them. They knew each other when they were young, then due to circumstances they separated to meet again when the were much older and experienced in what life has thrown at them. She is a rich widow and him a soldier. Their lives come together again and they have a very happy ending

    27. Did not put it down. Yes, she is annoying but then it is what he likes about her. One star less because I don't like the "I don't talk about my feelings for you because it is so much fun to lie and cause you heartache and hurt myself while doing so" attitude.

    28. Mary Balogh does not disappoint, I was concerned because I did not like Joana in her Marquesa persona but Joana or Jeanne I could relate to and cheer for and Robert Blake was a little stubborn about his past but he can about in the end which is all I ever ask for

    29. 4.5 stars - Mary Balogh never disappoints and with the wonderful Rosalyn Landor narrating what more can we ask for? If you like an historically accurate, war time scenario, then this fab audio is for you.

    30. If she would have left off only half of the Roberts and Joanas repeated over and over to each other all the way through the book, as if the other person didn't know their own name, the book would have been much better.

    31. lush, romantic, heartbreaking. a novel of war and betrayal wrapped in the guise of a romance novel. a novel i read at least once a year. it's that good.

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