Grave Beginnings

Grave Beginnings Winner of Best Book of A Drop of Ink Reviews I believe R R Virdi belongs with other Urban Fantasy greats like Jim Butcher The Grave Report is sure to go far and only pick up fans with each succes

  • Title: Grave Beginnings
  • Author: R.R. Virdi
  • ISBN: 9781517790387
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of Best Book of 2015 A Drop of Ink Reviews I believe R.R Virdi belongs with other Urban Fantasy greats like Jim Butcher The Grave Report is sure to go far and only pick up fans with each successful novel I can t wait to see where R.R Virdi will take us next A Drop Of Ink Reviews Fast paced, humorous, with action and drama on every page and paragrap Winner of Best Book of 2015 A Drop of Ink Reviews I believe R.R Virdi belongs with other Urban Fantasy greats like Jim Butcher The Grave Report is sure to go far and only pick up fans with each successful novel I can t wait to see where R.R Virdi will take us next A Drop Of Ink Reviews Fast paced, humorous, with action and drama on every page and paragraph, this paranormal thriller is reminiscent of one of my all time favorite authors This is like Jim Butcher s The Dresden Files but with a flavor all its own RR Virdi is fame bound with this series If you like Jim Butcher, you ll enjoy this one Highly Recommend CD Coffelt Author of The Wilder Mage Thirteen As far as numbers go, it isn t a great one Hell, it s not even a good one and Vincent Graves is going to find out just how unlucky of a number it can be Because someone, or something, is killing people in the Empire state, and whatever it is, it gives people everything they ever desired and And it s the that s the problem Well s one of the problems Vincent s investigation also seems to have drawn the attention of a relentless FBI agent and then there s the little bit where he has only thirteen hours to solve the case, or he dies Talk about your literal deadlines No pressure By the end of this case Vincent will come to understand the meaning of an age old proverb Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it

    • Grave Beginnings By R.R. Virdi
      144 R.R. Virdi
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    2 thoughts on “Grave Beginnings

    1. R.R Virdi is the two time Dragon Award Nominated author Once for The Grave Report, a paranormal investigator series set in the great state of New York The second novel in the series, Grave Measures, was a finalist for the 2016 Dragon Awards under Best Fantasy Paranormal category alongside, Jim Butcher, Larry Correia, N.K Jemisin, Dave Freer, James Osiris Baldwin, and G Derick Adams.The second time for, Dangerous Ways, book one of The Books of Winter, an epic urban fantasy series set in the same world as his Grave Report series.He has worked in the automotive industry as a mechanic, retail, and building custom gaming computers He s an avid car lover, with a special love for American classics He currently resides in northern Virginia, an important distinction to residents of the area He s is a fan of martial arts , science fiction and a fantasy ninja, lover of all things paranormal supernatural.He spends his days in an imaginary world working as a recorder of all the events that transpire there, that and sometimes he chases after his derpy dog, Oreo.Sometimes he wanders aimlessly through the halls of his home dressed in jedi robes, we have no idea why.His favorite shows are the Game of Thrones, Stargate SG 1 and Atlantis, Firefly, Supernatural and Man VS Food.y when he s starving In his spare time he likes to tinker with cars, play video games and stare blankly at a computer screen under the pretense that he s doing work.The hardest challenge for him up to this point has been fooling most of society into believing he s a completely sane member of the general public.

    2. I've read and loved the first few Dresden Files books as well as the show Quantum Leap, which a lot of people are comparing this series too, and I must admit that it kinda intimidated me to think about it because I wasn't quite certain how it would work out. Still, the concept and the blurb hooked me and so I finally sat down to read it.Loved it! Monsters based on mythological lore, believable details about how supernatural entities live along-side humans and a kick-ass, smart-ass character who [...]

    3. Oh my god, Jim Butcher wearing a fancy pirate outfit and hat sold me this book at DragonCon, and he got the author to sign it for me. It was hyped as Jim's Dresden Files meets Quantum Leap, and it delivers. It's hilarious, full of action, and really reminds me of Storm Front, except the main character isn't a wizard, he's a soul without a body. Vincent Graves wakes up in the bodies of people killed by monsters and has to use their bodies, minds, and skills to solve their murders.It's a fresh tak [...]

    4. Just like you can't look at lobsters the same way after biology class, you can't look at others' writing the same way once it's what you spend your time doing. It's kind of a curse. But, once in a while, a story exceeds your expectations and makes you forget to take your writerly notes and just enjoy it. The Grave Report is one of those stories! I loved the main character's sense of humor through all that he goes through, showing he's been in tighter places than this. But even a seasoned, accomp [...]

    5. R.R. Virdi has managed to craft a story that is thrilling, accessible, and intelligent without forgetting that these types of books are supposed to be, above all, fun. Grave Beginnings is instantly fun and thrilling in the first paragraph and doesn't stop until the end. First of all the plot is wonderful in its simplicity, it doesn't try to bash you over with exposition like some eBook authors have a tendency to do. He shoves you right into the plot and expects you to keep up and figure the worl [...]

