Sixx When Michael Sixx Gentry lost control of the beast inside he walked away from the best thing to happen to him in years Twenty four years later someone points out that Sixx has a doppelg nger Whe

  • Title: Sixx
  • Author: FaithGibson
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  • When Michael Sixx Gentry lost control of the beast inside, he walked away from the best thing to happen to him in 500 years.Twenty four years later, someone points out that Sixx has a doppelg nger When he hears the man s name, Sixx realizes twenty four years too late that the best thing to ever happen to him had been pregnant with his son when he walked away.Sixx makesWhen Michael Sixx Gentry lost control of the beast inside, he walked away from the best thing to happen to him in 500 years.Twenty four years later, someone points out that Sixx has a doppelg nger When he hears the man s name, Sixx realizes twenty four years too late that the best thing to ever happen to him had been pregnant with his son when he walked away.Sixx makes the trip across the country to face someone terrifying than any Gargoyle he s ever come up against the mate he left behind Desirae Rothchild, love of his life and mother to his son, is one feisty human When she learns the truth of why Sixx left, will she forgive him Hell, will she even believe him If Desirae were his only obstacle, Sixx might be successful in his journey But when the Greek King is hell bent on seeking retribution, Sixx s family is caught in the cross fire Sixx and Desirae must work together with the help of his Clan to save the one person who means everything to them both their son.Book 7 in the Stone Society takes you from New Atlanta across the country to California where you are reunited with familiar faces as well as introduced to new ones.

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    2 thoughts on “Sixx

    1. Faith Gibson lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with the love of her life, and her four legged best friends She began writing in high school and over the years, penned many stories and poems When her dreams continued to get crazier than the one before, she decided to keep a dream journal Many of these night time escapades have led to a line, a chapter, and even a complete story.When asked what her purpose in life is, she will say to entertain the masses Even if it s one person at a time When Faith isn t hard at work on her next story, she can be found playing trivia while enjoying craft beer, reading, or riding her Harley.

    2. I love, love, love Sixx! Once I started reading I couldn’t quit. I sat and read this book straight through. Faith Gibson with each and every one of your books I fall more and more in love with each of these sexy hunky alpha Gargoyles! I can honestly say that I am addicted to this series and it is so hard for me to wait until the next book comes out. When Faith Gibson started talking about the concept of Gargoyles as being the lead characters I thought she was crazy. Now I think she is a genius [...]

    3. Flat, that's how I describe the plot, characters and everything else that pertains to this book. I am so disappointed, I noticed in her last book in this series, the banter between characters felt a little scripted, like someone was reading a newspaper article, I know that doesn't make sense, but her writing seems like a robot has written it and not a real sentient being. Ok maybe I'm getting a little nutty, anyhoo, Because I'm a sucker, I will give her next book one more try.

    4. Gargoyles just moved to the top of my list as shapeshifter favorite. I love the chemistry between Sixx and Desirae "Rae". I love how Sixx can say her name in a certain tone and Rae knows the feeling or meaning behind it. I love the bond between Rae & her son, Desi. I love how close and protective the Stone Society Clan is of each other. All in all, really great read. I loved it!

    5. I loved Sixx and Rae's story. They are my favorite couple so far. I'm excited for this series to continue. I can't get enough of these mates. Can't wait to see who the next couple will be.

    6. I thought I loved Jasper and Raphael best, but Sixx has taken their place. I'm a gargoyle whore. Faith Gibson continues to entertain and woo me with these wonderful stories involving these shifters.This book was exciting, suspenseful, action packed, and filled with loving hot sex. I can't wait till the next.

    7. 2 Matings!Sixx thanks to Matthew found out that he was a father (24 years too late) & has decided to go back to California & woo his mate back into his arms & try to bond with his son.Desirae is a graphic designer who is basically a shut in as she hasn't aged one bit (or is it bite as that is what caused her not to age) & was tired of other people commenting on it.Desmond (or Desi as his mom likes to call him) is a rock star legend & a year ago unbeknownst to him met his mate [...]

