Mr. Thundermug

Mr Thundermug Mr Thundermug is the inventive entertaining and against all odds poignant story of an animal who acquires the ability to eloquently speak human language Using his own beautiful eerie lithograph ill

  • Title: Mr. Thundermug
  • Author: Cornelius Medvei
  • ISBN: 9780061146121
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mr Thundermug is the inventive, entertaining, and against all odds poignant story of an animal who acquires the ability to eloquently speak human language Using his own beautiful, eerie lithograph illustrations, Cornelius Medvei places us in a vivid world that is both familiar and alien It s a world in which Mr Thundermug and his family take up occupancy in an abandoneMr Thundermug is the inventive, entertaining, and against all odds poignant story of an animal who acquires the ability to eloquently speak human language Using his own beautiful, eerie lithograph illustrations, Cornelius Medvei places us in a vivid world that is both familiar and alien It s a world in which Mr Thundermug and his family take up occupancy in an abandoned apartment building On the roof of that building, Mr Thundermug gazes at the heavens and thinks deep thoughts while his wife picks bugs off him and eats them Understandably, he s somewhat confused by his complex existence as a fluent member of human society who has the essential nature of a ancient species, but he assimilates as best he can His worlds inevitably collide, and he is eventually brought to court for a petty crime and asked to defend himself in impossible ways.Simultaneously playful and foreboding, Mr Thundermug announces the arrival of a bold and imaginative talent.

    • Mr. Thundermug By Cornelius Medvei
      333 Cornelius Medvei
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    2 thoughts on “Mr. Thundermug

    1. Cornelius Medvei Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mr. Thundermug book, this is one of the most wanted Cornelius Medvei author readers around the world.

    2. The dearth of baboons in popular culture is ground for belief that they’re not the most celebrated of all monkeys, let alone of all animals. Sure, there’s wise old Rafiki in Disney’s The Lion King. But aside from him, who else is there?In its halcyon days of unbridled silliness in the 90s, Cartoon Network used to air I Am Weasel, an animated series whose title character, I. M. Weasel, is the polar opposite of his frequent rival and sometime companion, I. R. Baboon. Unlike I. M. Weasel, I. [...]

    3. I'm not much of a literary reader, but I really like some of the pictures the author drew with his words, for example:"Every year, in the last days of July, the city was at the mercy of its special microclimate. Incontinent, boiling clouds sucked up water from the surface of the river and carried it a few hundred yards before dumping it on the cracked tiles and crumbling."

    4. I chose to read Mr.Thundermug just because it seemes interesting to me that a baboon could supposidly speak the human language.When i read the summary, it kinda made me outomatically want to figure out how and why it spoke the humman language, and what it had to do with his everyday life. My thoughts on the book were pretty positive. It have very good imagery on describing how things looked and sounded. It at times was pretty sad because the monkey was put in situtations that could eiher make hi [...]

    5. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a funny tale. A dark and sinister story lurks beneath the surface. Acceptance in an unforgiving and stiffnecked society is difficult for people (animals?) who just want to exist and survive and learn. Thank goodness for the Miss Youngs of the world (Miss Young is the primary school teacher in this book) who accept and befriend the different and the ridiculed. Mr. Thundermug's speech at his trial at the end of this novella sums up the ugly side of society bea [...]

    6. This is an excessively strange little volume that I picked out without much expectation for its contents--the cover image of a rather majestic looking baboon is what sold me. It's an excessively quick read--more like an experiemental short story/novella than anything--but it has its moment of cleverness. It's a basic talking animal story, but the author thinks through the consequences for an animal that makes this leap more thoroughly than usual and we see his difficulties with family life [sadl [...]

    7. Interesting so farI enjoyed the idea of this book much more than its actual execution. I think I'd classify it as 2-1/2 stars rather than a full 3. I found the ending too nebulous to satisfy me.

    8. Not very original, despite the way the inside leaf made it sound. I guess I thought it would be a new or unique way of presenting the ideas, but it wasn't.

    9. An intellectually-hungry baboon learns to speak and only to find out most people are fools. A sweet little novella with some funny, absurdist passages and inspired images.

    10. Mr. Thundermug tells the tale of a baboon and his family. However, Mr. Thundermug is no ordinary baboon--he thinks like a human and can put his thoughts into words. Although he can't read (at first), Mr. Thundermug has a good grasp of the English language. He and his wife and two children--all three of whom are ordinary baboons--arrive in an unnamed city and take up residence in a vacant building. No one knows where the baboon family came from, though there is an allusion to a zoologist who stud [...]

    11. I got this hardbound copy from Booksale for only 50 pesos.Mr. Thundermug is the story of, well, Mr. Thundermug - a baboon.Mr. Thundermug is different from other baboons because he can talk. How? The story tells so. He once lived in a place near an asylum and learned how to talk by listening to psychos who talk to themselves. And when he finally had enough vocabulary, he lived on the streets of (I’m not so sure) England, got a lair and a family of primates.Since he can talk, people recognized h [...]

