In Praise of Older Women: The Amorous Recollections of András Vajda

In Praise of Older Women The Amorous Recollections of Andr s Vajda A cool comic survey of the sexual education of a young Hungarian from his first encounter as a twelve year old refugee with the American forces to his unsatisfactory liaison with a reporter s wife

  • Title: In Praise of Older Women: The Amorous Recollections of András Vajda
  • Author: Stephen Vizinczey
  • ISBN: 9780226858869
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • A cool, comic survey of the sexual education of a young Hungarian, from his first encounter, as a twelve year old refugee with the American forces, to his unsatisfactory liaison with a reporter s wife in Canada at the belated end of his youth, when he was twenty three elegantly erotic, with masses of that indefinable quality, style this has the real stuff of i A cool, comic survey of the sexual education of a young Hungarian, from his first encounter, as a twelve year old refugee with the American forces, to his unsatisfactory liaison with a reporter s wife in Canada at the belated end of his youth, when he was twenty three elegantly erotic, with masses of that indefinable quality, style this has the real stuff of immortality B A Young, Punch A pleasure Vizinczey writes of women beautifully, with sympathy, tact and delight, and he writes about sex with lucidity and grace than most writers ever acquire Larry McMurtry, Houston Post Like James Joyce, who was as far from being a writer of erotica as Dostoevsky, Vizinczey has a refreshing message to deliver Life is not about sex, sex is about life John Podhoretz, Washington Times The gracefully written story of a young man growing up among older women although some passages may well arouse the reader, this novel brims with what the courts have termed redeeming literary merit Clarence Petersen, Chicago Tribune A funny novel about sex, or rather which is rarer a novel which is funny as well as touching about sex elegant, exact and melodious has style, presence and individuality Isabel Quigly, Sunday Telegraph The delicious adventures of a young Casanova who appreciates maturity while acquiring it himself In turn naive, sophisticated, arrogant, disarming, the narrator woos his women and his tale wins the reader Polly Devlin, Vogue

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    • In Praise of Older Women: The Amorous Recollections of András Vajda : Stephen Vizinczey
      263 Stephen Vizinczey
    • thumbnail Title: In Praise of Older Women: The Amorous Recollections of András Vajda : Stephen Vizinczey
      Posted by:Stephen Vizinczey
      Published :2019-07-18T04:36:40+00:00

    2 thoughts on “In Praise of Older Women: The Amorous Recollections of András Vajda

    1. Hungarian author who studied under George Lukacs at the University of Budapest and graduated from the city s Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in 1956 Three of his plays were banned by the Hungarian Communist regime and in he took part in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution After a short stay in Italy, he ended up in Canada speaking only 50 words of English, and eventually taking Canadian citizenship He learned English writing scripts for Canada s National Film Board and the CBC He edited Canada s short lived literary magazine, Exchange In 1966 he moved to London and acquired British citizenship.His best known works are the novels In Praise of Older Women 1965 and An Innocent Millionaire 1983.Vizinczey has also written two books of literary, philosophical and political essays The Rules of Chaos 1969 and Truth and Lies in Literature 1985.

    2. Despite the outstanding humor, this book saddened me. I read it too late. Had I managed to get hold of this masterpiece when I was a teenager, I would have had a more colorful and satisfactory sex life.I won't spoil your fun of reading it by giving you the plot. But the author's dedication and a quote from Benjamin Franklin in its first chapter would give you an idea of what the book is all about. The dedication reads:"This book is dedicated to older womenand is addressed to young men--and the c [...]

    3. On my first day back to reading friends’ comments on after a hiatus of several months, I came across a reference to Stephen Vizinczey. For the months I was away, I hadn’t been able to concentrate on reading myself, but I was anxious to write again. Since my blog is about reading, however, I could only really write if I could read. The title of this book appealed to me and I would see if perhaps I could concentrate.In Praise… is fiction in the guise of autobiography. The young male charact [...]

    4. Μακριά από τις "Γυναίκες" του Τσινάσκι μεν, αλλά δίνει την δύναμη της σαρκικής έλξης πέρα των κοινωνικών αναστολών

    5. Terribly clever, but not in an arch way. Vizinczey's worldliness is somehow fresh. Only at the end of the book does he begin to look at life with tired eyes, no longer quite so eager to embrace (literally and figuratively) all it offers. I especially enjoyed how the budding writer, as an adolescent, applied the lessons he learned from great nineteenth-century authors to his own seduction campaigns:Perhaps if I hadn't been reading Anna Karenina I wouldn't have been struck by the fact that she was [...]

