La muerte de Superman

La muerte de Superman La Muerte de SupermanPublicado originalmente en Es uno de los t tulos m s vendidos de todos los tiempos En Superman n m vemos al mayor h roe de la historia luchar contra un enemigo imparable e

  • Title: La muerte de Superman
  • Author: Dan Jurgens
  • ISBN: 9788416796045
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • La Muerte de SupermanPublicado originalmente en 1993 Es uno de los t tulos m s vendidos de todos los tiempos En Superman n m 75 vemos al mayor h roe de la historia luchar contra un enemigo imparable en su querida Metropolis Este villano es una fuerza de la naturaleza llamado Juicio Final, que ha escapado de su cautiverio y utilizar a la Liga de la Justicia para llegarLa Muerte de SupermanPublicado originalmente en 1993 Es uno de los t tulos m s vendidos de todos los tiempos En Superman n m 75 vemos al mayor h roe de la historia luchar contra un enemigo imparable en su querida Metropolis Este villano es una fuerza de la naturaleza llamado Juicio Final, que ha escapado de su cautiverio y utilizar a la Liga de la Justicia para llegar al nico superh roe de la Tierra capaz de pararle los pies.La muerte de Superman recibi una gran acogida en los medios de comunicaci n de todo el mundo y sigue siendo un t tulo de gran relevancia por su impactante desenlace.Superman n m 21 USAPublicado originalmente en marzo de 1943 De la mano de los creadores de Superman, Siegel y Shuster, esta aventura de la Edad de Oro nos cuenta la historia de la primera muerte del Hombre de Acero y la repercusi n de la noticia entre sus amigos y enemigos.

    • La muerte de Superman BY Dan Jurgens
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    1. Dan Jurgens is an American comic book writer and artist He is best known for creating the superhero Booster Gold, and for his lengthy runs on the Superman titles Adventures of Superman and Superman vol 2 , particularly during The Death of Superman storyline Other series he has been associated with include The Sensational Spider Man Vol 1 , Thor vol 2 , Captain America vol 3 , Justice League America, Metal Men, Teen Titans vol 2 , Zero Hour, Tomb Raider The Series, Aquaman vol 3 , and the creator of DC Comics imprint Tangent.Jurgens first professional comic work was for DC Comics on Warlord 63 He was hired due to a recommendation of Warlord series creator Mike Grell who was deeply impressed by Jurgens work after being shown his private portfolio at a convention In 1984, Jurgens was the artist for the Sun Devils limited series July 1984 June 1985 , with writers Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas Jurgens would make his debut as a comic book writer with Sun Devils he began scripting from Conway s plots with 8 and fully took over the writing duties on the title with 10 In 1985, Jurgens created the character Booster Gold, who became a member of the Justice League His first work on Superman was as penciller for Adventures of Superman Annual 1 1987 In 1989, Jurgens began working full time on the character when he took over the writing pencilling of the monthly Adventures of Superman.Dan Jurgens was the penciller of the 1990 1991 limited series Armageddon 2001 and co created the hero Waverider with Archie Goodwin In 1991 Jurgens assumed the writing pencilling of the main Superman comic book, where he created a supporting hero named Agent Liberty During his run on Superman, Dan created two major villains, Doomsday and the Cyborg Doomsday was the main antagonist in the Death of Superman storyline Jurgens wrote and drew Justice League America for about one year and in 1993 pencilled the Metal Men four issue miniseries, which was a retcon of their origin story Jurgens wrote and pencilled the 1994 comic book miniseries and crossover Zero Hour He wrote and penciled layouts with finished art by Brett Breeding to the Superman Doomsday Hunter Prey miniseries, which was a follow up to the successful Death of Superman storyline In 1995 Jurgens and Italian artist Claudio Castellini worked on the highly publicized crossover Marvel vs DC In the same year, he gave up the pencilling duties on Superman.Jurgens scripted and provided layout art for the Superman vs Aliens miniseries The story was about a battle between Superman and the aliens created by H R Giger a.k.a the Xenomorphs , from the Alien film series It was co published by Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics in 1995.In January 1996, Jurgens was writer and penciller of the new Spider Man series, The Sensational Spider Man Vol 1 , at Marvel Comics The title was initially conceived to be the flagship showcase for the new Ben Reilly Spider Man it replaced the Web of Spider Man series The initial seven issues 0 6, January July 1996 were written and pencilled by Jurgens Jurgens pushed strongly for the restoration of Peter Parker as the true Spider Man and plans were made to enact this soon, but Bob Harras, the new Editor in chief, demanded the story be deferred until after the Onslaught crossover Jurgens had by this stage become disillusioned with the immense amount of group planning and constant changes of ideas and directions and took this as the last straw, resigning from the title In a past interview several years after his Spider Man run, Jurgens stated that he would like to have another chance on the character, since his run was with the Ben Reilly character during the Spider Man Clone Saga, and not Peter Parker Jurgens had also written and pencilled Teen Titans vol 2 for its entire two year, 24 issue run New Teen Titans co creator George P rez came on board on this incarnation of the Titans as inker for the se