    12. On the cover of this interesting little novella, there are three statements:~Mr. Thundermug is a baboon~Mr. Thundermug has a luxuriant mane of silvery hair~Mr. Thundermug has an unsettling mastery of speechYour enjoyment of this story is largely going to be based upon your enjoyment of those three comments, because really, that's what the novella's about. A talking baboon.It's a charming little case history of a baboon who appears and, suddenly, learns to speak like a human. Like any good fantas [...]

    13. A poignant story of a baboon who acquired the ability to eloquently speak human language. First of all, this is fiction. But i had a tingly feeling that this might be somehow factual. Science and history have records of accidental encounters with talking primates. In those accounts, there might be genetical and anatomical anomalies involved. Biologically speaking, chimpanzees cannot talk, because unlike humans, their vocal cords are located higher in their throats and cannot be controlled as wel [...]

    14. After finishing the book I felt compelled to defend it though perhaps only against my own misgivings. I can't quite remember how I discovered it in the first place but Mr. Thundermug found its way onto my "To Read" list and eventually into my home.Jose Saramago, the wizened Portuguese master of metaphor and allegory, is my favorite author and Medvei has definite stirrings of this same gift for oddball melancholia. Still, I kept feeling as though the allegory was too heavy handed. For this I with [...]

    15. Albeit a short novel, Mr. Thundermug provides a glimpse at the oddity and absurdity of a baboon with human speech. The self-titled Mr. Thundermug is fully capable of interacting with humans on a verbal level; his wife and two children cannot say the same. What follows is a baboon's attempts to be seen as more than ape, and a society coming to grips with something they feel is not quite human. Charming and poignant, this is a nifty little tale.

    16. Gosh, usually the odd ones are such gems. On the other hand, perhaps it was just so short that my poor mood this week detracted from my enjoyment. It's not like I was cranky for the first part, but as mood improved the rest of the book got better. This one took 24 hours, so no chance of that. Still it had its interesting elements--the whole idea of a talking baboon trying to deal with the human world around him was fairly interesting and the author kept Mr. Thundermug in character.

    17. At first I thought this was just a silly story about a talking monkey but the more I read I felt parallel lines with our society as a whole come to the surface. Perhaps I have read too much into the story but it did make me stop and ponder and give it some second thoughts. The drawings in the book were a nice touch. I don't know why I have never seen this book before. I found it on a special reading section at the library and just picked it up on a whim.

    18. I'm sure we have all gone to the library or a book store and picked something off the shelf for no reason and begun reading with 0 expectations.Mr. Thundermug was that book. And what a charming little book it was! Memorable? Hardly. But, nonetheless, I found it delightful.Usually when I find books of this size, I wish for them to be longer. But I didn't feel that way with this one. Short while still maintaining enough information to make it a full story.

    19. Adorable. A cute short full length novel unlike most. The author weaves an excellent story about living as the fringe of society. You may appeal and behave as human but the way you look will remain a factor nagging at the recesses of society's expectations. If you are not of us then you are a second class citizen. The cover is also an exceptional decoration piece for your library.

    20. Saw this quirky little thing at a user bookstore for $2 and bought it solely based on the cover and the illustrations. Wasn't disappointed. I won't lie, I may have bought it and read it hoping to add another short book toward my goal of 50 books this year, but I genuinely enjoyed it and would pick up a second novel by Cornelius Medvei if he ever wrote one.

    21. An interesting short story. I was expecting (and would have enjoyed) a little bit more plot. Besides a somewhat dubious ending, my only point of contention is the author's misuse of macaques as a South American species. My own pet peeve, I suppose, but if your writing a story about primates spend a second to research which primates are found where.

    22. Droll talking baboon! Charming but not captivating. Perhaps the formal, nearly pseudo-Victorian voice distanced me from what I'd ordinarily clutch close to my heart - an inexplicably articulate baboon. Still, I'm glad I read it. In one quick gulp.

    23. A little Kafka, a little reverse Tarzan, a little Gogola little book. My point being, it's an enchanting tale that is much too short. This reader wants a full-fledged novel. Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" started as a short story and look what happened to that!

    24. Another reviewer mentioned that the IDEA of this book is quite good, but the execution is lacking, and that pretty much sums it up for me. Perhaps this might have worked better as a short story OR a more in depth novel, as it never really takes off.

    25. This is a lovely and strange little book. I was up late last night reading it and I eagerly await something more from this author. He has a delicate and interesting style which required me to grab my dictionary a few times!

    26. this book is delightful. Already an art piece just from looking at the cover. Judge this book from the cover-- if you like how it looks and what it says on the front, you will probably like the book itself.

    27. This is more of a novella than a full-length book! It's a clever little story - a fantasy which is quite credible. It only took a couple of hours to read - I wished it were longer.

    28. A whimsical, extremely short book about a talking baboon and his various adventures. Cute, and the author also illustrated it himself. It reminded me in a way of the book Winkie.

    29. its about an orangutan who learns how to talk, and lives in a city as a gentleman. with hand printed lithographs as illustrations!! oooh nerdy printmaker!

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