Escape from the World Trade Center

Escape from the World Trade Center A Survivor s True StoryThis is the riveting account of Leslie Haskin s escape from the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks on September The former insurance executive shares w

  • Title: Escape from the World Trade Center
  • Author: Leslie Haskin
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  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A 9 11 Survivor s True StoryThis is the riveting account of Leslie Haskin s escape from the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 The former insurance executive shares what she saw and endured as she struggled down 36 floors in a doomed and dying building and away from a life focused on perks, prestige, and power.

    • Escape from the World Trade Center By Leslie Haskin
      390 Leslie Haskin
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    1. Leslie s story begins in Chicago The youngest girl of a family of fifteen, she describes herself an outspoken, independent thinker who was always in trouble Leslie excelled in college and in business By 2000, she was one of only two African American executives for one of the largest insurance companies in the country Living all the privilege of an executive s life, Leslie surrounded herself with all of the right people and right things.Then at 8 43 am on the morning of September 11, 2001, everything changed.Leslie was in her office on the 36th floor of Tower One when a Boeing 747 airplane slammed into her building, her friendsher life From that precise second, time was both accelerated and suspended as that once privileged corner office sky, filled with furniture, paper and unimaginable things Panic was instantaneous, and a mad dash toward the exit stairs began She closed her eyes and prayed, God help us In the months that followed the terrorist attacks, Leslie was committed to a mental hospital and diagnosed with severe post traumatic stress disorder PTSD Eventually the medical bills mounted, the illness intensified and Leslie Haskin lost everything that she had worked for She became homeless with her son, Eliot Hill.Today, Leslie is successful author and the founder and director of Safe Hugs Ministries She provides consultation to international humanitarian organizations such as Save the Children, and travels internationally encouraging thousands in their journey with the Lord God Her message is a simple one, God is bigger than our burdens She has become a favorite on national media such as CNN, The 700 Club, Moody Radio and others And her books, HELD, God Has Not Forgotten about YOU and the best seller, Between Heaven Ground Zero continue to inspire readers internationally Leslie Haskin makes her home in the catskill mountains of New York.

    2. This chilling book is a dark story with a bright ending, told by a survivor of the deadliest attack on American soil who struggled down almost forty floors to get to safety.

    3. As a lover of free reads, I jumped on this one immediately. 9/11 is an event that has haunted us for a decade but to those who actually lived it - it is still ongoing. Leslie begins her narrative by telling us she still suffers from PTSD. She has written this account as part of her therapy. After having read it, I simply do not have the words to adequately express how I feel. Leslie describes the sheer terror - if terror is even a horrible enough word - of being on the 36th floor when the bastar [...]

    4. I read this book in a day, I couldn't put it down. It was horrifying and incredible at the same time. Readers need to remember that most of this was compiled and written down as counseling assignments. That is why it can seem disjointed at times. I would have liked to have known more about her journey through counseling, but it ends rather abruptly.I saw one review critical that she did not witness the towers falling. How cruel and heartless to think that her experience which was something I can [...]

    5. Leslie Haskin, a survivor of 9/11, writes about what it was like to be inside one of the twin towers during the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, and what she dealt with in her life afterward. Her honest, detailed descriptions of events are often difficult to read, but will help others understand the true devastation of that day. Flashing back to earlier times seemed distracting sometimes.

    6. The true story of Leslie Haskin’s escape from the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The former insurance executive shares what she saw and endured as she struggled down 36 floors in a doomed and dying building and away from a life focused on perks, prestige, and power.A great story of how God will carry us through tough times.Leslie was committed to a mental hospital and diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Eventually the medical bill [...]

    7. As someone who has experienced escape from a burning building I could relate to the author’s simultaneous sense of detachment yet hyper awareness, this can’t be happening to me, inexplicably time speeds up & slows down, and the sense of horror of what is being experienced. At times the writing in her book is riveting. Short chapters are prefaced with scripture quotes and as the book progresses become longer and I found the frequent Christian testimony to be distracting. I understand many [...]

    8. Short. Sobering. Sorrowful. Saving. (This is a condensed version of a longer title.) Leslie writes as a successful African-American female who survived the horrors of 9-11. Tragically, this was not the first tragedy she endured in her life. The descriptions are graphic and visceral, but not gratuitous. Interestingly, she writes from the perspective of one who is converted as a result of the nightmare of 9-11. Scripture punctuates and illumines her story throughout, even if not always contextuall [...]