    6. An excellent book. In Praise of Older Women is sexy without being sexist, warm and funny. It has a European sophistication and worldliness without being dry. Vizinczey has a positive attitude in spite of describing going through horrific situations like fleeing the Nazi, participating in the attempted revolution against the Soviets in 56 and becoming a refugee, leaving behind his family and friends. This should be a cult classic that young people read as eagerly as Salinger or Kerouac.

    7. That Vizinczey is a nuanced writer is beyond doubt. Being a European immigrant, he has brilliant command over English language and his amorous descriptions have a subtle wisdom to them. Here is a book which charts the various flings a man has had in his youth, and there was no way I'd have bothered to read it had the book restricted itself to just that. It's a sympathetic and delightful account of the sexual education of one Andras Vajda. For Andras, older women are a medium to learn not only ab [...]

    8. I think maybe I was expecting something more like a literary equivalent of Francois Truffaut's The Man Who Loved Women: a chronicle of obsessive skirt-chasing that starts out breezy and frivolous, but ends up as a surprisingly poignant picture of a life spent in lust. Unfortunately, this book is nothing so deep, and it's not even really that entertaining. No book of "amorous recollections" should be as lifeless and unengaging as this one. Each one of the book's series of women are rendered in su [...]

    9. It's hard to believe that I now fit in Andras Vadja's definition of the "older woman" (30s and 40s)This is a lushly erotic book that still manages to provide several coy refusals. Just like the experiences cataloged in the amorous recollections of Andras Vadja. It is an engrossing story of a young man growing up among older women; learning to love and to make love from older womend doing it while going through war and revolution and personal discovery. It has all the eroticism of a truly naughty [...]

    10. If you like the English language, if you like sex, and if you like Hungary (no particular order here), this is your book.

    11. Yet another review on a subject I'm totally biased on. With only one notable exception I've only had serious relationships with what would qualify for 'older women' in the sense of this book, so take this with the needed grain of salt. Vizinczey gives his motivation for this semi-autobiographical book right away in the introduction: “This book is addressed to young men and dedicated to older women – and the connection between the two is my proposition. I'm not an expert on sex, but I was a g [...]

    12. This slender pseudo-memoir has been on my shelves forever. Honestly, I have no recollection as to where I acquired it, but given the copyright date (1965) and the price scribbled in ballpoint pen on the flyleaf, I suspect a used bookstore (in some country) was involved. I'm pleased to see that it's still available, in several editions, because it's a delightful book--witty, self-deprecating, socially astute, politically informative and impressively erotic. I say "impressively" because despite it [...]

    13. Ce que j'aimerais savoir est ceci: Andras est-il Stephen ou ce personnage est totalement fictif?Aussi incroyablement variées et passionnantes que ces aventures elles restent proches de la nature humaine, si véridiques et si agrémentées de détails infimes qui vous font croire en leurs véracités.Les femmes, d'un éventail d'âge assez large et étendu, des adolescentes pré-pubères aux vieilles presque séniles, dont la plupart témoignent d'une ardeur et d'une féminité sans égal, sont [...]

    14. In Praise of Older Women is delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed Stephen Vizincezey's charming tale and his joy and praise for women. I found myself smiling and laughing as I read along with his adventures. This is a man I would love to meet! If you're looking for a light and fun escape from the world, open and read this classic! You won't be disappointed.

    15. More than a book about women, 'In Praise of Older Women' is about war and changing landscapes, about war and the social relationships it harbors. Underneath it all, it is the story of a boy growing up amidst the company of older women. It is different from a proustian recollection but equally potent and beautiful. I regret not having read this book sooner. Highly recommended for both sexes.

    16. I wish I would have found this book when I was 16. This journey of a young man discovering and exploring his sexuality is both humorous and tragic. Mostly, this book offers a glimpse into the human experience and struggles of relating to others sexually.

    17. A lot of fun and the kind of book I wish I had read earlier, at, let's say, around 16? Contains immense respect and love towards humans, especially women. And it's fun!Recommended for: people who visit Reddit's redpill, so they can see what they're missing, stuck in their weird worldview.

    18. A well written bildungsroman of a Hungarian man and his troubled entrance into the sexual arena - I loved the distant gaze of the main character and his descriptions of sex, war and emotional intrigue ring totally true. Not a word wasted either - always a good thing.

