The Art of Control

The Art of Control Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B CKW Warning Contains moderate BDSM themes graphic sexual encounters profanity Dom me in action oral and anal sex Intended for adult readers Not

  • Title: The Art of Control
  • Author: Ella Dominguez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Note Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B00CKW3904.Warning Contains moderate BDSM themes, graphic sexual encounters, profanity, Dom me in action, oral and anal sex Intended for adult readers 18 Not for the faint of heart or closed minded individuals Having moved on from the terrible events of two months earlier, Dylan and Isa try to move on with their lives ThingNote Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B00CKW3904.Warning Contains moderate BDSM themes, graphic sexual encounters, profanity, Dom me in action, oral and anal sex Intended for adult readers 18 Not for the faint of heart or closed minded individuals Having moved on from the terrible events of two months earlier, Dylan and Isa try to move on with their lives Things seem to be going well as they grow into the roles of their unconventional D s relationship, each learning the give and take of power and pain, accepting and giving love unconditionally, and respecting each other s wants, desires and need for control.But Isa has been fighting with the demons of her past Recurring nightmares have begun to plague her and fear of the future overwhelms her on a daily basis Her desire for control and independence prevent her from sharing her deepest fears with the man she loves, threatening to drive a wedge between the couple With gentle yet stern prodding from her cherished Dom, Isa confides in Dylan and their bond grows deeper But their kinky fairy tale existence is all too good to be true when Isabel s father sets forth a chain of events that will test their love and loyalty for each other, and Isa is forced to decide which is important Dylan s life or her happily ever after.

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      189 Ella Dominguez
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    1. Mother, lover, dreamer and someone with an unhealthy obsession with ukuleles, unicorns and luxury real estate Born and raised in a conservative, strict Christian household in the Bible Belt of the USA, her upbringing and repression contributed to her wicked imagination, and writing has become a pleasurable and satisfying outlet for her fantasies At the mature age of forty, she mustered up the courage to share her thoughts and put pen to paper She sincerely hopes to find her niche in writing romance in all forms, be it dark romance, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, psychological thrillers and paranormal.She doesn t consider herself an author, rather, an avid reader above all else and someone who simply writes the stories that the characters in her head tell her to.Why must I be vexed, hexed, perplexed with a dirty mind Why must I be compelled to write my filthy thoughts down, line for line Some one tell me please, no.rmind.Does anyone read it Does anyone care Should I write erotica Do I dare I write about things naughtyI write about things tabooI write about things that we all want to do I ll keep writing as long as I can, so long as I have just one fan By me I m 40 in the flesh, 30 in the mind, and I ve done dirty things with my hands that could make me go blind Silly, thoughtful, sympathetic, naughty, delusional, moody, loving, begrudging sometimes forgiving that s me in a nutshell.Only time will tell if my efforts are worthwhile I only hope that my words can make one person smile me

    2. 4/5/2016The journey to re-write my Art of D/s trilogy begins today. Technically, it began several months ago, having unpublished all three books and completed one chapter.When I say re-write, that's precisely what I mean. I am completely over-hauling all three books. What was originally written in first person narrative is being changed to third person. It's quite a daunting undertaking, especially when considering how lengthy the books are. But, I genuinely believe that this change is for the b [...]

    3. Spoiler free5++++ panties soaking wet STARS Where to begin with this review First what an outstanding last book to this series Unless I can get Ella to write me my own personal books for me forever!!!! I would really adore you even more Ella. *HINT HINT*Well, myBODYwas ready!!!!"I thought you were a delicate fucking flower?" "I am. I'm a delicate flower that likes to be fucked hard. So what? Finally I have Dylan and Isa back. I have missed these two so much I was hurting. I needed my fix. So, we [...]

    4. 5 crazy, arousing, emotional stars! When I first began this story I was excited and sad to begin. I was excited to finally to continue Isa's and Dylan's journey, but I was sad because it's bringing a step closer to the end. This book had my emotions allll over the place.Me at the beginningExcited to start.Here's a run down of my emotions while I was reading.And then finallyAt the end I knew Ella had delivered another great book! And this picture describes what I'm feeling right now:If you've not [...]

    5. ★★★★★! The Art of D/s, book 3 of 3. The conclusion of Dylan’s and Isa’s whirlwind saga of BDSM sexual exploration, personal growth, demons & villains, all in the name of love.“In my personal opinion, it’s those people who deny their sexuality that need the help, not people like me and Isa. We’re living out our fantasies with each other, we’re not hurting anyone and it’s completely consensual. Why can’t the world understand that? F~ck anyone who has the nerve to judg [...]

    6. The final installment in the D/s Trilogy gave us a truly stunning conclusion to the whirlwind relationship between Dylan and Isa Just when I thought it was impossible to love him anymore, I do. I love him entirely, completely, eternally and infinitely, and beyond the stars and universe. This book was a perfect example of how to balance panty-melting Erotica with an intriguing and thought-provoking storylineIt featured emotional turmoil (for both the MCs as well as the Reader),personal growth fro [...]

