Cornish Crusaders MC

Cornish Crusaders MC Heather never expected or wanted the life of an old lady Blade changed that But he left Now Heather has to put on a brave face and move on Her top priority is the safety of her newborn son To find tha

  • Title: Cornish Crusaders MC
  • Author: Kacey Hamford
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  • Page: 353
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  • Heather never expected or wanted the life of an old lady Blade changed that But he left Now Heather has to put on a brave face and move on Her top priority is the safety of her newborn son To find that safety she only has one option The Cornish Crusaders It didn t take long for Heather to realise the Crusaders were a different breed of bikers She was expecting his Heather never expected or wanted the life of an old lady Blade changed that But he left Now Heather has to put on a brave face and move on Her top priority is the safety of her newborn son To find that safety she only has one option The Cornish Crusaders It didn t take long for Heather to realise the Crusaders were a different breed of bikers She was expecting history to repeat itself, but after a warm welcome there were no expectations of her, no disrespect and certainly no humiliation They liked to party and lose themselves in women but when the time comes to defend and protect their club, their girls, their families, the drinks go down and the guns come out.Just as Heather starts to live her life again old faces bring new danger and new enemies.With all the secrets, lies and half truths will Heather ever get to live happily ever after

    • Cornish Crusaders MC by Kacey Hamford
      353 Kacey Hamford
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    1. I am a part time author who loves to write romance books I currently have three series The Rocking SeriesChance SeriesSouth Coast Brothers

    2. AMAZING SERIESCouldn't put it down!Cornish Crusaders is the second book in the South Coast Brothers MC series. All I can say is WOW! Kacey has outdone herself!Now that Blade is gone, Heather decides to stay with her sister Daisy at the Cornish Crusaders clubhouse. Hoping to forget about Blade and the way he up and left her & Liam, Heather begins to settle in at the clubhouse. She decides to go out with everyone one night. She never expects a hot, sexy man to claim her mouth on the dancefloor [...]

    3. Wow I really loved this book, even more than the first one, which was also really awesome. I was so happy with how the story went early on in the book, there was action and heaps of drama which kept you gripped, I couldn't put down my kindle just had to finish it. I loved blade has a character except for maybe 2 occasions in this book when I was like don't you dare, also loved heather and baby liam and the other kids were super cute. Cammie is one of my favourite characters and so glad she seems [...]

    4. Another hit from Kacey Hamford.This is the second book in ths fire-fuelled series and I love it even more than the first book. From the get go this book is full of drama and upheaval and I just couldn't wait to read more.You see Heather come more into herself in this book as well as getting to know Cammie and all of the other crusaders.Some definite twists and turns that keeps that tension going throughout. I even had a few moments where I wanted to shout at some of the characters.All in all ano [...]

    5. Fabulously action packed second look. So I love me some blade and I effin love the way book two has panned out. As I say this book is action packed. Be ready for all kacey has to throw at us ;) You will be at war with yourself. And hate kacey a little along the way but rest assured by the end all will be forgiven. That ending I'm sure heather will have something to say about that lol. Bring on more heather blade Cammy and the gang ;)

    6. The second book in the series was just as intense and fiery as the first!! I didn't want to put it down! The characters in this series get under your skin in the best possible way and you just want to know what happens next!! Loads of action, passion and mayhem!!

    7. Oh how I loved devon destroyers but then I was given Cornish crusaders and even more hot men on bikes wow Loved how the mix of both clubs worked loved the whole back ground story ( no spoilers) And I'm still loving blade even more so in this one as you get to know him more personally

    8. Fantastic series can't wait to read book three to find out more. Highly recommended as a must read series.

    9. ~*ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW.*~Where can I start with this book? It was fantastic! Kacey Hamford has come along way since writing her first book and she excels in the MC Romance category. The first book, Devon Destroyers MC, was phenomenal, but this one just topped it!It shows how much research Kacey has done to make these books work and the writing is perfection. I'm glad she started this series because I have yet to read about bikers in the UK, now I have and I love it!Corni [...]

    10. Another five star read from Kacey Hamford. I was left wanting more after I finished reading the Devon Destroyers, book one in the series and Cornish Crusaders does not disappoint. I wanted to kill Blade when I started Cornish Crusaders now I want to kidnap him and keep him in a locked room all to myself lol. Do Heather and Blade finally get their happy ever after? Does Cammie recover from her ordeal? Where did Blade run to? You'll have to read it to find it

    11. I read the first book in this series and was excited for this book. Kacey Hamford outdid herself with this follow-up. I won't lie that I was angry with Blade, but I love him too much. Heather's struggle, his reappearance and their hot, chemistry make this an intriguing story that will have you ready for more. Ms. Hamford has a smooth writing style that keeps the story moving at the perfect pace pulling you into an emotionally, imperfect world. ExcitingHotIntense

    12. GoodRead. I enjoyed reading part 2 of this series and I am looking forward to reading more about the characters in this series.

