Sunken Treasure: Wil Wheaton's Hot Cocoa Box Sampler

Sunken Treasure Wil Wheaton s Hot Cocoa Box Sampler Author Wil Wheaton says Sunken Treasure is a short collection of my favorite pieces from my books and blog including a production diary from my role in Criminal Minds and excerpts from a colla

  • Title: Sunken Treasure: Wil Wheaton's Hot Cocoa Box Sampler
  • Author: Wil Wheaton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Chapbook
  • Author Wil Wheaton says, Sunken Treasure is a short collection of my favorite pieces from my books and blog, including a production diary from my 2008 role in Criminal Minds, and excerpts from a collaborative fiction I took part in called Ficlets As a bonus feature, it also includes the never before seen script to a sketch I wrote and performed at the ACME Comedy TheaterAuthor Wil Wheaton says, Sunken Treasure is a short collection of my favorite pieces from my books and blog, including a production diary from my 2008 role in Criminal Minds, and excerpts from a collaborative fiction I took part in called Ficlets As a bonus feature, it also includes the never before seen script to a sketch I wrote and performed at the ACME Comedy Theater.If you ever wanted to know where to start with all my writing, Sunken Treasure is the book for you.

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    1. Wil Wheaton began acting in commercials at the age of seven, and by the age of ten had appeared in numerous television and film roles In 1986, his critically acclaimed role in Rob Reiner s Stand By Me put him in the public spotlight, where he remains to this day In 1987, Wil was cast as Wesley Crusher in the hit television series Star Trek The Next Generation Recently, Wil has held recurring roles on TNT s Leverage and SyFy s Eureka he currently recurs on CBS s The Big Bang Theory He played Axis of Anarchy leader Fawkes in Felicia Day s webseries The Guild, and currently writes, produces, and hosts The Wil Wheaton Project on Syfy He is also the creator and host of the multiple award winning webseries Tabletop, which is about to begin its third seasonAs a voice actor, Wil has been featured in video games such as Broken Age, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Br tal Legend, DC Universe Online, Fallout New Vegas, and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter He has lent his voice talents to animated series including Family Guy, Legion of Superheroes, Ben 10 Alien Force, Generator Rex, Batman The Brave and the Bold, and Teen Titans As an author, he s published many acclaimed books, among them Just A Geek, Dancing Barefoot, and The Happiest Days of Our Lives All of his books grew out of Wil s immensely popular, award winning weblog, which he created and maintains at WIL WHEATON dot NET While most celebrities are happy to let publicists design and maintain their websites, Wil took a decidedly different turn when he started blogging in 2001, when he designed and coded his website on his own Wil personally maintains a popular social media presence, including a popular Tumblr, Facebook page, and Google Plus page His frequently cited Twitter account is followed by over 2.3 million people.Wil is widely recognized as one of the original celebrity bloggers, and is a respected voice in the blogging community In 2003, Forbes readers voted WWdN the Best Celebrity Weblog Wil s blog was chosen by C Net for inclusion in their 100 most influential blogs, and is an A lister, according to Blogebrity In the 2002 weblog awards the bloggies Wil won every category in which he was nominated, including Weblog of the Year In 2007, Wil was nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Bloggie, alongside Internet powerhouses Slashdot and Fark In the 2008 weblog awards, Wil was voted the Best Celebrity Blogger, and in 2009 Forbes named him the 14th most influential web celebrity This is all amusing to Wil, who doesn t think of himself as a celebrity, but is instead, just this guy, you know

    2. Well, I can't really review this objectively because I wrote it, right?I guess what learned from this is that it's a lot of fun to pull together a whole bunch of different stories into one place so people can get a sense of who I am as an author. I've been blown away that so many readers have liked it so much, and while I don't have scientifically-solid evidence that it's increased sales of my other books (no control data, really), I don't think it's entirely coincidence that Just A Geek sold ou [...]

    3. I've been aware of Wil Wheaton as an actor since I was a kid, having seen "Stand By Me" and various episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" when I was as young as 12 years old. However, I've only known of him as a writer for a very short time, since I discovered his blog about 6 months ago. Apparently this is the main focus of his creative endeavors these days, as he has several books out and has been maintaining his blog for close to a decade. I'm glad I finally figured all of this out; I' [...]

    4. I have met Wil Wheaton a few times at comic book conventions and I got to say that he's a wonderful person! I adore him. (Picture to come later.)This book I have signed by him the first time I met him and I'm sure that I read it that night, but I read it again because he's a good writer and so I could give a better review. This is a great sampler book to give you an idea of Wheaton's writing style and such. (And a great story for Star Trek fans when it comes to Datalore.)

