Monarchs and Mendicants (Gifford Ulrich, #1)

Monarchs and Mendicants Gifford Ulrich Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B QXVM B A JOURNEY FROM DESPAIR TO HOPEWhen a fourth homeless man is murdered by the Hacker Gifford Ulrich leaves downtown St Louis carrying

  • Title: Monarchs and Mendicants (Gifford Ulrich, #1)
  • Author: Dan Groat
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00QXVM6B6A JOURNEY FROM DESPAIR TO HOPEWhen a fourth homeless man is murdered by the Hacker, Gifford Ulrich leaves downtown St Louis carrying his belongings on his back and wanders into the Benoit Neighborhood searching for shelter and safety He finds abandoned buildings and abandoned people drunks, drug addiLibrarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00QXVM6B6A JOURNEY FROM DESPAIR TO HOPEWhen a fourth homeless man is murdered by the Hacker, Gifford Ulrich leaves downtown St Louis carrying his belongings on his back and wanders into the Benoit Neighborhood searching for shelter and safety He finds abandoned buildings and abandoned people drunks, drug addicts, gamblers the outcasts the unusual, the unbalanced, and the unlucky His job cleaning bricks leads him to discover hidden forces at work in Benoit that throw him in the middle of danger and death To fight his way off the streets, Giff must rely on his military training, his knife, and an anger born of loss The only way to survive the passage from tragedy to triumph is to kill or be killedOK 1 IN THE GIFFORD ULRICH SERIESTHE JOURNEY BEGINS Gifford Ulrich didn t know the distance from despair to hope, but he knew hope didn t sleep in alleys On this morning his first waking moments were filled with the audible lamenting breath of having survived another winter night on the streets of St Louis, those onerous recurring sighs that had become his respiration Endurance was not an uplifting miracle to him, but a depressing fact Not the surprise, Hallelujah, I m alive, but the admission, Oh, I m still here.

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    1. Visit the author at DanGroat reader group and choose your free book He s on Facebook at facebook dan.doat and facebook Dan.Groat.Author and Twitter, authordgroat You can email the author, dgroatauthorATcharter or see him and his books on , Dan Groat e B00BILAVWWDan Groat lives with his wife, Arlene, and their Russell Terrier Shorty Jack , Zeke, near St Louis He is an avid sports fan and follows Mizzou football and basketball, St Louis University basketball, the Cardinals, and the Blues When he s not writing, he enjoys reading, watching movies, shooting pool, and planting things and watching them grow including trees, shrubs, flowers, and ideas He loves his wife He loves his dog He loves the outdoors He loves learning He loves a meaningful conversation Dan Groat gathered his formal education from the elementary and secondary public schools of DeSoto, Missouri, Jefferson College, the University of Missouri, and Southeast Missouri State University His non formal education was accumulated as a newspaper delivery boy, a grass cutter, a lunch ticket puncher, a factory laborer, a quality control technician, a hod carrier, a pool hall assistant manager, a plumber s helper, a rock band manager, a bartender, a secondary math teacher, a furniture delivery man, a cross country coach, a shipping warehouse order filler, a consultant to an educational software company, a help desk person at an insurance company, a college math teacher, a seed merchandiser, a bank courier, and an author His informal education was collected in group interactions pursuing interests he chose or interests that were chosen for him The learning continues, intentional or not FROM THE AUTHOR My writing is shaped intentionally and innately by the beliefs I value most, the beauty of love, the requirements of loyalty, the benefits of individualism and self reliance, the pursuit of liberty and happiness and good health, the struggle for integrity and order and justice, the necessity of ambition and hard work and competition and achievement, the search for growth and virtue and spirituality, the power of reason and cooperation and compromise I write to strengthen hope both mine and yours.Why do I write I write to escape and be entertained I write to communicate and connect I write to better understand the world and the human condition I write to leave something behind.

    2. Enter a book where reality strikes that life does not always turn out the way we would have expected. Homeless Gifford Ulrich, lead character, will exemplify lost dreams, lost hope, and an aloof mannerism until 3 other people-Stephen, Johnny, and Edward find their place in the theatre - literally and figuratively "on stage". Gifford, a former college educated Navy Seal knows all too well the pangs of death and chooses to survive by himself with murdered friend Raphael's dog Tobias. The phrase "A [...]

    3. Monarchs and Mendicants, Book 1, ISBN: 9781492736004, an e-book by Dan Groat is basically a thriller but interestingly on a somewhat more cerebral plane with stimulating thoughts covering many subjects on many levels.The story opens with Gilford Ulrich having survived another night on the streets of St. Louis. We gradually discover that he is a former Afghanistan surviving Navy Seal with PTSD and a depressing life history including numerous deaths of important individuals in his life. As a resul [...]