    8. I so love this series.When I stumbled upon book 1 in this series, many moons ago, I was hooked from the very start. Without realising it, I'd missed this release and the following two, but hey that has now been rectified quick smart. Sixx and Rae have a second chance at love and no two characters deserve it more in my mind. Faith has managed to seamlessly blend old style mannerisms into a modern world, entwining myths and legends into a story that grabs the reader by the throats and pulls them a [...]

    9. Absolutely fantastic seriesThis series is a must read! Fabulous characters that follow through out the series. Great plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommended

    10. SixxI'm really loving where this series is going. You feel it all happiness, love, anger and sorrow. I'm so glad that Sixx and Rea found each other again after everything and Desi finding something he never knew about.

    11. Could he get any more perfect? SIXX GOLD SURFBOARDSthe fates knew what they were doing. She really was perfect for him. WHAT THE HOLY & UNHOLY?!? Talk about one helluva ROCK HARD, SHIFTERRIFIC GARGOYLELICIOUS book! Everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING - had me entranced, captivated, mesmerized, hooked and fixated on this book and the story it had to tell! And what a STONETACULAR story it is! I was gasping, smiling, laughing, panting, fretting, panicking, lusting, growling, andwell you get t [...]

    12. When Michael “Sixx” Gentry finds out he has a son, nothing will stop him from finding him—and his mother, his mate who he still loves. Sixx and Desirae had a brief affair 24 years ago. They were madly in love, but for reasons Rae didn’t know, he left her. So, she raised their son all by herself.When Sixx finds Rae, she’s not so happy to see him. He left her without a word of why, and she has no intention of risking having her heart broken a second time. She won’t stop Sixx from havin [...]

    13. I love Faith Gibson's The Stone Society, these gargoyles rock! What is so great about this series is that you really get to know all the characters and every time you read one book you see the characters from the other previous books and every book is about one of them. There is action and such a deep passion in family, brotherhood, friendship and love, but most important, there is a great storyline that bleeds into every single book you read They get to be your family and you never forget the m [...]

    14. *I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review*SIXX(Stone Society #7) by Faith GibsonTwenty four years ago, Michael 'Sixx' Gentry walked away from the best thing to happen to him in 500 years. When a friend points out that Sixx has a doppelgänger, he realises exactly what he lost that day. So making the journey across the country to meet his mate face to face, is the scariest and most terrifying thing he has ever done.Desirae Rothchild is the love of his life and mother of [...]

    15. Faith Gibson gives us another reason to be all about goyles! I've just three words Michael “Sixx” Gentry, Whew! Can you so new BBF? I've had the pleasure to have started this series at the beginning and it was easy to fall in love with the Goyles and just as easy to stay in love with them. For so long the goyles didn't even think about mating with humans, but it didn't stop them from dating them. But really who wants to watch someone you love grow old and die? Sixx was having non of that, wh [...]

    16. Faith Gibson has done it again! Sixx is the latest installment of the Stone Society Series and it lives up to the strong legacy of its predecessors.Sixx is the story of Michael “Sixx” Gentry and his search for his mate. After seeing a photograph of a young up and coming rockstar, Sixx believes he’s already found and walked away from his mate. With a war between the various factions of the Gargoyle eminent, Sixx must tread carefully in his desire to reconnect with his long lost love, Desira [...]

    17. Love the series and this book!I can't begin to say how much I love this book and the entire series. Six is a true alpha male Gargoyle. He made an honest mistake with his mate, and 24 years later, realizes he has a rock star son who looks just like a brother (because Gargoyles don't age after they mature ). This is a great story involving this great clan of Gargoyles and what a great family they are, related or not. Six has a lot of explaining and groveling to do in order to keep his mate and son [...]