    5. I've read Wil Wheaton's blog for about two years. Honestly before that I'd pretty much forgotten about the guy. I knew of him from my childhood watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was neither a Wesley fan nor a Wesley hater. He was merely another actor on a show I loved. However one cannot be a geek (which I could very well qualify as) surfing the Internet for long without running across the name Wil Wheaton. Of all places I first head about him in a Penny Arcade blog posting. As I read m [...]

    6. Really Good. Wheaton is a very solid writer and I loved being in his head for a while. His journal about working on Criminal Minds taught me a lot about filming a series.

    7. This book is meant to introduce you to Wil Wheaton's writings beyond what you might already read in his blog, and I think it does a good job of that. I've been reading his blog for years now, and I was somewhat hesitant to purchase a book because I wasn't sure just how much more there could be in his book entries. I have a pretty good memory of things I read, and when he occasionally digs up old entries and reposts them, I find myself going "Oh yeah, I remember this one" So was it worth it to bu [...]

    8. Everybody probably knows Wil Wheaton. I you haven’t seen him as Wesley Crusher (yes, I am a girl who loves Star Trek, and Jonathan Archer is my captain, sorry Jean Luc!), you will have probably seen him in the Big Bang Theory, Eureka or an awesome show called TableTop on the "YouTube". I think I am late to the party when it comes to his writing though. I have only recently discovered his blog (as mentioned on my writing portfolio) and am now starting my journey through his books. And as it say [...]

    9. Wow, I'm surprised this one is on here. This "chapbook" is a collection of excerpts from Wil's blog, several of his other books and writings. Geeky and cool stuff.I picked up a signed copy at the 2008 Penny Arcade Expo along with Wil's "The Happiest Days of Our Lives." Mine is number 104 out of 200.Finished this one last night. It's a good collection of a variety of works Wil has done, including a script for a sketch comedy show, one of his reviews of an episode of Star Trek: TNG (very much tong [...]

    10. This book, although similar to the others I had read from him, was a little different as well as it included some materials from different areas such as stories that were more flash fiction as well as a script.The gem here for me was the Criminal Minds production diary. I really enjoyed the excitement he built into is using his own emotions from the time as the words themselves seemed energized.His discussion about rediscovering his passion for acting, the family atmosphere of the production, an [...]

    11. Review first published on My Blog.Being the geek that I am, of course I have known who Wil Wheaton was from a young age. I didn't see most of his dramatic pieces but I've seen every episode of ST:TNG more times than I care to think about (it's actually on my tv as I type this, thank you BBCA). As a child, I was thrilled to see someone not much older than myself be part of the crew of the new Enterprise but even I got annoyed at how often he seemed to save the day. As time passed, he fell off my [...]

    12. I quite enjoyed this chapbook collection of essays from Wil Wheaton, the uber-geek. His style is very personal and approachable, and I quite enjoy the way he writes in general.While I enjoyed all of the essays, I found the included piece from his upcoming "Memories of the Future" (a collection of his snarky reviews of episodes of Star Trek:TNG) particularly amusing.It's a self-published book via Lulu's print-on-demand service. I actually ordered the PDF ebook version so I could read it on my Kin [...]

    13. Sunken Treasure is meant to introduce readers to Wil Wheaton and his writing.Having listened to the audiobook for "Just A Geek" and read trough "Dancing Barefoot", I've heard some of the stories beforeThis isn't bad though, the stories are great and the book also includes stuff from the ACME comedy group and his own diary from working on Criminal Minds and much more.Diversity is not a problem here, no sire Bob.The book includes many stories, Wheaton keeps a high quality in his writting and the s [...]

    14. Started following Wil Wheaton on Twitte because "Hey! I remember that guy from Star Trek. Started really enjoying his geeky and funny and geeky-funny posts so I decided to check out his writings that are more than 140 characters. Glad I did. The pieces in this book are very easy reading and very entertaining. Wheaton is funny and charming and his enthusiasm for his work, his family and his writing is heart-warming, even in the funny parts. Since we're about the same age, a lot of his pop culture [...]

    15. Adding this book now as I reread it again, after meeting him momentarily at at 2012 Phx Comicon. Stood in line with all the other fan girls to get his autograph on the new "Fawkes" one-shot and stood face to faced with him just long enough to seem to insult him (his take I think). Totally embarrased myself because actually I guess I was trying to show off by quoting him, because yes, his storytelling is that good that he has joined the ranks of writers I can randomly quote because I have read an [...]