    4. I’m not going to lie, when I first started reading Monarchs and Mendicants, I thought the book was going to be boring. However, the more I read, the more I was into the story. The town was so described so thoroughly, that you could picture it in your head as the characters walked down the street. Dan Groat has a way of relating a story that makes the characters seem real.My favorite characters were actually Edward and Johnny. They were best friends but so different that they actually complimen [...]

    5. "Until you start noticing that you're not alone in the world, you're just surviving, my brother."3.5 stars. Groat's writing style pulled me in from the beginning. Monarchs and Mendicants was a tale about the pain, suffering, hopelessness, and loneliness of life on the streets. Gifford Ulrich, a retired Navy seal suffering from PTSD, is the main character eking out an existence as a homeless man in Saint Louis. The character descriptions throughout the book were strong and allowed the reader to s [...]

    6. Superb storyI thought that this was an excellent book. Having spent some time on the street after my time in the Navy I could relate to most of the characters. The story moved along nicely and was well written.

    7. In Monarchs and Mendicants, Dan Groat brings to life a thriller with heart and grit. Set against the dreary backdrop of street life and homelessness, we find ourselves torn in our disdain for the killer of these vulnerable people and shame in the fact that our main character, Gilford, is among the untold number of homeless veterans in this country. The way the struggles of those living on the streets are highlighted succeeds in pounding home the desperation and unrelenting pressure a life like t [...]

    8. This novel by Dan Groat tells the story of Gifford Ulrich, a Navy Seal who has just arrived home to St. Louis after serving in Afghanistan. Ulrich suffers from PTSD and travels back to St. Louis only to find himself homeless. He eventually meets some other people in similar situations and comes to help them through their trials and to escape from a murderer.The opening of the novel is immediately intriguing. Groat instantly catches the reader’s attention with it and it helps to give the reader [...]

    9. Great read with a couple unexpected twistsThis is my first time reading anything from Dan Groat, and I have to admit I’m thoroughly impressed and will be looking for more from him in the future. In Monarchs and Mendicants, Gifford is the star of the show. Gifford is an ex navy seal turned hard working homeless man. Gifford takes care of his dog and he works hard when work presents itself. When someone starts muddying the local homeless and suddenly Gifford is thrown back into a battle of kill [...]

    10. The main character Gifford is a war Veteran who finds himself suffering from PTSD and homeless. Understandably at first he is bitter about his situation but starts befriending the other homeless in the alley where he “lives” but someone is murdering the homeless off and one was Gifford’s friend. Now he must work to protect his new friends and try and stop this mad man or woman. Not only are these people being killed off but they are also a victim to the local mob boss to get drugs and try [...]

    11. Dan Groat has always impressed me with the originality of his work, and this is no exception. When I got the book, I was wondering why there was a picture of bricks in the back. Bricks turned out to be very important to the story, and the author opened up a world I had not imagined. I mean, sure, I've seen homeless people before and etc, but I had no idea that they were hired to clean bricks, or even that there was such a job, menial as it was, of cleaning bricks.He also puts in details that mak [...]

    12. War vet turned homeless forced to protect his chosen friendsDan Groat does a good job of telling an intriguing and action packed story about a homeless man named Gifford. This man is homeless now but is also a veteran with the desire to be left alone. When a serial killer starts stalking his friends, he must revert back to the life of a warrior to protect them and himself from certain death. Great character development and a good page turning story that drags you in and keeps you wanting more. V [...]

    13. This book is awesome! Great story line and characters well developed. I would recommend this book without hesitation to those that enjoy a good mystery with an Excellent author.

    14. In Monarchs and Mendicants, Dan Groat Has Another WinnerDan Groat is an exceptional author. His latest novel, Monarchs and Mendicants, easily shows why. On the first page, for example, not only does he introduce the central character, Gifford Ulrich, but he also sets the stage and tone of the work, all with understated elegance.Of course, it is an author’s job to set our expectations for a novel in the first pages. However, there are many authors out there who take five, 10 or more pages just [...]

    15. This was one of the more interesting and unique books I have read in quite a while. Definitely worth 4+ stars. The book focuses on the Benoit neighborhood in St. Louis, a rundown area sparsely populated, mostly by the homeless (the mendicants (beggars)) and controlled by Mr. Movay (the monarch) and his thugs. Gifford Ulrich is a solitary sole who looks out for himself and no-one else. However, when the guy who taught him how to survive on the streets is killed by a serial killer preying on the h [...]