    19. Die deutsche Übersetzung ist leider viel lebendiger als das englische Original. Vizinczey hat es ein bischen zu ernst genommen mit der Knappheit.

    20. تعدد العلاقات هو الموضوع الرئيسي في رواية (في مديح النساء الأكبر سناً) لستيفن فيزينشي, وفيها يسرد أندراش علاقاته الغرامية وولعه بالنساء الأكبر منه سنا منذ أن كان طفلاً وحتى بلوغه سن الشباب. تخاطبه مايا بجدية "ستتعلم أن الحب نادراً ما يدوم وأنه من الممكن أن تحب أكثر من شخص واحد [...]

    21. I have been putting this review off for too long, but what can I really say about this book?It was decent and could have been amazing. I think the author never really knew quite where he wanted to take the story and therefore never had one overlying message. I could even see if it was just random moments of a life pursuing older women but he doesn't even do that in all the chapters.Parts made me smile. Parts made me envious of young men who have the opportunities to read this while still young m [...]

    22. In his memoirs, the Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal spoke of Milan Kundera's oeuvre as a place "where sex ruled the world", and though he spoke lovingly, one could find in it an antagonism if not between the two great Czech writers themselves but between their styles, for if Hrabal ever writes about sex, it will be clumsy, awkward sex, more like that scene between Kafka and Frieda in The Castle than the steamy french kissing and dry-humping right in between protesters and police that happens in Kund [...]

    23. Per caso ho adocchiato questo libro di Stephen Vizinczey nella libreria di un amico, dall'orrida copertina. Ho superato la titubanza dettata proprio dalla sua mancanza di attrattiva, per me che per 17 anni fui grafica. Mostra un'occhieggiante donna di mezza età dall'improbabile seno ritto. Se solo non si trattasse di una foto della Belle Epoque, si direbbero innaturali risultati di poco accurati chirurghi plastici contemporanei. Il colore di fondo della copertina appare sbiadito, facendo sembra [...]

    24. This book turns out to be a fictional memoir rather than a true account of growing up in post-war Hungary but it still served as a good way of getting to feel what it might have been like to live in Hungary. I can't quite remember how I came to learn about this book but it was recommended as a good book about Hungary. While it may not have told me quite as much as I was hoping about Budapest in the 1950s and 60s it was certainly entertaining and possibly educational too!

    25. Well, this is interesting. I picked up this book because I remembered seeing the movie on television many years ago when I must have been in my mid-teems. My memory has it that it was a Francois Truffaut directed movie, but having checked this just now I see that I might be confusing it with Truffaut's "The Man Who Loved Women". Yet I'm certain there was a section in the movie featuring a woman who was 'frigid' and therefore I guess it must have been George Kaczender's 1978 "In Praise Of Older W [...]

    26. Anyone who knows me should be well aware of the irony here--- someone with my tastes in lovely young companions reading a book with this title when I could be pursuing leggy comp-lit co-eds. Still's a rather clever Bildungsroman, a lovely tale about a young Hungarian emigre and the lessons about life and love he learns from a series of older women. Vizinczey toys with making his hero (who may just be his alter ego) a kind of Julien Sorel, but then moves away from the darker side of that linkage [...]

    27. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, it being a thinly disguised account of the guy shagging his way around the world. The comments regarding types of women and personality changes as age progresses are obviously anecdotal, and not generalisations. I liked that he was quite open in his approaches to women, about loving them for who they were, but not hiding behind a false pretended of being together forever and exclusive. It felt like it read very similarly to Orwell's Down and Out accounts (which I'm [...]

    28. رواية غريبة بعض الشيء، فهي تسرد سيرة بطلها الهنغاري أندراش من خلال إستعراض تجاربه مع النساء الناضجات من بداية مراهقته حتى أواخر عشريناته، مع تعديده لأسباب تفضيلة للنساء الناضجات عن الفتيات المراهقات أو الشابات من ذات عمره، وفي نفس الوقت يستعرض أحوال بلاده في تلك الفترة الم [...]

    29. This is definitely one of the best books I've read. I am only sorry that I haven't read it when I was younger as it think it would've helped me understand relationships with women much better and not make bunch of mistakes I've made as an adolescent.However, I definitely think Vizinczey's best book is An Innocent Millionaire. If you can find it (because it is out of print) - pick it up and read it it contains so many insights and for me - it's definitely a masterpiece that can rightfully stand n [...]

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