A Spoon for Every Bite

A Spoon for Every Bite A Hispanic folktale about a boastful man who learns a lesson from his clever neighbors Richly textured illustrations capture the parched beauty of the old Southwest

  • Title: A Spoon for Every Bite
  • Author: Joe Hayes Rebecca Leer
  • ISBN: 9780531071434
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Hispanic folktale about a boastful man who learns a lesson from his clever neighbors Richly textured illustrations capture the parched beauty of the old Southwest.

    • A Spoon for Every Bite : Joe Hayes Rebecca Leer
      404 Joe Hayes Rebecca Leer
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    2 thoughts on “A Spoon for Every Bite

    1. Designated New Mexico Eminent Scholar by the New Mexico Commission on Higher Learning 1979.Joe was the youngest of five children His father loved to tell stories The family moved to Arizona where Joe learned to speak Spanish which became an integral part of his storytelling and writing In 1979, he began to devote himself full time to sharing stories He focuses on elementary school audiences although his work appeals to a wide range of ages In 2001, he traveled to Cuba participate in a translation workshop sponsored by Writers of the Americas.For children and adults alike, Joe s storytelling sessions outside the tepee at the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe are a summer tradition that has continued for over 25 years.Other facts Youngest of five children Graduated from University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in English Taught at Sunnyside High School in Tucson, Arizona and also in Los Alamos, NM Employed in mineral exploration work, working all over the western U.S as well as in Mexico and Spain Delivered the Commencement address at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at U.C.L.A Currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    2. I enjoyed this folktale, told in both Spanish and English, because I couldn't imagine how you could use a different spoon for every bite of food you eat every day. Very clever! I liked Rebecca Leer's illustrations, especially of the rich neighbor's distinctive mustache, which changed shape with his moods. Further information at the back of the book explains the origins of this old tale. Recommended for story time in either language!

    3. I thought this book was hysterical! It is about a very rich man who gets tricked by his poor neighbors. It is a trickster tale and it has a great ending. Kids will like it becuase the content is such a preposterous idea. This would be an excellent book for a folklore unit.

    4. Another great bilingual book by Joe Hayes, storyteller extraordinaire! This funny folktale is beautifully illustrated.

    5. A Spoon for Every Bite by Joe Hayes was a Hispanic folk tale about a poor household and rich household. The poor couple has a baby and asks the rich man to be the Godfather of the child. In his agreement of becoming the Godfather, the poor couple wants to invite the rich man over for dinner. The problem is they only have two spoons. So, they save up money to buy another spoon and invite the rich man over. While he is over for dinner, the rich man insults them for being poor and only having two s [...]

    6. I liked this story. I could not figure out how to use a new spoon with every bite until the end. Which I found funny.

    7. Summary: A poor couple lived next door to a very rich man. The poor couple asked the rich man to be the God-Father of their child. The man agreed. The poor couple wanted to give their thanks to the man so they wanted to invite him to dinner, however the couple only had two spoons. They saved and worked in order to by another spoon. When they finally did they invited their neighbor. The man laughed when the poor people told him they only had three spoons and told him a lie about how they knew a m [...]

    8. Summary: A poor couple becomes friends with a rich man and invites him to dinner. The poor couple only own three spoons and feel embarrassed when the rich man laughs at their poverty. The couple decides to play a trick on the rich man, making him waste all his wealth on spoons.This bilingual story is written in a comedic tone that keeps the students engaged in and out. This book is good for a third grade classroom. Literature Terms: The tone of the book reflects a comedy. The conflict of the sto [...]

    9. Children's books that incorporate a little spanish vocabulary and concepts always capture my attention and interest. Children have such a unique and special ability to soak up information faster than adults and reading stories that can help introduce the spanish language are so wonderful to their learning. I liked this book of how it had the entire story in both languages: english & spanish. At the back, it even had a glossary with all the vocab words to learn them more permanently. I liked [...]

    10. Written by Joe Hayes, illustrated by Rebecca Leer, published by Orchard Books, 1999.Summary: A trickster tale set in the Southwest. A poor couple tricks their rich neighbor into using a new spoon for every bite. He tries until he has squandered his wealth to buy more and more spoons all the while giving the used spoons to the poor couple. The couple ends up becoming wealthy with all the silver spoons their neighbor disposes of.Response: A moral tale based on the Hispanic traditional understandin [...]

    11. I loved that this book because of the bilingual passages. On every page the text was in English and Spanish. I really had fun reading it in Spanish, and double checking the the English version if I had the context of the story right. I liked the moral of the story that not everything is as impossible as it may seem. Sometimes the old wise ways are better than the foolish seeking to accomplish an extravagant task.

    12. I remember reading this book when I was barely in middle school grade, and thinking it very very clever. In fact, it left such an impression on my mind that picking it up again to read, after only reading it once over 8 years ago, I found that I remembered every page exactly as it was. It is a very funny book to read to children and young teenagers.

    13. This is a Folktale about a poor couple who invites their rich neighbor to dinner and the events that follow. I thought this was a funny book with a great moral. It an be used to share culture and different viewpoints. It would be a great way to start discussions on social justice or differences in SES. I thought the story was interesting and it might prove funny to children.

    14. Interesting how one person can consider one thing something and an other an other. using a spoon for every bite is funny. he sales everything he got in order to buy a new spoon, and not to use that same one twice.

    15. New Mexican trickster tale. A couple tricks a rich man out of his spoons by telling him they know someone who uses a spoon for every bite he takes. Great illustrations and can be used with other trickster tales or a unit about New Mexico.

    16. Some people are just so full of themselves! In "A Spoon for Every Bite," the rich neighbor is so full of himself that he squanders his wealth away to to have a spoon for every bite. I also loved that this book was in Spanish as well!

    17. This is a children's bilingual (English/Spanish) folklore. The story if amusing and well told, but the real jewels are the wonderfully detailed illustrations. I had fun trying to read it in Spanish, then checking the English to see how I did. (Not that great, but at least I tried.)

    18. I loved this book. I thought it was very clever. It was unique. The illustrations were cute and I thought it was sweet that there was both a Spanish and an English version on each page.It was very sweet of a story about cleverness and humility and that power can corrupt. Subtle but great.

    19. This book is mediocre. I would probably not read this to my class because of the derogatory adjectives used to describe poor people. The theme of the story is inspirational, but it just did not appeal to me.

    20. This story was clever and stuffed full of learning oportunities. This book would be good for a lesson on pride and always feeling that you have to out do someone else. It is also bilingual and would make an excellent multicultural day addition.

    21. This is a good story time book for 3rd grade up. The children I read it to over the years seemed to enjoy it very much, as did their teachers and parents. It's a fun tale! The illustrations are very nice!

    22. I didn't realize until I opened the book that it was bilingual but I am so glad that it is. I really enjoyed the cleverness of how the moral was presented and I really liked the art work. There wasn't too much writing on each page which would make it easy to read with younger children.

    23. I loved this book! I love that it is in English and Spanish, great if you are trying to teach your child another language or expose them to another culture. The story taught a great moral as well.

    24. A trickster tale of a rich man goes crazy trying to convince his poor neighbors that he can use a new spoon for every bite he takes. I would read this when talking about character.

    25. A great moral message, and it's really nice to the have the bilingual edition for families and people wanting to learn the language.

    26. An Hispanic trickster tale, that somehow felt negative. I won't be using it in the classroom any time soon.

    27. Written in English and Spanish. I'm surprised that this is sometimes a difficult concept for young children to understand.

    28. This was a good English/Spanish book with the story told in both languages on each page. Good moral of not wanting way more than what you have.

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