Triple Threat

Triple Threat For the first time Lois Lane has almost everything she wants Non temporary home Check Dream job Double check Incredible BFFs The absolute best And now her online crush SmallvilleGuy is coming to M

  • Title: Triple Threat
  • Author: Gwenda Bond
  • ISBN: 9781630790820
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For the first time, Lois Lane has almost everything she wants Non temporary home Check Dream job Double check Incredible BFFs The absolute best And now, her online crush, SmallvilleGuy, is coming to Metropolis If all goes well, they ll turn their long distance friendship into a some kind of fairy tale romance But when does all ever go well Before she can check boFor the first time, Lois Lane has almost everything she wants Non temporary home Check Dream job Double check Incredible BFFs The absolute best And now, her online crush, SmallvilleGuy, is coming to Metropolis If all goes well, they ll turn their long distance friendship into a some kind of fairy tale romance But when does all ever go well Before she can check boyfriend off her list, Lois must take down a mad scientist plus a trio of mutant teens, protect the elusive flying man from the feds including her dad , and navigate her very first date with SmallvilleGuy In the follow up to FALLOUT and DOUBLE DOWN, Gwenda Bond s reimagination of DC Comics s first leading lady takes on her toughest challenge yet Love.

    • Triple Threat : Gwenda Bond
      384 Gwenda Bond
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    1. I m an author of young adult books My latest are Lois Lane Fallout and Double Down, which bring the iconic comic book character front and center in her own YA novel series, and Girl on a Wire, Girl in the Shadows and the comic book miniseries graphic novel Girl Over Paris, set in the Cirque American In 2017 Lois Lane Triple Threat and a new middle grade series, the Supernormal Sleuthing Service, co written with my husband Christopher Rowe It s possible that I escaped from a classic screwball comedy.I live in a hundred year old house in Lexington, Kentucky, with Christopher and our menagerie.

    2. Okay full disclosure: there is a chapter in the middle of this book that, when I read it today on my lunch break at work, turned me into a blushing, giggling MESS of a human being so I'm not at all sure there will be anything objective about this review. But here goes.Gwenda Bond gets Lois Lane. Period. End of sentence.Bond gets that Lois Lane is a mess of contradictions in the best possible way: ruthless and brilliant while simultaneously nervous and prone to doing dumb stuff (with good intenti [...]

    3. Unless something changes and I hear the next book is great, I don't think I will be reading any more books in this series, or by this author. Not for me. And this PAINS ME GREATLY. I love Superman. I love Lois & Clark. I love Lois Lane. I don't know if the novelty has just worn off for me and her style has always been this way, or if I've changed, or if she really has lost steam, but I'm just not feeling this series at all. It feels mundane and obvious. The characters don't have depth for me [...]

    4. Intrepid girl reporter is on another hot story as kids with strange powers start appearing around Metropolis, and they appear to know who Lois is, and to be leading her somewhere. But even more thrilling: she might actually meet SmallvilleGuy IN THE FLESH! At one point in this book my eyes actually turned into hearts like an anime character. True story.

    5. Also posted at Short & Lazy Book Reviews.I’ve loved this series since book one came in as a breath of fresh air after one disastrous comic book tie-in novel experience I had years ago. It’s like someone decided to write a Teen AU fanfic starring Lois Lane, but took only the best parts of what make Lois tick and wrote the hell out of it. We don’t deserve Gwenda Bond, truly.Triple Threat builds on the first two books, showing a Lois who is finding her place in Metropolis, doing her best [...]

    6. This is book three in the Lois Lane series. The story builds on the events in Fallout and Double Down so if you haven't read those books? Run. Don't walk. I'll wait.Triple Threat takes place about six months after the events in Double Down. Lois and her friends (her fellow scoop reporters) are in a lull looking for their next big story. They don't have to wait long when one rushes right by Lois and the story takes off.As in both Fallout and Double Down this is a story of a teenage Lois Lane. Whi [...]

    7. oh my GOD!!!! i loved this series so so much wow it was such a different retelling of lois and clark that i've ever seen/read and i loved every page of it. lois is a Perfect Woman and i love her and loved the writing for her so much. and clark was so pure as he always is i love u clark the last page of this book has me making animal noises i'm crying y'all i'm perfectly fine

    8. It took me FOREVER to read the last few pages in this book because my school's winter musical, South Pacific, opened this week and I am the tech director so I have been crazy busy so even though it looks like I took days to read this I read most of it over the course of two days. I could do that because this was just as fun and fast-paced as the two other books in the series. I love this series. I think it is so fun. As I have said before I love Lois Lane (and the other DC ladies. If you share t [...]

    9. In what I hope is not the end, Gwenda Bond presents us with the third installment of the Lois Lane series. I cannot express enough how much I love these books and what joy they bring me when I read them. Testament to Bond's complete understanding of the character and her charming writing style, Lois Lane is at her best in Triple Threat. The story is mainly focused on Lois' growing relationship with a certain 'SmallvilleGuy' (who finally makes an appearance IRL) and a criminal element that, altho [...]

    10. 4/5 starsI'm so emotional that this trilogy is done, and even though I want nothing more than for Gwenda Bond to write another 2 or 200 books in this series, I love where this left off. I like that this brought her investigations in the first two books to a close, and how this trilogy has essentially established a Metropolis similar to the one in the Superman comics, and a Lois Lane we need to see even more of in all forms of media I can consume (has she even appeared in the Supergirl TV show, b [...]