    2. The Earth's Greatest Hero has fallenWHICH IS THE MONSTER THAT EVERY COMIC BOOK TITLE FEARS???There is a monster even more terrifying and powerful than Doomsday that inflicts fear into the heart of any comic book title The Low Sales' Monster!The four Superman titles selling at that time were suffering low sales, and the editorial team thought that if "nobody" was reading them, then it was better to kill off the character.This is something hardly new in the business.The Batman titles, back in the [...]

    3. You may have saved citizens in distress, prevented nuclear holocaust or stood your ground while fighting a war against forces of evil. But does that make you a great superhero? No, comrade, it does not! If you want to be a great superhero, you'll have to ask yourself this question: Seriously, You gotta die and get resurrected at least once if you want to be the greatest superhero (or supervillain) ever. I'm pretty sure it was Jesus who did it first successfully.Anyways, now It's Superman's turn [...]

    4. (SPOILERS AHEAD!) What a load of horseshit. This is the most preposterous, shallow, unexplained, pointless story arc ever told. You want to kill Superman? You first need to think about everything that hasn't killed him yet. Every villain like Luthor, Brainiac, Mongul, Batman in his crazy mech suit, Anti-Monitor, all the crazy shit of Crisis, going through planet cores and stars and dimensions. I'm envisioning something incalculably huge and powerful, something I've never seen before. But no. Kno [...]

    5. It's no wonder that this is the best selling comic book of all time. "The Death of Superman" combines everything I love about WWF pro wrestling with the tight plotting of a Michael Bay film. Forget all the psychological nuance of Frank Miller's "Dark Knight" comics, Superman is GOOD and that's all you need to know. And who is Doomsday? Where does he come from? Why does he want to kill Superman? Does it really matter? You might as well ask why Hulk Hogan needs to body slam his opponents or why Go [...]

    6. Now that you’ve read the title you can say you’ve read the book because that’s all this comic is: the title. Superman dies. The end. If you do decide to read this you’ll be introduced to the most one-dimensional and worst villain of all time, Doomsday. Forget that post-Death of Superman we learn more about his “character”; in this book we know nothing about him besides the fact that he’s a monster who’s been imprisoned beneath the Earth for some reason, is now free for some reaso [...]

    7. Superman may have met his match as some indestructible being (simply named “Doomsday”) filled with hate marches to Metropolis and obviously creates a path of destruction in its wake. Other JLA superheroes try to stop it but even as a group they are no match. Then Superman joins one JLA group and after they are defeated he's the only one left standing.See Lois Lane with red hair. Watch Superman give his all against an impossible foe. See other JLA member get “pwned” even if they're third [...]

    8. One of the most iconic moments in the DC Universe and the title says it all. This story arc introduces us to a threat that the world has never seen before and who is rightfully named Doomsday. He is completely unidimensional and is simply a killing machine. His powers? Pure brutal and unmatched strength. Not even the Justice League (although a very, very lame ensemble of heroes in this case) could stop him. Everything relies on Superman.The writing is nothing special, and it has the tell-rather- [...]

    9. One major advancement for comics after the 90's is writers decided to write characters like actual people. Before that we had a lot of "My Golly G we gotta stop the bad guys!" and "Holy Molley geez what we gonna do?" Instead of them actually SPEAKING like NORMAL people. This "Death of Superman" arc is known as one of the biggest things DC ever done. This wasn't the first time they killed off a main character, they just knew killing off SUPERMAN would bring in headlines. So what's it about? Well [...]