    9. If you are really against religion this may not be for you, but only because the author chose some Bible verses. Otherwise I thought this book was heart wrenching, detailed, and actually put you into the buildings. She captured the essence of what it was like to be a survivor of the 9-11 devastation. It is hard to believe that this happened to begin with, but to read from a survivor's perspective what she saw, felt, smelled, touched, heardc, it makes me even more upset for those who didn't make [...]

    10. No matter what I think of this book, it is truly Leslie's story to tell. I read it because I am still needing that insider's look at what happened that day, but what I got was a Christian's explanation of God's anger (directed at the US?) and how her faith provided her solace. Unfortunately, this is not what I wanted. I still cringe when I read or hear anything that hints that we were responsible for the events of 9/11. This book would appeal to the reader who likes titles such as "She said yes" [...]

    11. This was a brave retelling of catastrophic events from a firsthand point of view. I applaud the author for bringing her escape to the public with brutal honesty. She doesn't shy away from any of the painful details and doesn't claim heroics, only survival. I also appreciated her willingness to share her faith and the inclusion of relevant scriptures. I was riveted to the story from beginning to end.This is being offered as a free ebook from Kindle mobile right now and I'm glad to have stumbled u [...]

    12. Sorry, really wanted to like this one but it was just too scattered. Seemed to want to be a lot of things rolled into one. Thought from the title it would be more of the author's experience during the attack (which it was to a point). Jumps from 2005 to the attack back to another time and then again to various points throughout the author's life. Different than the title suggests. Free book on Kindle and just not what I thought it would be.

    13. Ms. Haskin begins this story by stating that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that can come about after one has experienced or witnessed life-threatening events like war, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, or violent personal assaults. The author provides a vivid and emotional account of her experiences after the plane hit Tower One at the World Trade Center. She explains that she was frozen with fear and could not understand what was happening [...]

    14. Awhile ago I bought a bunch of cheap or free ebooks, and promptly stopped using my Kindle for a few weeks because I kept forgetting to charge it. Additionally I don't have wireless at work or at home, so I have to make a conscious effort to find a signal in order to download new books, which never happened in the month of January. So, between library books, I finally charged this thing, forgot about it for another few weeks, and then, desperate for something to read on the subway, I looked down [...]

    15. This book is a shortened version of 'Between heaven and Ground Zero', another book written by Haskin but by being short it doesn't seem to loose anything.This short account tells of one woman's account of being inside the World Trade Centre during the Terror attacks back in 2001. It gives an interesting insight into what went on inside the towers and the conditions faced by those trying to escape - an insight I haven't read anywhere else before so found really interesting. It was amazing to read [...]

    16. This was offered free on kindle, so I downloaded it in honor of the upcoming 10th anniversary of September 11th.A very emotional and graphic look at the horror of the day, told by one survivior. Leslie doesn't pull any punches, and describes in detail what she saw. I appreciated the fact that her story starts the morning of Sept. 11th though, and she details the beauty of the twin towers as she saw them on her way to work that day. Her description of the buildings, which I never had a chance to [...]

    17. I just finished 'escape from the world trade centre'. I got it free (probably in sept 2011) I wouldn't say it was good as such as that feels like the wrong way to describe it, it was harrowing, eye-opening but also a little uplifting. It made me realise just how overwhelming it must have been for the victims, survivors and witnesses at the time and there is no way anyone who wasn't there could possibly begin to understand what it was like but it is a glimpse into it from one persons perspective. [...]

    18. Leslie Haskin's horrifying account of her narrow escape from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2011 is unforgettable. Haskin begins her account describing her commute, her daily routine, and the appearance of the building on her last day at her job in the World Trade Center. Her account is both heart wrenching and poignant. The tale of her escape is both horrific, terrible, and amazing. Haskin describes in detail the horrible things she witnessed, from the deaths and dead bodies, to the br [...]

    19. I remember watching the first footage of this attack and later feeling sick at the thought of it having been intentional. I don't think anyone can imagine how traumatic experiencing anything like this could be. Leslie Haskin has documented her experience quite well in this e-book short. If someone can live through such a tragedy and develop any sort of meaning or strength from it then I'm definitely all for it. This event must have been very difficult for her to write about and yet, I imagine wo [...]