    18. Sixx (Stone Society #7) by Faith Gibson is the next installment in the series. Michael “Sixx” Gentry is the financial wizard of the clan. He recently found out he has a son he did not know existed. Sixx now realizes that his son’s mother is actually his mate. He has decided to go back to California to reclaim the woman he loves as well as get acquainted with the son he never knew existed. As with previous books we still get to get caught up with old member of the clan as well as meeting ne [...]

    19. Sixx is the the seventh book in the Stone Society series by Faith Gibson. You might think that a series would get kind of stale after this many books, but in this case you would be wrong…so wrong. Ms. Gibson keeps it fresh while adding more layers of depth. She has an amazing ability to weave past characters into the current storyline while also adding some new ones to the mix. I absolutely love the banter between some of them [especially if Tessa was involved, she’s a hoot!].I love the jour [...]

    20. Love this author!!! OMG I couldn't put it down. Just love all these sexy, alpha gargoyles. I think gargoyles are my favorite shapeshifter.Michael "Sixx" Gentry and Desirea "Rae" Rothchild had explosive chemistry 24-years prior to meeting back up. Sixx thought that gargoyles couldn't mate with humans when he left Rae 24 years ago, but it came as a shocker that they could and even produce children from the union. He finds out that once he bit Rae and subsequently left her, because he was afraid th [...]

    21. Such a creative story teller!What is there to say? Another fabulous story! As an avid reader it is very hard to find an author who can touch me emotionally. Not just one book in this series but all 7 have made me laugh out loud, made my heart race with fear for the characters and made me tear up at the level of love I feel pour through the pages. Now I am at a standstill as I await Sin's amazing story. I highly recommend this series to any reader that enjoys a wonderful, fantastical love story.

    22. WOW THAT'S CRAZY GREAT READING BY FAITH GIBSONThis Series just continues to get better and better with each addition!! Plenty of surprises,tension,drama,dangerous situations and sizzling HAWT STEAMY SCENES!! I for one can't wait for the next addition to come out!! I'm SO RECOMMENDING THAT YOU PICK UP AND ENJOY IT WITH ME!! The characters come alive on the pages and the enjoyment is continuing from the first page to the epilogue.

    23. Don't miss out on this series! A must buy for any paranormal romance readerIt took just under a week to read book one through SiXX ! Couldn't put the books down; now anxiously awaiting Sin's story - though the next book would be Jul's but glad writer keeps you guessing- each character needs their own story - sad that Dez and Simone didn't get their own book but loved that this book contained their story- but would have liked them to have had their own book.

    24. It was good, just not quite as good as the others24 years ago Sixx accidentally bit his human lover. Thinking he lost control of his beast, he left never knowing she was pregnant. Now he was back and determined to claim his mate and their son. This book moves a little slower than the rest, but keep reading its worth in the end.

    25. Awesome seriesI read them all back to back. Couldn't put them down. Can't wait for book 8 Sin. Please keep writing this series. So many more characters to explore. One of the things I liked best was the mates being together early, not having to wait til the end of the book. Same with the enemy. It isn't drawn out, fast paced, enjoyable though out entire series.

    26. Sixx is the most inspirational second chance story and it was FUN. I loved the banter, the return of some of my favorite characters into this story. There was some serious mystery that got all my sleuthing juices flowing. You can see my full review here: youtu/TLo_OKX1VmY

    27. This was an excellent addition to the SSS!! Ms. Gibson is doing a great job of keeping the readers interested in what happens next for the Stone Society family. I am so excited that Sin's book is next can wait to see who he spends forever with!

    28. Great storyGreat story full of love, forgiveness and family. Fun to read and I can't wait till the next one comes out.

    29. Awesome story! Can't wait for the next. Great add to the series! Couldn't wait to hear this story since it was teased in the other books. Does not disappoint!

    30. SixxI absolutely love this series. Each book is so well written. I really feel like part of the story. I hope this series never ends. This is a must read.

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