Prophecy Twenty years agoFact people were wiped out in Minamata Japan Cause A chemical neurotoxin Effect SicknessMadnessDeath Source Water Now in Manatee County MaineBiological changes are beginning

  • Title: Prophecy
  • Author: David Seltzer
  • ISBN: 9780345286420
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twenty years agoFact 100,000 people were wiped out in Minamata, Japan Cause A chemical neurotoxin Effect SicknessMadnessDeath Source Water Now, in Manatee County, MaineBiological changes are beginning to occur People are sick Their minds are confused Children are born dead.rn deformed And a family of campers has been found dead, mutilated by some indTwenty years agoFact 100,000 people were wiped out in Minamata, Japan Cause A chemical neurotoxin Effect SicknessMadnessDeath Source Water Now, in Manatee County, MaineBiological changes are beginning to occur People are sick Their minds are confused Children are born dead.rn deformed And a family of campers has been found dead, mutilated by some indescribably brutal force The Prophecy has been horribly fulfilled

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    2 thoughts on “Prophecy

    1. David Seltzer born 1940 is an American screenwriter, producer and director, perhaps best known for writing The Omen 1976 , 1 and Bird on a Wire 1990 As writer director, Seltzer s credits include the 1986 teen tragi comedy Lucas starring Corey Haim, Charlie Sheen and Winona Ryder, 2 the 1988 comedy Punchline starring Sally Field and Tom Hanks, and 1992 s Shining Through starring Melanie Griffith and Michael Douglas.

    2. A good, solid pulp read. Seltzer wrote THE OMEN, so he knows what he's doing, and he creates a fine story of a rampaging monster with a scientific/technical edge that reminded me of Michael Crichton. This is a universe grounded in believable reality, where we learn about the workings of a paper mill and pollution, not the kind of slim and trashy pulp fare of the same era by Guy N. Smith.Seltzer's characterisation is less remarkable, but sufficient for a novel of this scope. There's something unp [...]

    3. those five stars aren't because it's a great book; it's because I rate my campy horror novels on their level of silliness, and this one is pretty silly. but I still really enjoyed it.

    4. I came upon a post a couple weeks back that featured five solid horror novels that were turned into crappy/disappointing movies, and Prophecy was one of them! Although this book won't change your life, it's a very well-written story with strong characters and some memorable action/gore set pieces -- and its warnings still resonate today.

    5. This book did the rounds when I was at school, hence it earns four stars. The author clearly knows how to deal with a story of this ilk. Personally I didn't find it that horrific or impressive, but I was an early Green and it gave me something to focus on. You have to admire the guy for being able to push the buttons from scene to scene - you know there'll be a romance, etc. Four stars for motivating people to change for the better.(I now recognise that a lot of what is supposedly Green is hogwa [...]

    6. Just and amazingly breath taking science/horror. It makes you bend your mind trying to put the pieces together.

    7. When I nabbed this for a reading class in high school, I had no idea what it was about, who wrote it, etc I read through it and was actually impressed. Even now it would stand up as a horror novel YES a giant mutated bear killing campers MAY not appeal to today's MORE violent media BUT in today's eco conscious world, the story holds up. ODDLY enough while telling my mom about the story, she went "I've seen that movie, has Robert Foxworth and Talia Shire in it" AND wouldn't you know it, it was a [...]

    8. This is a book that I just remembered from my teenage years. For some reason the title just popped into my head, with memories of a giant mutant bear like creature, so I had to go in search of the book to add to my "read" list. I remember this was pretty gory and pretty scary, at least for me when I was a young teen. If I recall correctly, it was also made into a movie calle Prophecy:The Monster Movie. It was scary B-movie, monstor horror.

    9. Hokey at times, this is a fun read about a freakish aberration of nature that terrorizes a swath of land in upstate Maine, the result of man-made environmental degradation from a local timber pulp mill. The author is David Seltzer, a Hollywood screenwriter that penned the Omen as well. Published in 1979, its funny to read as it blatantly uses the then burgeoning environmental movement to revamp the "monster movie" theme. Not great, but not too bad.

    10. Un libro que devoré, me atrapó de principio a fin.Además de ''lo fantástico'' de la historia; Seltzer creo que quizo que abrieramos los ojos y veamos la injusticia contra los pueblos originarios, la falta de respeto y responsabilidad del hombre blanco provocaron la tragedia narrada. Una puta obra de arte, y cuidado con el Katahdin.

    11. I give it 5 stars because I read this book as a child and it freaked me the f%¢k out! I still have the book, it was my grandmother's, given to her by my aunt. It is paperback without a cover, but I love it! I don't know if I should read it again. Ok I willybe. PsIt is funny to me now that I know who wrote it. Bird on a wire? Wild man wild!

    12. Kept my attention. I loved the sections where Rob was thinking through the scientific aspects of his investigation and how they conflicted with outside influences. The author definitely did his research.

    13. A well-written book that is now even more strangely prophetic. Great characters and tense action with very few stereotypes make a novel that is very hard to put down.

    14. I took a little to get into it as the beginning seemed to me a little slow, but it was a good book nonetheless.

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