Almost A Bride

Almost A Bride Tara Buck has always been the good sister level headed by comparison to Scarlett her flaky impulsive twin But when Tara learns her fianc has been cheating on her with one of his school students th

  • Title: Almost A Bride
  • Author: Sarah Mayberry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tara Buck has always been the good sister, level headed by comparison to Scarlett, her flaky, impulsive twin But when Tara learns her fianc has been cheating on her with one of his school students, the orderly world she s created for herself suddenly feels as if it s falling apart For years she chose the safe option, but from now on she s going to live a little, stretchTara Buck has always been the good sister, level headed by comparison to Scarlett, her flaky, impulsive twin But when Tara learns her fianc has been cheating on her with one of his school students, the orderly world she s created for herself suddenly feels as if it s falling apart For years she chose the safe option, but from now on she s going to live a little, stretch her wings be a little daring And if that means acting on the long suppressed feelings she s always had for Reid Dalton, then so be it Reid has wanted Tara from the moment he met her, but she s always been out of bounds Not only is she his patrol partner at the Bozeman PD, she s also engaged But then her relationship blows up, and Reid finds himself battling his own instinct to stake his claim with the finest, hottest woman he s ever known Even if anything did happen between them, it would only ever be temporary Reid s a born wanderer, while Tara s roots run deep in Marietta So even if things are good between them, it seems their romance is destined to be short and sweet Tara s twin sister, Scarlett, also has a Montana Born Brides story look out for Second Chance Bride by Trish Morey Find out at MontanaBornBooks.

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    1. Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is the middle of three children From the time that she first stole paper from kindergarten and stapled it together to make books, Sarah has always wanted to be a writer In line with this ambition, on graduation from high school she completed a bachelor of arts degree majoring in professional writing, then sat down to write a book When inspiration didn t strike, she began to wonder if, perhaps, she needed to live some life first before writing about it.This still left the burning question of how to pay the rent She found her way into trade journalism, working off the principle that it was better to write anything for a living than nothing at all Her time there lead to the opportunity to launch a new decorator magazine for one of Australia s major retailers, an invaluable and grueling experience that she found very rewarding.But the opportunity to write fiction for a living soon lured Sarah away She took up a post as storyliner on Australia s longest running soap, Neighbours Over two years she helped plot than 240 hours of television, as well as writing freelance scripts She remembers her time with the show very fondly especially the dirty jokes and laughter around the story table and still writes scripts on a freelance basis.In 2003 she relocated to New Zealand for her partner s work There Sarah served as storyliner and story editor on the country s top rating drama, Shortland Street, before quitting to pursue writing full time.Sarah picked up a love of romance novels from both her grandmothers, and has submitted manuscripts to Harlequin many times over the years She credits the invaluable story structuring experience she learned on Neighbours as the key to her eventual success along with the patience of her fantastic editor, Wanda.Sarah is revoltingly happy with her partner of twelve years, Chris, who is a talented scriptwriter Not only does he offer fantastic advice and solutions to writing problems, but he s also handsome, funny and sexy When she s not gushing over him, she loves to read romance and fantasy novels, go to the movies, sew and cook for her friends She has also become a recent convert to Pilates, which she knows she should do often.

    2. Sweet but very low-key story of friends to lovers. The heroine and hero are police partners. He sees her fiancee coming out of a hotel with a young woman/girl. The heroine kicks the fiancee out and gets on with her life deciding to ditch some of her staid and safe ways.The story was sweet and nice; both characters were nice people, and their romance is nice. To quote Frank Burns from MASH, "It's nice to be nice to the nice." Maybe a little too much niceness here as the story was lacking tension. [...]

    3. Almost a Bride by Sarah Mayberry is one of those novels that managed to put a smile on my face, not the least of it because Sarah wrote it; that is always a reason to cheer on. Though this novel is a tad shorter than the SuperRomance novels that Sarah usually writes for Harlequin, the story nevertheless carried the punch that always comes with a book from Sarah and I loved every minute of it.Tara Buck and Reid Dalton have been partners for over a year at the Bozeman Police Department. Tara who i [...]

    4. This was short, but sweet, and since I was in the mood for a Sarah Mayberry story, it hit the spot.

    5. This was really sweet. We start off with Tara engaged to be married. She's a cop and her partner is Reid. Reid typically works private security all over the world, but he's come home to help his parents after his father had health issues. While he was home, he decided to apply to the local police force as a temporary way to keep himself busy until he could leave again. Day one, there was attraction on both sides, but Reid knew Tara was spoken for, and besides being engaged, Tara knew Reid would [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this one! The kind of romance that made me jealous at the end.The relationship was fast in some ways (I don't care if she realized she didn't really love her fiance, that's still a breakup of a serious, long term relationship), but it pretty much worked for me.And I do like the novella format in romances.

