Look Whooo's Counting

Look Whooo s Counting In this stunning picture book wise old Owl journeys back to the night when she first learned to count to ten On that night she discovered that number shapes are hidden everywhere in the graceful cran

  • Title: Look Whooo's Counting
  • Author: Suse MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9780590683203
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this stunning picture book, wise old Owl journeys back to the night when she first learned to count to ten On that night she discovered that number shapes are hidden everywhere in the graceful cranes, the big horned sheep, and even in the spider s web Children will delight in this luminous search and find counting book

    • Look Whooo's Counting by Suse MacDonald
      487 Suse MacDonald
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    2 thoughts on “Look Whooo's Counting

    1. Suse MacDonald Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Look Whooo's Counting book, this is one of the most wanted Suse MacDonald author readers around the world.

    2. MacDonald, Suse. Look Whooo’s Counting (2000). The story walks us through owls journey and how she taught herself to count to ten overnight. Owl tells the reader all of the different animals she sees, from one prarie dog to ten snails on flowers. The illustrations alone help carry the story and provide amazing imagery for the reader. After each animal the owl sees, the corresponding number is placed in her wings. This repetition visually and whilst reading helps the reader learn to count to te [...]

    3. Genre: Picture book—CountingSummary: An owl doesn’t know how to count but we experience a flight with the owl through the sky one night, and discover hidden shapes and numbers. These hidden shapes and numbers that are shown through different animals, birds, and insects help the owl and reader learn to count to ten. Critique: a. The strength this book shows is its hidden illustrations the owl and also the reader come across when reading and learning to count. b. Just like most picture books, [...]

    4. Genre: CountingSummary: In this title readers are taken on a night journey with an owl that is learning how to count. The owl uses each thing he sees through the night to learn to count from 1 to 10. The fun illustrations with hidden numbers are sure to interest young readers throughout the story.Critique:a. The illustrations are the major strength in this story. b. The cut paper illustrations in this book are the best part of this story. Without these illustrations the story would be lost, as i [...]

    5. 1) Genre: Concept: Counting 2) This is an enchanting tale of a owl who isn’t able to count. While he is flying through the night, he teaches himself to count by remembering the various creatures he encountered throughout the night. 3) Critique: a) The best aspect of this book is the repetition of counting numbers. b) The repetition of the owl constantly counting the creatures he sees as well as the number found in the owl’s wings. These hidden intertwined images (i.e. numbers) allows the chi [...]

    6. Genre: Counting Picture BookDuring her night flight, Owl learns how to count to ten and recalls everything she saw as she was flying that helped her learn to count.a.) A major strength of this book is the illustrations and how they help to teach the concept.b.) The illustrations are created through cut paper; they are interesting and unique. In writing a concept book about counting, it is important to incorporate a visual for the readers to understand and grasp the concept. c.) My favorite thing [...]

    7. Genre: Picture Book - Counting Summary: This is book is about an owl who doesn't know how to count. The owl flies through the sky and makes observations. He begins counting the things he sees and learns how to count. Critique:(a)This book finds its strength in the concepts it is focusing on. The numbers are the most significant take away of the book.(b)This is an extremely strong book because the concepts are easily addressed. Students can make connections to the book and will have an easy time [...]

    8. Owl flies through the night and learns how to count. She counts critters she sees around her home. The art is beautiful and clever with many layers of textures in each picture. The animals on the pages include the number they are representing. I also appreciated counting up to each number at the turn of the page. The numbers don't just go from 1-10, they go 1; 1,2; 1,2,3; etc. It's a great book to reinforce counting to ten. At storytime, everyone was counting using American Sign Language, so the [...]

    9. MacDonald takes us along with owl as she learns to count. The collage illustrations coordinate well with the text, as the one prairie dog looks like the number 1, the two mice have tails shaped like 2s, the five storks have, of course, bodies shaped like the number 5, the big-horned sheep have curvy, number-6-shaped horns, the snails look exactly like 10s, and even owl's wing feathers take the shape of numbers as they proceed through the count with her. I love to explore pictures like these with [...]

    10. I loved how this book demonstrated how number and operations can be achieved by using simple observation. The author choosing to create an owl who learns to count on its own is simply brilliant. Also, to have the owl to learn to count by remembering vivid images and and other animals seen during its flight can help a child try to create their own strategy of learning how to count or simply learn counting from all that the owl saw while listening to the book being read or reading it themselves.

    11. I just love the cut-paper illustrations!I also really like that the book prompts you to count the animals, not just read off the numbers. (expOwl saw 3 ducks near the pond. She counted 1, 2, 3.) The animals owl counts resemble the number that she is on, and her wings are made up of numbersarting at one, and ending at whatever number you are on.This book is a beautiful way to learn or practice your numbers!

    12. My five-year-old son picked this book out from the library this past week. He loves his counting books. There was no story, except to propel the counting, so I won't write about the text. The illustrations are spectacular and elegant. I loved how the numbers were worked into the illustrations of the animal being named. Again, elegant and spectacular.

    13. A very cute learning to count book for the littles with nice paper cut illustrations that quite cleverly weave the numbers into the illustrations via the animals being counted and the wing feathers of the owl. Would be quite fun to find all the appearing numbers on each page while reading with a young one.

    14. I really liked this book. It was great to continue working on numbers with my 3 year old. The repetition is very helpful and the pictures are fun, especially the owl's wings that contain the numbers.

    15. This is a book where students can count along and also search in the book to find the numbers. The owl has learned to count to ten and will take the students through the book flying by numbers everywhere.

    16. Owl learns to count as she flies through the sky one moonlit night. All the creatures encountered have a number on part of their body. Owl's wings are full of numbers too. The cut-paper illustrations are super!

    17. A lovely counting book featuring an owl's nighttime flight. Suse MacDonald's cut-paper collages and hidden numbers make this a special book for early readers learning to count.

    18. Mommy says: F typically does not like numbers books, but we all loved the beautiful collages of animals turned into numbers.

    19. Very clever illustrations, in which the owl's flight feathers become numbers, and the animals that he is counting also look like the appropriate numbers.

    20. Mommy says: Below Cana's reading level, but we loved the beautiful collages of animals turned into numbers.

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