    10. Cult Classic Graphic Novel READ!But am I impressed?Not really because I know Superman is not really dead.I think I was in 10th grade when Superman died. Then I think it was the very next year that they brought him backI've never been INTO Superman until recently when I started watching Smallville. I've always liked the idea of Superman but never have been too thrilled with him. The Death of Superman was just that. It was ok but I wasn't thrilled.I was shocked to see that Lex Luthor had been kill [...]

    11. Le doy un 3 por su importancia en la historia del cómic, en realidad mi nota sería un 2,5 o un 2.El cómic es entretenido, pero pierde mucha potencia hoy en día, en los tiempos en que fue publicado por primera vez ya solo el concepto de la muerte de superman era increible, la gente supongo que lo leería pensando hasta el final que tenía truco, que al final se solucionaría de otra forma, que sería una portada engañosa más como tantas otras de la historia del cómic pero como digo, hoy en [...]

    12. It may be grossly unfair, on a literary level, to grade The Death of Superman as a graphic novel. More than any previous compilation-turned graphic novel, the serial nature of this publication seems explicit. That being said, DC Comics ultimately packaged and sold this multi-part story as a single work, which is how I encountered it this weekend. Special thanks to the group of local public libraries that diligently engage in inter-library loan, making it possible for me to read this work at no c [...]

    13. Most comic book fans know the story. DC was scheduled to do a Superman wedding run, but Louis & Clark was already going in that direction on television, so they figured killing Superman would be the next best way to boost sales.So they set out to kill Superman (boost sales). But hey, DC had a bunch of titles that were selling like shit cakes dredged from a city gutter, so they decided to have the story arc cut across every shitty title they had in a desperate attempt to boost sales. And it w [...]

    14. Things to know before reading this book: 1. Supergirl in this one is not kara Zor el. its actually matrix, a shapeshifter from a pocket universe(yes you read that right) who was created by the lex Luthor of that universe to defend their world but ultimately got destroyed. DC comics at the time wanted superman to be the last son of krypton, which ment no kara Zor el, no krypto, no zod and the phantom zone criminals. 2. Lex Luthor in this book is actually lex Luthor junior, a clone of lex Luthor w [...]

    15. Este cómic tiene muchas cosas que no me gustaron, pero creo que el principal es el papel de Supergirl (view spoiler)[¿En serio? Le pides permiso a Lex Luthor (hijo) para poder ir a combatir y hasta que él dice ya puede ir te vas (aun cuando ves que media liga de la justicia esta más muerta que viva). ¡¡¡NO MANCHES!!! retrocediste como 50 años en la libertad de la mujeres (ok unos 30 sí consideramos que el libro es de 1998), además ¡¡¡¡sólo resististe un golpe y adiós!!! Máxima c [...]

    16. The story here is simple: This crazy strong evil monster who's REALLY REALLY ANGRY arises from somewhere and beats up the Justice League, beats up America, and then beats up Superman until they both die. The end.That's it. I'm totally serious. I mean come on! This was the Man of Steel. The Man of Tomorrow! Krypton's ichiban ass-kicking muchacho!! And the best death story they can give him is "a big monster punched him really hard"?!?And Lex Luthor's like: "Punching him! Of course! Why didn't I t [...]

    17. At one time, this was the biggest event in comics. DC Comics killed the world’s first and greatest superhero in a crossover event that drove a record number of units out of newsstands and comic shops and probably made the biggest bubble among those who speculated in comics at that time That bubble busted eventually, driving the entire comic industry to its knees.Superman returned in another crossover event, but it proved that DC Comics was willing to gamble on such a risky gambit. At that time [...]

    18. I can't imagine how big this must have been in the comic world back in the early 90's. I can slightly remember it being a huge deal but back then I wasn't reading comics. I am a Doomsday fanboy. I loved him in the Smallville TV show, in the new Rebirth Action Comics, and now in the original story. Anyway, I loved this, and definitely need this for my collection. Some great art and really solid writing at times.

    19. The heading on this says it's the best selling graphic novel of all time. I can see that.I've noted before that when young I was primarily a Marvel fan. Still, till I was 12 or so DC comics were the only ones I'd run across. Superman was the small boy's hero a kid I tied a towel around my neck and jumped off the porch. I ran through the house hands out "flying". For my 4yh birthday I got a "Superman suit".And I watched the Superman TV series with George Reeves.So of the DC heroes Superman is the [...]