    7. Reviewed as part of The Australian Bestseller Box SetWhat an amazingly sweet read!Tara, the more cautious of the twin Buck girls, was wonderful. She had her share of hang-ups, particularly in light of her absent father. I cheered for her the moment she threw caution to the wind and found the following scene smoking hot. Wow! Reid was so understanding, and you could sense just how much he cared for Tara as a person, as well as a co-worker. Mind you, he also had his weakness, which led to the cent [...]

    8. I actually read this book as part of The Australian Bestseller Box Set but since I had already read some of them before I thought I would give this a separate review too.Tara Buck and Reid Dalton are cops in the small town of Marietta, Montana. Reid only returned about a year ago after his father took a nasty fall in their orchards and took longer than expected to heal. Reid is shocked one day, on his way home from a basketball game, to see Tara's fiancé Simon leaving a motel with a woman that [...]

    9. 4 1/2 stars! The story in a nutshell:Tara thought she has her happiness completely in the palm of her hands: a good career as a police officer, a stable relationship with her family, and an almost fairy-tale romance soon to be perfected as her wedding date draws near. But everything collapses when she learns that her fiancee has been cheating on her. But more than the end of that fairy-tale, she’s surprised that she doesn’t feel that devastated by the end of that relationship and what does t [...]

    10. This is a series of books that can be read as standalones. Each book is by a different Mills&Boon author. Although they are writing for a different publisher they are very Mills&Boon themed. I haven't read the other books but this book is about Tara who is the twin of the heroine from one of the other books.Tara is a cop and engaged to Simon but soon learns he has been unfaithful to her. The news is broken to her by her partner Reid a fellow cop. Tara soon realises that she wasn't in lov [...]

    11. This was an easy, sexy summer read. Tara Buck is in the process of trying on wedding gowns when her cop partner sees her fiance coming out of a motel with another woman. She thought Simon was a safe bed - he was nice, kind, a teacher, reliable, etc etc. - but it turns out she didn't really know him at all. And after doing a lot of thinking, Tara realizes she was giving up on passion in exchange for safe. Her partner at work, Grant Dalton, has been a great friend for the past year. And it doesn't [...]

    12. Author: Sarah MayberryFirst published: 2014Read in: The Great Wedding GiveawayLength: ~2000 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Marietta, Montana.Hero: Police officerHeroine: Police officerThe thing about a novella is you need to grab the reader early and make them believe. You need to commit to the HEA straight off, fall for the MCs, and go with the ride. You have to believe the HEA will happen in a very short space of time.And I didn't. No matter how Tara felt about Simon I struggled with h [...]

    13. Loved this story! I want to say to aspiring authors, "Look closely! That's how a well-crafted story is done!"I've read this as part of the "Australian Bestseller Box Set".

    14. This novella is all sorts of adorable. You don't need to have read the other books in Montana Born Brides's "The Great Wedding Giveaway" series, but this one does feature characters from the one written by Trish Morey, Second Chance Bride.There is desire that you act on, and there is one that you don't. Patrol partners Reid and Tara have always fought the hot pull of attraction sizzling between them. For a year. In an enclosed space.Tara, after all, is about to get married to a good man…who tu [...]

    15. In Almost a Bride by Sarah Mayberry, Tara has vowed for her entire adult life not to end up like her mother. Tara's father left his family when she was 13, and her mother was completely devastated, never really getting over it. Tara has no intention of ever letting herself be set up for such devastation by a man. In her quest for relationships, she chooses safely. At least she thinks she does, until her safe fiancee turns out not to be Mr. Upstanding after all when he's caught cheating on her wi [...]

    16. “Reid?” His mother’s voice sounded clearly through the door. “I’m making waffles. Should I save some for you?”“Yes, please,” he called.Tara started to giggle quietly.“Tara would like some, too,” he added.Her eyes went wide then, and she slapped his shoulder, doing her best to push him off her.There was a telling silence. Then:“I’ll open up another bottle of syrup. Morning, Tara.”“Morning, Mrs. Dalton.”“Judy is fine, dear.”They heard the sound of his mother retre [...]

    17. A sultry story, with some neat local detail (Fairy Lake, north of Bozeman, Montana, is indeed usually some color between emerald and aqua, and always very cold; the road into Fairy Lake desintegrates into a spine-rattling series of ruts and pothole-type things; Ennis Lake is as warm as Fairy Lake is cold). I am still working on locating Marietta, Montana, but I recognize her people. In this particular bridal adventure, Tara is our heroine. She is in the final stages of putting together her weddi [...]

    18. Tara Buck never wants to be her motherever. Her mother is vulnerable, weak, and dramatic. But most of all, her mother loved her father so much that she completely shut down when he left. Tara never wants to lose it that way, so she decides to play it safe. She lives her life by the rules, keeps herself in a safe little bubble, and plans her life with her stable, history teacher fiance. That is, until her partner gives her some news that has her safe world crashing around her ears.Reid Dalton is [...]

    19. Tara Buck was safe and stable, after all she had to be. Her father left when she was 13 and while her sister reacted by acting out and becoming “flighty” she had to stick around and become the stable daughter her mother could count on while she was falling apart. So Tara became a cop, got engaged to a safe high school history teacher and didn’t look twice at her “new” partner…. Well maybe twice….Reid Dalton always had a bit of a wanderlust in him, but Marietta was always home so wh [...]