    11. I'm really happy with all this all wrapped up, even if I wish we could get more in this world, I'm happy with what we've gotten. I'm not that familiar with Lois Lane or the Superman comic world in general, but I was so happy to pick this up and see a teenage take on Lois. Well that on if you want to put a twist on a dc character, I'll jump on that. Honestly, I think Lois was at her best in this book and I loved how she has grown from who she was in the first book. And how her dynamics with Maddy [...]

    12. Amazing!! I cannot get enough of this series and Lois Lane in general. She is such a fascinating character and I love every step of this journey. This book showcases her relationship with SmallvilleGuy more and gives her a more human appeal in terms of being an average teenage girl. She has doubts and family stress and is still trying to figure out what it means to be a friend and have a permanent home. At the same time, she is as bossy, nosy, and headstrong as ever!We begin to have more of her [...]

    13. This series keeps delighting and surprising me. My love for Lois Lane goes way back, but this version of her feels fresh because she’s so young. Usually, when we meet Lois she is already a fully formed adult. It’s fun to see the whip-smart, curious skeptic with a heart of gold display the self-doubt and indecisión no teen can avoid. In this installment, the supporting characters, particularly the Lane family, really shine and we get a new sense of who Lois grows up to be from those who have [...]

    14. WELL. After reading the first two books, I was not expecting much from the third book. And maybe that's why this one wasn't so terrible. It was my favorite of the trio, but that's not saying much. This one was easier to get through, if only because I had gotten used to the characters and writing style. However, as a stand-alone book, it was nothing special. Maybe as this is branded as teen fiction, it's not quite up to par with YA. But that shouldn't be an excuse for shoddy characters and overdo [...]

    15. Such a fun read! My favorite book in the Lois Lane series. It moved very briskly, and made me grin like a fool for much of the second half. Five stars!

    16. (this is basically my review of the whole series, shut up I'm lazy)Honestly I just really love Lois Lane, and this teenage version of her is a delight. This Lois reminds me a lot of a younger Smallville Lois. This has the same feel something like Smallville has, only centering Lois and her investigative-prowess-as-a-superpower, which is fantastic and feels every bit as much like an origin story. Clark is perfect here: he's absolutely a presence and his relationship with Lois is supportive and ba [...]

    17. I love this whole series so much.I have to give this one 4.5 instead of a full 5/5 because while it is awesome, it has the weakest mystery of the three books. I can honestly say that I didn't see any of the twists coming, so it's not that the plot isn't clever. It's just that I'm not sure it makes as much sense as the others. The best thing about this book, by far, is the fact that Lois and Clark meet in person. The strongest scenes are the one's between the couple. Another highlight is the reve [...]

    18. Allison from Team Lois here, bringing you breaking news: READ THIS SERIES!!!From starting this book to finishing, my fangirl heart ran at a BMP of the Flash. There's a neon sign in my head flashing: LOIS AND CLARK LOIS AND CLARK because GAAAHTHEY ARE SO ADORABLE AND MY HEART IS MELTING!!!*ahem* Let's try this again.They are so utterly adorable and stunningly in character in this latest installment in particular. We get Clark Kent in the flesh, a young, earnest soon-to-be-Superman, still figuring [...]

    19. I'm still a big fan of Lois Lane, even if DC comics did her wrong during their NEW 52 arc. That said, they gave her some good stuff to do in the DC BOMBSHELLS series, and while Lois as an intrepid reporter was visited in that, Lois and Clark being all romantic was not. But the good news is that Gwenda Bond is scratching that particular itch with her Lois Lane series. TRIPLE THREAT is the newest in that series. For those who may not remember, in this series Lois Lane is a scrappy and determined t [...]

    20. Grade: C+The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: I didn't realize this was true until my preorder arrived two weeks early, but I apparently want new Lois Lane books all the time. Like, I just want tons of Lois adventures, especially now that SmallvilleGuy (who we all know is a certain glasses-wearing icon) is in the picture.There's a lot going on in Triple Threat - so much so that I was a little concerned that it was too much. The mutant teens plot felt a bit farfetched and contrived at times. I think [...]

    21. (Originally reviewed at thelibraryladies.)Kate’s ThoughtsSo I will wholeheartedly admit that after reading “Double Down”, the previous book in this series, I was starting to feel disheartened. While I absolutely loved Lois Lane and her relationship with SmallvilleGuy, I was starting to realize that I just wasn’t interested in Lois’ life in Metropolis, or her friends, or the mystery that they were all trying to solve. Plus, I was worried that Gwenda Bond wouldn’t be able to sustain th [...]

    22. 2.75 out of 5 StarsIn my review for the very first book of this series, I said that I think I would have loved these books as a kid. Bond keeps these books PG, which is great, but her writing came off to me as a little basic. I still think this could fit in a more middle grade genre. But despite that, Triple Threat had many enjoyable moments, most of them involving SmallvilleGuy (aka Clark Kent aka "Superman"). Minor spoiler for those who have not read the first two books but it is hinted in thi [...]

    23. What an excellent end to this trilogy. I am so happy with how this went -- Lois's growth, the story, the ending of the flying boy mystery, SmallvilleGuy, her friends, the whole thing. I love Lois's voice and her sass and determination are some of her best qualities. I truly wish there were more books but I am content with how this story ended. Conclusion: Keep

    24. When I read Double Down, I remember thinking "Wow, these books keep getting better."Well, WOW. THESE BOOKS KEEP GETTING BETTER. (Hey Gwenda, any chance you want to just you know keep writing these. forever? because I'm totally game for lots of Lois and Clark and Team Daily Scoop/Planet shenanigans for years to come.)

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