    16. This book is just what a title says it is: a sampler of Wil Wheaton's writings. Excerpts are taken from a few of the books he has written, his blog, and even a little bit that doesn't appear anywhere else. It's a great way to have a taste of Wil's writing so you can see if you want to eat the whole cake.It's pretty standard memoirs fare: nostalgia, humor, regret, and warm fuzzies. Wil is an excellent writer (turns out his 7th grade teacher was right), so if you enjoy reading memoirs with a decid [...]

    17. As a reader of Wil Wheaton's blog, I already knew that I liked his writing style. But I did not expect to enjoy reading this book as much as I did."Sunken Treasure" exposes the reader to more than just a few blog entries. You get to hear how Mr. Wheaton came to terms with Star Trek and Wesley Crusher. You get a taste of his fiction, his writing skills. And you get a cute, informative ending story about the book itself, and Mr. Wheaton's successful foray into the world of e-books.I strongly recom [...]

    18. I have followed Wil Wheaton's re-emergence upon the pop culture scene with a sort of joy, given that I loved him when growing up. It's a pleasant surprise (I hadn't really followed his blog) that he's such an excellent writer.I found myself enthralled with the clear and interesting real life stories, more than his explorations into fiction. I love this sampler, because now I know which of his e-books I want to explore further. I'll gladly hail Wil as a great writer as well as a magnificent actor [...]

    19. I loved the anecdotes and short stories Wil included in the first half of this book, but I found the Criminal Minds production diary to be a little long and drawn out. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at the process of playing a guest role in a television series, but Wil gets a little sappy and fanboyish at parts. Don't worry, Wil! I know the fact that you are "one of us" is part of your appeal so others may feel differently. I hope this doesn't make me a dick. I still lo [...]

    20. This book is a collection of excerpts from Wil Wheaton's various writings. My initial reaction when I was reading this was that it was like sitting around listening to my friends talk. It was great fun and made me feel connected to him. He doesn't take on any pretensions, has no fear of making fun of himself and he's just plain funny. I am definitely going to be picking up some of his other books in the future. If you're the least little bit of a geek, you definitely should read this. And if you [...]

    21. This is one of those books that makes you sad when there are no more stories left to read. It is a true sampler, a little of this, a dash of that, and a little pinch of something extra. It is an appetizer, designed to whet your appetite and make you want something more, so be warned! And be ready to buy more of Wil Wheaton's stuff and seek out his blog (if you haven't already done so).

    22. The perfect place to begin for new fans or those coming to Wil Wheaton's work from his blog. For those of us geeks who've loved him long time (since birth), it's another brilliant chapbook from Mr. Wheaton, full of stories to make you smile and a not-to-be-missed series regarding his work on Criminal Minds.

    23. A good representation of Wil Wheaton's writing, especially in that time when we was really getting his stride in with his blog. A very quick read - I strongly recommend that you either read this book, or his blog entries of the last decade, to catch up to the current context of Wil Wheaton :) Re-reading after quite some time, it was still fun.

    24. I loved the essays in here. Wil lets me feel like I know him. We've never met, and barring me deciding to go to PAX East sometime, we never will. But he lets me into his life, and that's such a wonderful gift.

    25. I read this book after reading about it on Wil Wheaton's blog about the books he wrote. Its a collection of stories Wil has put together about many various things including some insight on some Hollywood projects he was involved in. Its an interesting and humorous read.

    26. I love Wil Wheaton's writing, and my only complaint about this product is the formatting, which is horrible and occasionally difficult to read. Otherwise, it's an amazing book and makes me want to get his other titles as well.

    27. This is a nice collection of Wil Wheaton's writing over the years. If you're not sure you want to buy one of his books, definitely try out this "chapbook." It has a little bit of everything. Buy the sampler for yourself and another copy for a friend!

    28. This is a great sampler of Wheaton's work, but if, like me, you've read some of his other books you're going to end up reading stories you've read before.Better for those new to Wheaton's writing than existing fans.

    29. Wil Wheaton has a very interesting way of writing his prose, where I really care about what he says, even if he's talking about rather mundane things. A great, quick read!

    30. I bought a copy of this when I was at PAX East 2010 and got Wil to autograph it for me. I haven't had a chance to read it, but the Hot Cocoa scent still lingers

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