    20. Almost a Bride sarah mayberrythe story of Tara and Reid.Tara Buck has always been the good sister, level-headed by comparison to Scarlett, her flaky, impulsive twin.4 months before the wedding Tara's cop patrol partner , Reid see Simon leaving a motel with his 17 year old student and Tara realized that Simon is not the earnest, steady and goodhearted man she thought he was.Reid has wanted Tara from the moment he met her, but she’s always been out of bounds. Not only is she his patrol partner a [...]

    21. I was looking for Aussie romance authors, and thought I’d made a mistake with this one - it’s set in Montana - but the Aussie author writes American based stories… *eyes narrow* that wasn’t what I wanted.But I read the first chapter, and I’m in…Tara and her twin Scarlett live in Marietta, Montana. (a fictional place) Tara is at the shop trying on her wedding gown when her cop partner sees her fiance come out of a sleazy motel and kiss the woman he left with passionately. He notes the [...]

    22. Almost A Bride is the third book in The Montana Born Brides and so far it is my fav book!Tara is Scarlett's sister from book #2 Second Chance Bride and I was really looking forward to read her story.When the story begin Tara is engaged to be married to Simon, a history teacher that Tara thought was a safe choice for a husband since she didn't want to end up like her mom heartbroken after her husband walked out on his family.But just 4 months before the wedding Tara's cop patrol partner , Reid se [...]

    23. Sarah Mayberry's Almost A Bride is the third novella in the Great Wedding Giveaway Series and focuses on Tara Buck. Tara is the responsible twin, the one that fixes things, the one that her Mom and twin sister,Scarlett, rely on. Tara is a police officer and engaged to "safe" and, supposedly perfect, high school history teacher Simon. When Simon is caught having a tryst at a hotel, with a student, and by her partner, no less, Tara realizes it is time to start living and stop playing it safe. Reid [...]

    24. When I first found out Tara Buck, Scarlett Buck's sister from Second Chance Bride by Trish Morey was getting her own story, I was intrigued because Tara was engaged and it didn't seem like there was going to be a whole lot to work with. Boy was I wrong. I didn't even read the blurb for the book before starting, I was just excited to find out it was about Tara.The story starts off on a major discovery and doesn't slow down from there. I loved the fast pace of the book and how it kept me reading a [...]

    25. Wow!First of all, I loved Tara and Reid. They were incredibly well developed characters, I cared about what happened to them. The story was wonderfully written. Tara and Simon's breakup was very emotional even if it wasn't the heartbreak that everyone expected. I expected to feel like the romance between Tara and Reid was very much a rebound or rebellion and it didn't feel that way at all. It was sweet and sexy. The dialog was funny and touching. The added interactions with Reid and his family r [...]

    26. This is Book 3 in the Montana Bride books. It is by the delightful Sarah Mayberry, I will be checking out more books by her!This is Tara and Reid's story. We met Tara's twin sister in Second Chance Bride by Trish Morey. Tara is the total opposite of her sister. Tara always plays it safe. Reid is a natural wanderer always looking for a new adventure.I adored this couple and wanted so badly for them to get their HEA! Both were very likeable and down to Earth kind of characters that I found were ea [...]

    27. Romances are usually from mainly the female perspective and reading Almost A Bride was so refreshing from a male's perspective, and a sweet at that. Reid Dalton left a lucrative job in Europe to come back to Marietta to help his father on their apple farm and work on the Bozeman police force. He is partnered with Tara Buck, who he knows he has feelings for but she is engaged. Instead of pursuing her, they develop a friendship built upon trust as partners. The feelings? They still linger under th [...]

    28. Almost A Bride by Sarah Mayberry is part of the Montana Born Brides series and is a winner. Tara Buck(sister to Scarlet Buck who had her own story in Second Chance Bride by Trish Morey) is the sensible straight-forward sister. Tara always felt she had to take care of her sister and mother because of an incident that happened when she was growing up. Tara is a patrol officer with the Bozeman PD and her patrol partner is Reid Dalton. (Oh did I mention Tara is engaged to be married.) Well, when Rei [...]

    29. Almost A Bride has been a lovely book to snuggle up with over the past couple of days. It felt like an old, familiar flannelette shirt as soon as I dived between the covers and I just didn't want to put it down. I hadn't heard of Sarah Mayberry before this book but I will definitely look for more of her work now. She writes well. Really well. The dialogue sparkles (no surprise as I learned that Sarah also writes for television) and the plot flows effortlessly. I have to confess to my heart break [...]

    30. Very well written and edited stand-alone book with no cliff-hanger. It's definitely not required to enjoy this book, but you might want to read Second Chance Bride by Trish Morey first, as that book is about the main character's sister, who appears throughout this story.This was a quick read that starts with a cheating fiancé, which leads to some serious self examination and ultimately results in a passionate happy ending. There's great chemistry between the two lead characters, as well as a re [...]

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