Indelible Lovin': Max & Jane's Story Vol. 2

Indelible Lovin Max Jane s Story Vol Last we met I was doing a great job getting to know Max s family and trying to soften up his ice cold parents when his mother dropped a serious bomb on me Max Hannah an unwanted pregnancyen I blan

  • Title: Indelible Lovin': Max & Jane's Story Vol. 2
  • Author: D.W. Cee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 324
  • Format: ebook
  • Last we met, I was doing a great job getting to know Max s family and trying to soften up his ice cold parents, when his mother dropped a serious bomb on me Max, Hannah, an unwanted pregnancyen I blanked out This volume explains what happened since that night, and I get to tell you about all the ways Max and I love each other, frustrate the hell out of each other, aLast we met, I was doing a great job getting to know Max s family and trying to soften up his ice cold parents, when his mother dropped a serious bomb on me Max, Hannah, an unwanted pregnancyen I blanked out This volume explains what happened since that night, and I get to tell you about all the ways Max and I love each other, frustrate the hell out of each other, and overall try and grow with each other.In Vol 2 of my story, you meet Max s brothers both of whom I adore, get a glimpse into the weirdness going on between my Donovan and Laney, and see my family constantly running interference for me and Max There are days when I don t think we will make it, and Donovan Taylor does his part to ruin my relationship with Max But in the end, love and fiction rule, and a happily ever after is restoredor is it There are twists and turns in my life than a roller coaster ride at Great America Why can t life be simpler I guess if life was easy, it d be boring.Check out Vol 2 and I promise you won t be disappointed It was nice getting to know so many of you during the eight month blog run I m sure even after my story ends, we ll see each other again in another Reid saga.Talk to you soon Jane

    • Indelible Lovin': Max & Jane's Story Vol. 2 - D.W. Cee
      324 D.W. Cee
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    2 thoughts on “Indelible Lovin': Max & Jane's Story Vol. 2

    1. I started writing back in Dec of 2009 after I saw an interview with Stephenie Meyers She told Oprah that she always had stories in her head and that struck a chord with me Whenever I drive, I have all kinds of stories circulating in my mind Generally, I am the star of this story and many wacky things happen Of course, I make the story quite complimentary and beneficial to me I guess you could say Meyers channeled my head case into a novel.I am first a wife and a mother, as well as a restauranteur and a caterer Writing is my last profession and a late found one I have a B.A and an M.Ed from UCLA yes, just like Emily and taught 1st grade for four years till I had my first child, a son Two years later, I had my daughter and the two kids ran my life till they both started school My husband and I opened a restaurant in LA when we first got married and have been in the food service industry for almost 17 years.I think I ve always been a foodie at heart and though it sounds strange, loving food did not have anything to do with opening up a restaurant That was all my husband s idea I didn t even know I could cook till I got married And then I discovered, I love cooking I love everything related to food Eating, first, cooking second, cleaning a definite last I could do without the cleaning from the prep work and the mound of dishes created after a meal But, that s a whole other blog in and of itself Whenever we plan a family trip, and especially when my husband and I go on a couple s trip, it s based around what we want to eat, or which restaurants we want to visit Hubby and I did a trip to Austin one summer just to eat BBQ The trip to Rome was for pasta, Tokyo was for ramen and sushi, and in Paris, we gorged on treats from all the beautiful patisseries The two best meals of my life were at Taillevent and Joel Robuchon in Paris I am amending this last sentence as I think the best meal of my life was the one I recently had at Masa in NYC All of these places and restaurants sound familiar NYC is our favorite city and yes, Emily s favorite city as well for dining But I digress.Even with the crazy schedule, I hope to keep writing Entwined, my third novel, is out on and Smashwords, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo And for those of you who have been with me from the beginning know that Indelible Lovin Max Jane s Story is done and also sold at the e retailers listed above, in two volumes I am currently working on another story titled, Unlikely Attraction, as well as another Indelible Lovin blog story I hope to see many Reiders come Dec 2013, when the new blog is unveiled.Thank you for visiting my website and I am truly humbled and grateful for the outpouring of love Indelible Love and Entwined have received Check back for updates on my writings, travels, and everything Reid Taylor Davis.DWDecember, 2012

    2. Max and Hannah, Donovan and Jane.I have to say, this book had me angry more than happy. This is a wonderful book, but you may want to be prepared to want to slap some of the characters in it.The book brings you back out of the cliffhanger in the first book. Which then has Max explaining to Jane his relationship with Hannah. And I have never meet a woman who I wanted to slap more than Hannah, although Jane is a close second in this book.Jane and Max are looking for apartments together, and who ta [...]

