McSweeney's #13

McSweeney s Chris Ware has gathered some of the world s best writers who can also draw and presents here the first comprehensive collection of their work Contibutors include Daniel Clowes Gary Panter Charles Bu

  • Title: McSweeney's #13
  • Author: Chris Ware Dave Eggers Lawrence Weschler Sean Wilsey McSweeney's Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780241142691
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chris Ware has gathered some of the world s best writers who can also draw and presents here the first comprehensive collection of their work Contibutors include Daniel Clowes, Gary Panter, Charles Burns, Art Spiegelman, Ben Katchor, Kim Deitch, Adrian Tomine, Joe Sacco, Seth, Joe Matt, Chester Brown, Kaz, and many others.

    • McSweeney's #13 By Chris Ware Dave Eggers Lawrence Weschler Sean Wilsey McSweeney's Publishing
      345 Chris Ware Dave Eggers Lawrence Weschler Sean Wilsey McSweeney's Publishing
    • thumbnail Title: McSweeney's #13 By Chris Ware Dave Eggers Lawrence Weschler Sean Wilsey McSweeney's Publishing
      Posted by:Chris Ware Dave Eggers Lawrence Weschler Sean Wilsey McSweeney's Publishing
      Published :2019-07-12T05:28:50+00:00

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    1. Chris Ware Dave Eggers Lawrence Weschler Sean Wilsey McSweeney's Publishing says:

      CHRIS WARE is widely acknowledged as the most gifted and beloved cartoonist of his generation by both his mother and seven year old daughter His Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid on Earth won the Guardian First Book Award and was listed as one of the 100 Best Books of the Decade by the London Times in 2009 An irregular contributor to This American Life and The New Yorker where some of the pages of this book first appeared his original drawings have been exhibited in the Whitney Biennial, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and in piles behind his work table in Oak Park, Illinois.

    2. I would like to congratulate Dave Eggers for letting Chris Ware ruin what could have been one of the most memorable issues of McSweeney’s ever. Ware hates humanity and likes to force the reader to hate it too by making his texts completely inaccessible both emotionally and (sometimes) visually. The essays interspersed between the comics might be insightful, poignant, or (typical of Ware) absurdly humorous but printing them in four point font sort of spoils the entire deal. I get the joke but t [...]

    3. One of the best comics collections ever, a must for serious comics scholars and fans. Eloquently edited and put together, a treat in every way. I've owned it since it came out in 2004 from Egger's outfit, but I thought if anyone is reading about comics that I know, they should know about this, and it is typically immaculate for that press, but even better because The Champ Ware puts it together.Included are essays by Ira Glass, Chris Ware, John Updike, and others. You get a sense of history beca [...]

    4. I recently wrote a short thing about Dave Eggers and then realized that I hadn't rated or reviewed the many issues of McSweeney's I've read. The early issues were especially influential and inspiring to me. This comics one is aces.

    5. This is, perhaps, the book that I wanted Arie Kaplan's recently-read Masters of the Comic Book Universe Revealed! to be a chunky anthology of graphic art pieces and essays about graphic arts, put together by Chris Ware for McSweeney's and full to bursting with examples both historical and contemporary with nary a superhero in tights to be seen.Some of my own favorites are here, such as Ben Katchor, Robert Crumb and Chris Ware himself, as well as some surprising entries—who knew that John Updik [...]

    6. I feel like this was a really brilliant idea that got tarnished by worries about 'attitude', but still came out rather decently.Some of the stories grabbed my interest, others were (perhaps purposefully) bland. The articles were much the same way. Unfortunately, I developed an insidious hatred for the dust jacket. I acknowledge that the design is clever and still plan to read Chris Ware's graphic novel "Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth," but it was a bad start. I did like his excerpt in [...]

    7. Very glad to have found this! Wonderfully published book (as only Chris Ware can, you can just feel his love for books). The dust jacket is a fold-out Chris Ware comic, and it's got some small comic books with it. Interesting collection of American comics creators and artists inside along with passionately written articles on comics history and artists. To read and enjoy again and again

    8. If you're snobbish about the comic book medium, then this might just change your mind; it's certainly given me an invaluable primer. Even if it does curiously ignore the superhero genre, the exquisite design and layout and the sheer quality of the work contained within should immunise it against most criticism.

    9. The best and worst of comics -- mostly incredibly storytelling with a mix of whiny alternative cartoonists. PS -- Chris Ware must love the fine print at the bottom of contracts.