    6. Grave Beginnings is a high octane adventure that keeps the hits coming from page one. Most Urban Fantasy books have close to the same gimmicks. Wizards, Witches, Vampire Hunters. R.R. Virdi, though, gives a unique protagonist that can take a hit as good as Harry Dresden, has the smarts of Anita Blake, and the tenacity to keep going to the very end.The Antagonist also ends up being a unique being who throws our Hero some curve balls in his search for answers and it doesn't help that our Heroes bo [...]

    7. I absolutely love paranormal reads I'm what you would call a paranormal fangirl, but they were becoming boring and repetitive. Grave Beginnings reawakened my love and passion for this particular genre. The plot and concept grabbed me right from the start.I could not turn the pages fast enough. In this story we follow a soul stuck in limbo who calls himself Vincent Graves a paranormal investigator. He is tasked with solving the murders of those killed by the supernatural by inhabiting their bodie [...]

    8. Right from the opening chapter I was grabbed by the collar and thrown into a wild ride of a story. This was a really, really fun read! The concept was unique and that opening chapter was the perfect way to introduce us to Vincent Graves. Graves (not his real name) is a paranormal investigator who soul hops into the bodies of those murdered/killed through supernatural means. His task is to solve the crime, but there's a catch! He has only a certain amount of time to break the case. In this story [...]

    9. This book is what made me fall in love with urban fantasy. As an introduction to the genre, to the Grave Report series, and to R. R. Virdi's work, "Grave Beginnings" is edge of your seat storytelling that I couldn't put down the moment I started. The characters have just enough snark to balance the dangerous situations with humor; the pace is set steadily, with enough of a suspenseful slow burn to keep my attention and never guess what's coming around the corner.Highly recommend this book and se [...]

    10. Every Jim Butcher fan needs to read this book! I bought a copy from the same booth he was signing at at DragonCon and he recommended it!Anything good enough for him is good enough for me. It follows a lot in his vein and writing style. It's hilarious first person dialogue that's reminiscient of Harry Dresden without being a copy like so many others cropping up in the genre. Vincent Graves is unique, an amalgamation of so many other memories, thoughts, and quirks from the people he's inhabited. T [...]

    11. Grave Beginnings is the start to what I hope becomes a new successful paranormal series. Break neck pacing, cutting witty dialogue and boundless sarcasm. What's not to love? The main character is a disembodied soul named Vincent Graves, but wait, that's not his real name! It's one he's conjured up himself. He's forgotten his own name and identity. Why? Because he's a soul forced to hop into the bodies of those murdered by monsters. His job, obvious! He takes over the bodies of those recently kil [...]

    12. The next jim butcher. Is going to be a blowup new york times best-seller? I'm not sure, but I can hope. Virdi I think is going to do what Butcher did for urban fantasy and breathe some fresh air into the genre. Sure, his first book is like Storm Front in quality. It's a little rough, but the story is all there and deserves a glowing five. It makes up for the few things I noticed like in Butcher's first book: a few redundant lines through chapters, some ramblings, but it's first person, so that h [...]

    13. I hardly ever breeze through books anymore. That's not an indictment of the quality of the books I read, but between a full-time job, writing/editing three manuscripts at once, and several other interests, it takes a bit to hold my interest and focus enough to actually tackle something on my TBR list.But Grave Beginnings sucked me in immediately, and I found myself reading one of the best, most interesting murder mysteries I've read in a long, long time. R.R. Virdi has created a fantastic world [...]

    14. As intrigued as I was by the blurb, I have to say, it did the job of drawing interest while revealing nothing of the impending adventure awaiting!Vincent Graves typically begins each of his countless lives in a grave. His body died long ago, but his soul lives on at the behest of a higher power that commissions him to inhabit a recently-deceased-by-mysterious-supernatural-causes body and interact with beings of supernatural lore to solve the murder and catch the killer.Oh, and he has a time limi [...]

    15. Fun and quick readFirst foray into urban fantasy, and to be honest it was a great ride. The main character is a bit of a smart a, something I've been accused of more than once, and I found myself really pulling for him. Enjoyed it and I look forward to reading the next two installments in the series.

    16. Holy Urban Fantasy Batman!This is exactly what I wanted. The characters are amazing, and believable. Their dialogue is what I would hope people would say while fighting the supernatural, instead of the almost comical TBS grade censoring you get on t.v.It's funny, dark, tragic, frightening and did I mention funny? Because holy crap was I laughing at Vincent a lot. The story is also unique. Right from the first paragraph it is clear this is not the average "hardboiled, supernatural detective, film [...]

    17. Vincent Graves probably isn’t his real name. But he’s used it so many years he’d forgotten his own. He’s a soul and he investigates murders using memories of the deceased.This latest case is driving him bonkers though. Someone is trying to kill him. Again.Fast paced, humorous, with action and drama on every page and paragraph, this paranormal thriller is reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite authors. I absolutely agree with one of the reviews. This is like Jim Butcher’s The Dresde [...]