    7. ~~~5 Master Dylan stars~~~"Pleasing you, my Master, owner and husband, and cherishing you for the Dominant that you are, and feeling a sense of pride in the pleasure and joy that I give to you when I'm obedient and things are perfect and just the way you want them to be. BDSM gives me that sense of purpose and that purpose is to submit to you completely and to accept your gift of submission to me."[image error]This is the continued love story of Dylan and Isa.I'm sad that it's over, but what a j [...]

    8. 4.5 UBER SIZZLING STARS!The final installment of The Art of D/s. This book picks up soon after The Art of Domination leaves off. Dylan and Isa are happily married and recovered as good as can be expected from all things Cassiegate. Her dad is still lurking in the shadows and Dylan vows to eliminate him. He's excited to surprise Isa with the honeymoon she never got- a trip to Paris. This book, especially the first half was hot hot hot. It had tons of sex and BDSM scenes. too much. I was hoping fo [...]

    9. 5++++ HOT BDSM STARS. WOW WOW WOWI absolutely LOVED this series. "Of course, there are the jackasses who insist we're both sick and need help. In my personal opinion, it's those people who deny their sexuality that need the help, not people like me and Isa. We're living out our fantasies with each other, were not hurting anyone and its completely consensual. Why can't the world understand that? fuck anyone who has the nerve to judge the way we decide to love each other." Dylan

    10. 5 Holy Dazzling Stars!!!!!“I want to crawl into his heart and live there forever. I vow to do whatever it takes to make him happy and keep him safe. I will exist to please only him. My entire world belongs to him now. He is mine and I am his. He is my Master and my everything.”Dylan and Isa’s incredible story has captivated me throughout this spectacular series. The story is intriguing and the characters have depth and purpose.If you like alpha males and sassy females who have a sense of h [...]

    11. OMG - I went to bed thinking about this book and woke doing the same. I can't tell you how fanfreakingtastic this book is but I am going try!!This book is the last book in The Art of trilogy series. As the end of a trilogy, you expect a HEA, it's the journey getting there that is anticipated and unexpected. All reading this book will have read the first two so we are all familiar with Dylan and Isa and their intense relationship. This book picks up with a delayed honeymoon trip to Paris. We get [...]

    12. Christian Grey? Who’s that? DYLAN YOUNG IS THE MAN YOU NEED TO MEET!!!!!AMAZING, FABULOUS, PERFECT!!!!!At first this was going to be my review because no words will ever do this justice:Love it, love it, fucking love it!!!! Read this series now!But, I decided to at least try to get my thoughts down on paper only because I ♥ this series so much!If you do yourself only one favor this year, it should be to pick up the Art of D/s series. I honestly cannot say enough about this series and Ella's [...]

    13. Quick review:Cover: Pretty Rating:NC-7 Steaminess: Super Hot Thumbs Up:5Overall: YummyCharacters: Well DonePlot: Two people fight their demons & overcoming lovePage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: DylanSUMMARY (50 words or less)Talk about emotional rollercoaster. This book had it all, ups, downs, highs, lows and even curve balls. This series only gets better with each book. It’s hard to realize that it’s over. I long for more. It means I have to pick up more ti [...]

    14. I can't express how much I love this series ranks as one of my all time favorites! I have my fingers crossed hoping for a fourth book!!! Well done Ella! ;)

    15. Re-Read May 10, 2013Dear Ms. Dominguez, Finally, here's my review. Definitely, I really, really, really enjoy this trilogy; I can even say it is one of my favourite ones. I l.o.v.e.d it!!!! With Mr. Sylvain Reynard's, Gabriel's Inferno & Gabriel's Rapture, this is fore-more my fave books. It's all I want in an ending book for a trilogy/series: 1. Honesty [on the writing]. 2. Depth [ditto]. 3. A conclusion [A REAL ONE].4. Coherence on characters AND plot. 5. Not wanting to extend a story/plot [...]

    16. Holy Angst Overload! This Pussycat needs to take a deep breath and calm her titsThis series finale was edge of seat panty gripping stuff as drama after drama unfolded. It was incredibly emotional, sweltering hot, and executed perfectly. If you are intrigued by BDSM romances or the idea as a whole, then bypass the 101 handbook and read this series, because Dylan Young will teach you everything you need to know. ;)BOOK REVIEW – The Art of Control (The art of D/s, #3) Ella Dominguez“You know, d [...]

    17. 4.5 StarsI truly enjoyed this series. As I told my friend, this whole series was just so engrossing. Just when you thought Isa and Dylan were on their way to a HEA something would happen. In the end, it was a heart-wrencing story of healing, devotion, survival and unconditional love. There were some aspects of the book, that being their sadistic tendencies, that were not my favorite. However, I really just overlooked it because it was such a superbly told story. And not being a big fan of of the [...]