    13. This is the second book in the series and I adored it! I could not put it down. Like I said about Devon Destroyers, I've had this book sitting on my bookshelf for about 6 months too, I just cannot believe I hadn't read it yet. This is faster becoming one of my favourite series and I cannot wait for more!The writing, again, was flawless. The characters were extremely well developed, and the storyline was so intriguing and intense. There's only one thing that is slightly bad about this series, tha [...]

    14. In this second story of Heather and Kade, Heather is back to the Cornish Crusaders with Liam and Cammie. Still heartbroken over the fact that Blade just up and left her and still not sure what she was going to do with her life. Deciding she needed to try and move on, her and Cammie went out clubbing with a couple of the guys and she was finally having a good time for herself when all of a sudden she was dancing and a guy came up behind her and starting dancing with her, she was getting into it w [...]

    15. Omg I am in love with this series !! I love Kade and Heather, it was so nice to see their relationship progress and gaining the family that they both wanted ! I couldn't believe the ending again ! Wow , it kept me drawn in from the beginning and I can't wait to see what happens next ! <3

    16. Wow this was so much better than the first book. Here we see why Blade went away. We get more of Cam I'd story and we see that Mason is a good guy. I want to know what is going on with Daisy. Much better storytelling and descriptive scenes.

    17. HOT!Wow, once again this is another great book. I loved how blade came back and what his reason for leaving was. In to the next book.

    18. Was Really GoodLoved the characters and the plotline, loved the twisty stories in the background, looking forward to more even if I'm late to the party.

    19. Loved itWhat an amazing story. Loved the characters and their story line. Heather and Kane just blew me away, the love an chemistry they had amazing. A must read more then 5 Stars.

    20. Second in the series, Kacey Hamford has certainly packed this with as much if not more than she did with the first book – and that can’t have been an easy task because the first book left little behind.Heather never wanted to belong to the MC, to be anyone’s woman but now she is and despite the fact that Blade has left, she is going nowhere. Her life and that of Liam is with the club now and she settles in for the long haul. She belongs there now and staying with her sister Daisy, she is s [...]

    21. I'd been waiting for book 2 forever.I wasn't disappointed, I was so mad with Blade at the end of Book 1. Where did Blade disappear to? Now that Blade is gone, Heather goes to stay with her sister Daisy at the Cornish Crusaders clubhouse. Hoping to forget about Blade and hoping that the Cornish Crusaders will protect her and help her somehow get over the devastation of Blade leaving without a word.Heather starts to slowly get use to life after Blade and one night goes to a party at the clubhouse. [...]

    22. Good but didn't live up too the last book Really wanted this to be as good as the first book but it just stalled at about 60% . I carried on reading it but there was no spark .

    23. I was gifted a copy of these books for review.Wow! This series is completely different but you completely become hooked. From the first book in the series Heather is thrown into a world she neither wanted or choose. Her smart mouth is one of the things I love about her character. In book 2 she is trying to cope with Blades disappearance. With no note or a goodbye she is at a loss as to what went wrong. She turns to Masons club for help.What I like about book two is that the story also encompasse [...]

    24. *****I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.*****I totally fell in love with Blade and Heather in Devon Destroyers (Book 1) and that continued straight into book two. Cornish Crusaders is the second in this MC series and it certainly doesn't disappoint. It's fast paced and picks up straight from where the first book ended. Were reintroduced to characters and some new relationships form. I always enjoy books where the storyline is so detailed and there's lots of [...]

    25. Cornish Crusaders was my first introduction to Kacey Hamford. Now I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Heather is a strong, independent woman, who has been left behind with her baby Liam by Blade. She isn’t safe with the Devon Destroyers so she heads to her sisters. Her sister is part of the Cornish Crusaders MC which is a totally different breed of bikers.Blade is the enforcer for Devon Destroyer Mc. He gets news that makes him leave without saying goodbye to Heather. [...]

    26. Must read book 1 Devon Destroyers first. Heather is now Blades old lady but he left her with no note and no phone call. She knows it's not safe for her to stay at the Devon Destroyers compound so she heads to her sister. Her sister is part of the Cornish Crusaders MC. They are a much different breed of bikers than the Devon Destroyers. There is lots of intrigue and secrets in book 2. Will Heather ever learn the whole truth or will the Devon Destroyers and Blade keep it from her? This series is n [...]

    27. Wow I thought the first book was phenomenal. You have just shocked me because I never expected this. Where can I start?Kacey I started reading your series when you started Second chance series,From that book you have come on leaps and bounds. From just reading the first book #1.Kacey has had to really do her research to write these ' stories, and really get into the characters to understand and move them forward. I am glad I have had the pleasure of reading them.Cornish crusaders will give you a [...]

    28. Ok so I really loved Devon Destroyers but I have to say I think I liked this one even more!!! I know how is that possible right!? I just didn't know where Kacey was going to go with this story & by the 3rd last chapter I thought "Hell no don't tell me there's going to be another mother of a cliffhanger". Well there wasn't and I loved how in the last 3 chapters the story was so neatly wrapped up. I felt the characters were much more developed in this book. I loved all the interaction with the [...]

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