    18. Really good bookSince page 1, I was drawn into the story. Not my type of book, but it was a great book. It was amazing, and I was drawn in by every page. Already have the 2nd book, and really cannot wait to start reading it :) great read 10/10

    19. Kindle Unlimited, didn't notice reviews until after because 1 never look for them and 2 personal opinion of other reviwers is just that AND for those reviews that don't actually say why they did or did not like a book are useless. In my case, I read though only part of it on kuTHEN stopped and BOUGHT the book, and will look in to getting the others. It is somewhat like Butcher, and it somewhat like Quantum Leap I should know, watched every episone, all of them more than once and even a touch o [...]

    20. This book had bee hooked from the first page. The concept is original but familiar at the same time. The pace of the book was good over all. Although a couple places dragged. The mystery was complex enough I almost didn't figure it out. It was close though. I loved the character of Graves. You can tell that he was well thought out. Church is a wonderful sidekick type. The interactions between them were some of my favorites. My only compliant is there isn't another book. I would love to read more [...]

    21. I see the Jim Butcher Dresden comparisons in the novel. They're fair to make, however, the book and author do carry their own voice, so I'll address that. It has the similar first person, and snarky tone that's common in first novels in the urban fantasy genre. I'm saying this having read book two. There's some roughness: repetition, a bit too much snark in places (not a bad thing if you like that and wiseass characters), some waffling on some parts, but it's minor. Reads more like first publish [...]

    22. Reminds of an old anime: Yu-yu Hakasho. The main character (Vincent Graves) is someone who was murdered sometime ago (we're not given the time as uncovering this is part of the series plot it seems) and left as nothing but a soul. Some higher power forces him to inhabit the bodies of others killed like him and use their restored bodies to pursue the paranormal creatures that killed them. It's a very interesting premise. The series feel touches notes upon many others in the genre: The Dresden Fil [...]

    23. Fast paced, hard hitting, witty and snarky. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, I will say off the bat that there were a few editing mistakes that looked like word's spell check rewrote them but it didn't detract from the novel in the slightest. I've found errors in traditional hardbacks so for a 99 cent ebook I let it slide. Now for why I enjoyed the story, SPOILERS!!!!!The story was truly unique and I loved how it was pulled off. Vincent Graves ( the protagonist) is a soul without a body, you're [...]

    24. I've never ever read anything like this novel before and that is a great thing! It was so different, a blend of science fiction, supernatural and mystery. It is very much it's own unique wonderful world that seems so much like ours. This novel gave me the sense that I could walk down the street and at any moment, my world could change into one with monsters and magic. Its set in modern day new york and follows the cases of Vincent Graves. He's a soul without a body. We don't know what killed him [...]

    25. *Received Free during a promotion* I got this book in exchange for an honest review. Where to start? First person is not something I'm used to and it was a bit jarring at first. Pretty soon though I was caught up in it. It's like reading a comic honestly. You get descriptions of what's going on as well as the main characters thoughts and point of view on things. It took a while but now I'm a fan. Honestly I thought this book was a mystery at first and very quickly it started seeming like Buffy o [...]

    26. I fell in love with this book and feel so sorry for Vincent, the main character, I didn't know an author could be so cruel to their characters! Poor Vincent is a man with serious memory issues, so like most men. He is a soul who if forced to go into the bodies of people murdered by monsters, solve their murders for them all while trying to figure out what killed him in the first place. He's done it so much that he's collected so many of other peoples memories, that he doesn't have any left of hi [...]

    27. A touch of Quantum Leap, a dash of Dresden Files and Person of Interest makes Grave Beginnings Excellent Beginnings for any fan of the noir investigator genres, detective fans and people who like their action/monsters.It fulfills on every level. I came across this after my daughter dragged me out to Dragon Con. Okay, maybe I dragged her out. It was nominated there alongside Jim Butcher and Larry Correia, two names people know well in the genre. If the second book in the series was nominated next [...]

    28. A fun introduction to a paranormal investigator series that's a bit off the road of the common norm. Everything is becoming a dresden files riff, with someone becoming a blatant copy. This honors the urban fantasy genre but goes it's own direction with Vincent Graves, a soul without a body forced to inhabit the bodies of those murdered by the paranormal. He has to use their lives and memories to solve their deaths.It's fast, funny, deeply emotional with characters and philosophy. It made me thin [...]

    29. This book is absolutely fantastic! This was an absolutely amazing story! I couldn't put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone! The character interactions are fantastic and I LOVE this pop culture references (STILL NOT A GINGER!) EVERYONE should read this book.

    30. This book was a very fun read. It captures your attention from the very beginning and doesn't stop until you are done. Graves is a likable character, and you want to know more about how he got into this situation. This is an upcoming author that I will definatly make sure I follow.

    31. Leaving a review because of a bogus review I saw someone else leave that reeked of trolling. This book is funny and doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. It's a monster of the week (Scooby Doo for adults) paranormal investigator novel. The comparisons pegged it right: The Dresden Files (for reasons to follow) mashed with Quantum Leap.Dresden: Snarky, first person voice, creative, hilarious, smartass voice. Urban fantasy world with magic and monsters. The protagonist is a glutton for punishmen [...]

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