    18. Wow. What an intense, and somewhat depressing, book! There were so many NOOOO! moments, I was on the verge of tears numerous times. I'm so sad this series ended!I feel like I need to catch my breath after reading this. "What is it about Paris that I just can't keep my hands off of you?""It has nothing to do with Paris and everything to do with my raw sexuality, baby. I'm fucking irresistible"Isa's dad is once again his usual evil self and seriously fucking with Dylan and Isa throughout the whole [...]

    19. Here we go again!!!! Ella you had me at hello=) This book/series is fantastic! Extraordinary! Superb!!! Isabel you little pussycat you might just be my favorite female ever!!I fell in "like" with her in book 1 by book 3 i am in "LOVE" with her and her bad a$$!!=) Mistress Isabel there really are no words!Dylan couldn't have been anymore yummy!!! "you’re jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring beautiful, my sweet lover,”There were pieces of this book that totally wrecked me!! I mean totally! I love the e [...]

    20. 5+Stars!! I ADORE Ella Dominguez!Another Work of Art to complete the series!This book was such a fantastic continuation of the story of Dylan & Isa. So many series end on a flat note, creating more of a long winded epilogue than a book THIS IS NOT the case when it comes to The Art of Control.There is so much action from cover to cover with story lines that began in the previous books in the series, but also new story lines that give us more insight into some of the other characters.And if [...]

    21. 5 Full-of-Happy-Tears StarsThe GIF above mirrors my reaction by the time I finished reading this book. I crave for more because I ship for this couple so freaking hard it hurts! Ms. Dominguez really doesn't disappoint! I'm utterly satisfied with the final installment of The Art Of D/s series. This book exceeds beyond my expectations. The BDSM theme is presented in such a way that inspires myself a whole new perspective about this lifestyle. And not to forget how I've maddeningly fallen in love w [...]

    22. Dylan and Isa. This story continues to go deeper into their story of love and trust. I should warn you all that this one is a serious tear-jerker! If you have not read books 1 and 2 stop reading this review now and go read them, otherwise this is just one gigantic spoiler!Dylan and Isa are now husband and wife. They are continuing to explore their lives in the BDSM culture. Isa has discovered that she is a true switch and Dylan has discovered that he likes to be spanked sometimes. Kinky? Hell ye [...]

    23. I'm not sure I can write a review that accurately states how I feel about this series . This book was sadistic and angsty to the max. They went through soooooo much ,I cannot even begin to state . (view spoiler)[ they just had to break ,the stress of Everything was too much,really too much . They always stay true to their love/obsession. I'm not gonna say I'm in love with their sweet romance or any other shit like that. This wasn't sweet and It really wasn't my normal cup of team . The heroine w [...]

    24. #ARC recieved for a honest review#Holy wet panties! This books was amazing. We can see so much badass Isa, especially in Paris at the BDSM club.Plus, we have a great insight of Dylan and Sawyer bromance. These two guys are better than an old married couple. The action was very well put and I have to congratulate Ella for the great comic lines. As I wrote on Twitter,Because of @ella_dominguez when I'll hear the sound 'boink' or read the word 'boink' it will never be the same.— E. M. Katherine ( [...]

    25. Seven months after Dylan & Isabel met, they're now married and Dylan surprises Isa with a trip to Paris for their honeymoon where sexy & kinky, fun times ensue! However, Isa is still struggling to put the events of her past behind her and gain some sort of control over her life & emotions. Dylan wants to help Isa get over her horrific past, and as a result, does the only thing he knows that will help her, he relinquishes control to her. Dylan & Isa are both able to to give and ac [...]

    26. .Wowsers!Before I go into the gushy part of reviewing this last book in the trilogy I have got say that I was very close to knocking a star off at the 1st quarter of this book. I was having a hard time reading so many sex scenes - yeah I know seems ridiculous doesn't it, but there was such a fest going on I was getting frustrated at where the story had disappeared to. But I can happily say it settled down and the plot came exploding back to the forefront, stayed on track and oh boy I can only sa [...]

    27. 3.75★★★★The Art of Control by Ella Dominguez (The Art of D/s book 3)Well hello, Mistress Isabel She has come out to play Oh, la, la switch Dylan But seriously This book would have been excellent with editing and details that aligned.

    28. I'm stuck. The first half of the book (for me)was a little on the too much bdsm not enough story. I know, I know, I'm slapping myself for say 'too much' so I would rate the first half of the book a 3.5 stars.BUT.The second half ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. I loved every word that was written and every conversation that was had. So it was a definite 5 star rating.BUT.The absolute winner for me in the third installment of The Art of D/s HAS to be, hands down, final, do not pass go - do not collect $200 is [...]

    29. 5 Stars! This is a non-spoiler review for the whole trilogy!Because I read them back-to-back and can't remember what happened in which book. *facepalm*This series was a little out of my comfort zone, although I've been reading more books similar lately. It was recommended by one of the bloggers I follow and was on sale at the time, so I one-clicked and dug right in! Isa was a little bit of an oddball, but she was different than the average female lead which was pretty refreshing as well! Dylan w [...]

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