    20. I have decided not to rate this book as the subject matter makes it hard for me to do so.This short book was well written and it brought back the horrors of that day 9/11 2001, I lived in CT at the time and could actually see the towers burning from our beach. The author Leslie Haskin, describes in a detailed way what she went through on that fateful day. She worked on the 36 floor of tower one and her description though very graphic describe her and manys experience so well. It definitely was a [...]

    21. It is very difficult to review this kind of book, because of its extremely personal nature. This one is basically a journal of thoughts, feelings and events and a fascinating one at that. It's well written, fast moving, well formatted (for kindle, at least)and, of course, heartbreaking. We all know what happened in New York on September 11, 2001, but reading inside accounts of it from survivors is always wrenching.This is a short book, so it's a quick read. Note that it contains a lot of Bible q [...]

    22. I have a hard time rating this one because it's essentially the author's journal entries from her therapy sessions while dealing with PTSD and who on earth has any right to rate that? This was an interesting and horrifying read. My issues were the disjointed flow and the Bible verses taken out of contextbut again it was (from my understanding) excerpts from her journal. Her life story is amazing and I might read her other books sometime. And I will say that it has inspired me to read more on the [...]

    23. This book was both horrifying to read and hard to put down at times. A quote from the book sums up why it was so intriguing: "Tragedy is a bizarre irony in that it can be fascinating, mesmerizing, and at the same time heart wrenching." What I didn't like about this book was sudden changes from what happened at the World Trade Center to her own personal life; however, it was definitely worth the time it took to read in that it gave me a somewhat better understanding of what people went through.

    24. An amazingly rich true story of the reality of what people went through on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center Twin Towers. I truly felt like I was there with the author, seeing and feeling everything she went through. Such a gut-wrenching story, and yet I couldn't put it down. Stories such as this should be compiled and saved as a testament to those who survived that day, as well as those who lost their lives. The courage displayed throughout the pages of this book are the true America [...]

    25. Clearly a journal rewrite. Focuses less on details and more on feelings. Very real and very raw emotions and reactions. Talks about her feeling guilty for not helping others but doesn't dwell on that in a morbid way. 4-star because she portrays real emotions. Some reviewers haven't liked the back and forth of the story. I felt like it added to an understanding of how Haskin reacted to the terror act. As a whole, the book didn't flow smoothly, but, while it may not have been intentional, it is li [...]

    26. Riveting. I like Leslie's writing style and her knack for turning descriptive phrases. If she had stuck simply with the narrative of the events of 9-11 it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, there were various scriptures and flashbacks that seems a little disjointed with the rest of the narrative. And I love the scriptures and I love a good flashback I just couldn't always follow how it fit in. Other than that it was a very moving and engaging read. I've always been interested to hear surviv [...]

    27. I don't know how to rate this. I don know what I expected. I mean, she survived, we knew that. I know enough people who went through 9/11, including myself, that nothin in here was surprising. I felt almost Dirty reading this, though, what is essentiLly her therapy journal. I debated over and again last night how I'd rate this and decided in a very neutral 3 since it is well written, but no more, because I finished I and thought, "I did not need to read that."

    28. I really admire Ms.Haskin's courage in writing this story of such unimaginable experiences that she endured in her escape from the World Trade Center on the horrific event of Sept.9,2001. It brought out emotions from me, one minute I was angry,then I felt fear, and sadness, but there was a moment of hope when in her journey,when she called God for help, and it made me feel safe and protected. I thank her for sharing her story of this journey.

    29. This is a first-person account of someone who was in the World Trade Center and got out alive.In the beginning of the book, the author mentions that she has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from that experience. I wish the book had covered more of her life since then and her recovery journey. Instead, the book ends at the end of the day on September 11th.I felt like the story shouldn't have stopped there.

    30. A short but very moving book written by a survivor of the World Trade Center events of September 11, 2001. Ms. Hasken describes her decent down the stairway after terrorists flew a plane into the first tower. Her experience was haunting; the things she saw were horrific, yet God was in that place. Not a happy, feel good book but it is very timely as the 10th anniversary of that terrible day approaches.

    31. One woman's recollection of her experience the day the World Trade Center was demolished. She was in Tower One when it was struck on September 11. This is her account of the mass exodus from the towering inferno as many lives, including hers, were in the balance of life and death as the building was collapsing around them. She along with others watched as people jumped from windows to their death.

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