    3. The Max and Jane saga unfold further in this book. I read most of the story on the authors's blog and loved the twists and turns. I thing that these two characters are perhaps the most flawed and real of the families involved in the series. There are times you will want to smack Max and tell him to man up. There are times that Jane should have her butt kicked for hurting such a great guy and Donovan? Little does he know he will suffer greatly under Cupid's bow, just not with the woman he thinks. [...]

    4. I fell in love with Emily and Jake. Than I fell in love with Max and Jane. The reason why I love this book is because it has their moments where you love it or want to hit the characterse characters aren't perfect and they problems. I like the way it written, because you get everything you want to know. You get old characters that still active in the story. I read the blog and retread the book when it came out. It lets you get away from the real world and read someone else problems. Wonderful au [...]

    5. Part 2 and i already said in with Part 1:I have read all of DW's books and although I have read MJ´s 1+2 online at her blog I still needed to purchase the books and re-read it all over.This books made me laugh, cry and i hade he feelings that i was right in the middle of it and it had me switching side´s between Max and Donovan quite often, but in the end i was happy that the GEM got her prince.The hardest part of this book was the waiting in between the blogs because you just want to continue [...]

    6. Finally Volume 2 came out!! Loved itI followed the blogs every week religiously and couldn't wait for the book!! I reread Vol. 1 and then Vol. 2 once it was out! I love Jane's relationship with Max, how they keep each other on their feet! Never a dull moment with them!! I am so in love with this Reid family and now more new characters are coming around so it's exciting!!! D.W. makes you want to know more about each person and I truly hope they each get a bookI can't get enough of this family!!

    7. This picks up where vol. 1 left off. DW Cee leads us through the rest of Max and Jane's story in a blog format. Max(Emily's ex boyfriend) and Jane(Jake's sister) are together, or are they? Volume 2 takes the reader on a journey of ups and downs in this couples life and how the find their happy ending. We get reaquainted with Jake and Emily, Donovan and meet some more members of the Reid clan and Max's family. This book left me wanting more of these characters, and luckily, DW Cee has more to sha [...]

    8. Yei! I´m done!! I also loved this book. I can´t wait for the next D.W. your are awesome at creating this family and these stories and matching them all up, I JUST LIVE for this type of stuff!!! Max is soo understanding of Janes and well Jane is a little dramatic but hey that´s the fun of it They have such a kinda real love, which I enjoyed reading. I got every thing from it, angst, love,bliss, etc.

    9. I have never found a book more frustrating ! Ahhhhgg I loved jakes and Emily's story and thought I would love janes as we'll but I believed from the start that she should of been with donavon not max . But once it became apparent that Jane and max would end up together it just annoyed me that it was dragged out for so long ! Such a let down.

    10. I started reading this in blog form on D.W. Cee's website and fell in love with the story line, the characters, everything. It's amazingly well written and the author capitvates you from the very beginning. The story of the Reids, Taylors and Davises is never boring and keeps you captivated and on your toes constantly, wanting to know what happens next.

    11. I loved everything about this book!! At first after reading Emily and Jake's story, I thought it would be kinda uncomfortable for Jane to be seeing her new sister in laws ex boyfriend for everyone, but it was cool to see that Emily and even Jake were cool with it. I think Max and Jane make a perfect couple

    12. Part too is like part one of Indelible Lovin' - Max & Jane's Story they both talk and you see why they are with each other. Just as good as the rest of her book and cant wait for more book to come!!!!

    13. Once you pick up this book, you won't be able to put it down DW is an awesome writer that grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps you guessing what will happen next until the very end I highly re comment this book to anyone looking for a good Reid!!

    14. Just reread the book again! Still love it, only reason I haven't given the books all 5 stars is a handful of grammar issues that just irritate me as an anal reader. Every book makes you dying to be a Reid!

    15. Seriously, my thoughts on the love triangles (or love square) that exist among the characters totally shifted in this book! My thoughts on the next books to come with Delaney started to form and I started to fight for Max more than I would have expected.

    16. Max and Jane continue their story from Vol. 1. They both have baggage, strong personalities and sometime weak and want to walk away. They get to know each other better and decide whether they want to be together through all the ups and downs can their Love get them through?

    17. Loved to see Jane finally surrender herself to Max, and to see Max finally become confident in his relationship with Jane!

    18. It was great to take a look deeper in to Max family life and to see jane sweat a little. It was a decent book and a go to read

    19. I love max and jane together. They make a great couple. Love to see how they would do with kids of there own.

    20. iBooks review Aug 12 2013OMG OMG OMGI loved it. Cant wait for laney and donovans turn. I lveo the love

    21. Volume 2 had so much angst, tears, laughter and frustration. But I LOVED watching Max & Jane come together.

    22. DW did it again. Kept us on our toes wanting to see what happens. Great book and series. Worthy the money and time.

    23. This is a great book and even though I read the blogs I could wait to get the book not only for the ending but also so I could read it all again from start to finish.

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