    10. An anthology that starts out great and finishes lukewarm. I think I may lack context regarding when this was published, but surely there were more than three talented female cartoonists that could be included here. I also believe that Lynda Berry was the only cartoonist of color included. No anthology will be perfect in this regard, but I am happy that the explosion of comics creators in the years since this was published will change the demographics of future anthologies meant to invite new rea [...]

    11. Edited by Chris Ware, McSweeney's 13 is a beautifully produced hardback with a design your own wraparound cover by Chris Ware and 2 bonus mini-comics. Inside are comics essays by Ira Glass, Chris Ware, John Updike, Glen David Gold, Malachi B. Cohen, and Chip Kidd. There are also appreciations of the work of Rodolphe Topffer (a 19th century cartoonist and arguably America's first comics artist), George Herriman, and Charles Schulz. And onto the comics themselves! Most of the samples are of larger [...]

    12. I really don't understand how this book sat on my shelves so long before I read it. When I first heard about it, I wanted it immediately. But I was in a cheap phase, so I only put it on my paperbackswap wishlist. After a lot of patience, I finally scored a copy, but it languished, unread, until I put it on my to-read shelf this year to rectify the situation. This really is an incredibly interesting sampler of comics. From the inventor of the form, through some classic newspaper strips, to an imp [...]

    13. Absolutely gorgeous and the second most impressive looking item on my bookshelf (following only Building Stories). I would give it a 5 based on appearance alone. Obviously, I love Building Stories so was delighted to see that Chris Ware was the editor. Ware's dust jacket is amazing and I was super pleased to discover the mini-comics hidden in its folds. My tastes do run a little on the heart-wrenchingly miserable side, so I really enjoyed the more crushing comics chosen for this anthology. Charl [...]

    14. This book in the series includes new work by Robert Crumb, Linda Barry, Los Bros.Hernandez and many others. There are also new & reprinted articles on the history of the comicstrip and comic art in America. Many of the comics are of an auto or semi-autobiographical nature, so your interest may very from artist to artist. I have to admit that, even though I've been reading comics (alternative & mainstream) for well over 40+ years I found some a bit hard to get through. Certainly not a boo [...]

    15. An anthology of comics and essays about comics edited by Chris Ware. The essays are by Ware, Ira Glass, John Updike (who knew he drew comics?), Glen David Gold, and Chip Kidd. Some of the comics had to be printed too small to read comfortably, but most are fine, and the quality of the printing is excellent. This is McSweeney's, after all. It gives you a sense of the history of comics. I recognized a lot of the cartoonists, but it would have been nice to to have more info on what each comic was e [...]

    16. This anthology is so good and ground-breaking I wish someone would buy it for me. So glad to find a copy in the library after seeing a review of it in Fine Books and Collections. Material ranges from old classics to new artists but everything is fresh and captivating. There's also some articles on the history of specific artists, publishers, and the media interspersed throughout. If you like comics, pick this one up if you see it! Very much worth your time.

    17. McSweeney's is first and foremost concerned with pulling you out of your comfort zone. I first read this when I was into fiction, and I found it opened the world of graphic novels to me. The sheer variety of style and voice is amazing, and a great jumping off point if you're looking for something new.

    18. Ron Regé Jr's piece, a loose little booklet accompanying this issue, is a gut-wrenching, tear-inducing, illustrated version of a transcript between a female suicide bomber and an Israeli soldier. I'd give it 4-stars, but I have to add an extra one for the gorgeous layout and Chris Ware's cover piece.

    19. A lot of really amazing stuff in here. A great primer for anyone not already entrenched in the alternative comics scene. For those who are, though, the heavy usage of excerpts of previously published books feels a little flat to me.

    20. only read this under a magnifying glass. took me 2 days to read it because I kept getting dizzy. type frustratingly small. and beyond the hazards of reading, the stories were mostly narcissistic depressing memoir.

    21. my sister got this as part of a mcsweeney's quarterly subscription, she was unimpressed. but it has fueled my interest in graphic story-telling, there's so much more out there than superheroes and gary larsen.

    22. I'm really sorry but I couldn't finish this book and it takes a lot for me to give up on a book. The historical blurbs were quite interesting but I did not like the cartoons that accompanied them.

    23. A great collection of comics from today's best alternative comic creators. This is a perfect sampler for anyone who would like to learn more about the indy comics scene.

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