    20. SPOILERS FOR THIS BOOK AND FOR BATMAN V SUPERMAN!Re-Read 2016 This is one of the best superman stories ever! This was one of the first graphic novels I ever collected, heck it was the first! So spoiler Superman dies, although that was kinda obvious But anyway per the ending of batman v superman, i decided to give this a re-read, and its still as good as when i first read it! One compliant of this story is that there's not much story, mostly correct, but Its not really suppose to, its a story of [...]

    21. Obviously, Superman dies here. But how? Even without reading this book, you'd certainly know that the Man of Steel would die getting beat up by an outrageously strong villain because Supes dying by flying a bomb away from earth seems to be less climatic. The Death of Superman is a compilation of devastation, earth-shattering punches, and deaths. Some of the issues are a struggle to read but the last one's a visual treat - Doomsday and Superman is giving each other hell! And for us that's colorfu [...]

    22. It's amazing how something so important in the world of comics is kinda ehhh to read. I mean, the final issue has impact, but before that there's not a lot going on other than senseless punching and destruction. Any sort of actual story would have made a lot of difference. Oh, and Superman is hecka concerned about doing damage to the city and stuff, unlike some OTHER incarnations we've seen. *cough* Snyder *cough*

    23. I thought it was pretty weak. I might have liked it better if I'd been keeping up with reading comics but it's been a long time, and this sort of reminded me of why I don't read them much. The action parts were OK. But not much in the way of any kind of deeper story or justification for what was happening.

    24. I wanted to enjoy this book but it just seemed like non-stop action without anything else of value. As a villain Doomsday has no backstory and cannot speak. Nothing about his character is revealed other than that he is evil and likes to destroy for the fun of it. The story itself had a lot of potential but it just felt like an empty exercise in action at the expense of other necessary plot devices.

    25. Some pretty good action here, but no real plot or character development or much of anything except a long, drawn out fight with Doomsday.

    26. 5/5 StarsToday I’m talking about a comic that was meant to be the end of Superman, but, as it’s now over 20 years down the road, we know that wasn’t the case. The time was 1993, the sales of Superman comics were down, and DC was convinced that it was time to pull the plug. So, I’m going to go a bit Lemony Snicket on you here and advise you not to read this comic if you’re expecting a happy story. You won’t find it. Doomsday has broken free and he’s out for blood. Will Superman be a [...]

    27. As I read this some time ago I decided to re-read it again before I wrote the review because my view of it was very vague and slightly more negative than it should have been. Having said that there are aspects of this that certainly made me smile. (I have not based any of my opinions on these however as they were symptomatic of the time it was written as opposed to a fault of the writing.)I should also make it clear that I am not aware of the continuity of the superman story so I don't know what [...]

    28. Also bitteWie kann man dieses Comic als das beste Superman-Band beschreiben? Es ist letztlich nichts anderes als eine recht lahme Aneinanderreihung von Schlägen. Ein einziges Splash-Panel, sozusagen. Die Zeichnungen geben kaum etwas von der in den Dialogen stehenden Dynamik und Schnelligkeit, in der der Kampf geführt wird, wieder. Der Mann, der Planeten bewegt und Atombombenexplosionen überlebt wird verwundet, weil die Knochen von Doomsday so scharf sind? Wie bitte?Laaaaaaangweilig. Und eines [...]

    29. Wow. First it's funny to realize that without obsessing over this arc and/or the internet (it was 1993!) how much you actually missed. There was a lot to the story that I hadn't realized I never got the first time around.Sadly it takes a hit because no one has the balls to actually kill off a character. There's always going to be some absurd method for bringing the top tiered characters back to life hell even some not so top tiered but at the end of the day this could been epic. Truly epic. And [...]

    30. I'd read bits and bobs of this a while ago, so came to it thinking it'd be epic. And it was, right? Quite epic in places. Some panels were just great, the writing passable, with some glimmers of above average and the art in general fantastic, and less dated for my taste. ButMaybe it was that I knew they brought him back to life soon after Maybe it was that the whole thing was just one long fistfight, without reason Maybe it was the complete lack of back-story or motivation for Doomsday or maybe [...]

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