    16. Monarchs and MendicantsThis story was almost a tragedy in the making, alas thats what Edward would say.A tragedy of loss and then a victory of finding yourselfI must say I loved EdwardAs a sufferer of PTSD my self, non military, I knew right away what Mr. Gifford was suffering from.I got it. He was an extrovert.He wanted to be left alone. He had lost so much. remember the story of King Midas, everything he touched turned to gold,even his daughter? Kinda like Gif felt, everything he loved turned [...]

    17. Gifford has got to get out of downtown St. Louis to flee the Hacker, an assassin who for some unknown reason targets the local homeless population. After discovering his friend, Raphael, cut to pieces he takes Tobias, Raphael’s faithful dog, and heads south, toward Benoit. There he finds a community and even somewhat steady work at the local brick yard, but also danger. Has the Hacker been tracking him? Who does the Hacker work for and why is he following Gifford? Monarchs and Mendicants is a [...]

    18. I found it hard to put down Dan Groat’s book, Monarch and Mendicants. The way Groat writes really makes me care about the characters. It is one of those books that feels real, almost as if it is a biography instead of fiction. The main character, Gifford, is a former Navy Seal, and now living on the street as a homeless person. He is an honest man who works hard when he can get a job, takes care of his dog, and repays other people for information and kindnesses that they share with him. He doe [...]

    19. I was intrigued by the title of this novel, and by the simplistic, but interesting, cover of the novel, which attracted my attention, being a chess lover. I hadn’t read anything from this author before, but decided to read the novel as I am always on the lookout for new unknown authors in the mystery/drama genre, and I found the synopsis of the novel to be interesting. I appreciated the styling of the novel and the different perspective from which it is told from, and I respect that the author [...]

    20. This type of book is one that does not strictly belong to one category. It's a thriller, it's action and adventure, it's pure intrigue. Gilford Ulrich, living in St. Louis is suffering from PTSD from his time in Afghanistan with the Navy Seals. He's willing to do any job to help him convince himself that he is not homeless, despite the fact he lives on the street with his adopted street dog. He fights against becoming officially homeless, and tries his hardest to continue on alone the way he's u [...]

    21. Monarchs and Mendicants by Dan Groat is a masterpiece readers can't put down or ignore. This brilliantly told story features a man who is a retired Navy Seal. Soon, he ends up homeless and uses the skills he learned in the military to his advantage for survival. Living as a homeless person is by far the saddest and most dangerous kind of living one will ever take upwhether by force or by choice. A friend dies and now that friend's dog and ex-Navy Seal will battle all kinds of danger. Whether rel [...]

    22. From the title and the cover’s chess pieces, one might expect a historical thriller, perhaps a fantasy. The story is more down to earth, in many ways. The protagonist, Gifford, is a cypher of a man: smart, former Navy Seal and street person. Like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Gifford has very little history. He’s better than Reacher, though, because we do see his inner landscape, often through conversations with his dog, Tobias. As the story progresses, we meet other street people, and the aut [...]

    23. The homeless living on the streets of St. Louis are being picked off by a serial killer. After his only friend becomes a victim, Gifford adopts his dog Tobias and moves on to another area further on. He takes a job that pays enough to survive on, but being surrounded by other homeless it becomes a constant struggle to stay the loner he had become. Before he knows it, he has been drawn into the brotherhood of his fellow miscreants and becomes a leader he never wanted to be.Gifford was pretty roug [...]

    24. Monarchs and Mendicants by Dan Groat is a riveting story that will open the eyes of readers to the startling truth that life could so cruel, but not hopeless, and that things may not always be what they seem to be. Gifford Ulrich is a trained College Navy Seal, recently returned from Afghanistan, a man who suffers from PTSD. Upon his return, he seems to have lost everything, so he is homeless and jobless, a nonchalant kind of guy who minds his own business, but it seems like others won’t let h [...]

    25. Disclaimer: I won this book on .I was surprised by this story. What I thought was the main mystery turned out to be part of a bigger mystery, and that mystery was not the lead plot. Most of the book is a drama about the everyday life of a homeless man. It is a violent and hard life, and it is very interesting. Despite all the deaths and beatings, I think the saddest thing might be Giff's dream of getting an apartment across the river. He deserved a better dream. (Disclosure: I am a longtime resi [...]

    26. Disclaimer: I won this book on .I finished and reviewed this book months ago, but I cannot find my review. I did like the book. I was amused that the main character spent so much time dreaming of living in Illinois. Illinois may not have homeless serial killers, but it has its own problems.

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