Person You see him at the liquor store You see him at the bus stop trying to look at you without being seen Who is he He is a person In this debut novel a person walks around Chicago contemplating the poss

  • Title: Person
  • Author: Sam Pink
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You see him at the liquor store You see him at the bus stop, trying to look at you without being seen Who is he He is a person In this debut novel, a person walks around Chicago contemplating the possibility of starving to death on purpose He has sex with his neighbor He goes out to look for a job but just buys little plastic dogs from homeless people instead Who isYou see him at the liquor store You see him at the bus stop, trying to look at you without being seen Who is he He is a person In this debut novel, a person walks around Chicago contemplating the possibility of starving to death on purpose He has sex with his neighbor He goes out to look for a job but just buys little plastic dogs from homeless people instead Who is the person The person is you The person is me The person is sitting in his room shooting an empty pellet gun at his face, feeling the slow exhaustion of a Co2 cartridge The person sits in a bathtub reading his roommate s yearbook He wants to create a contract mandating worldwide friendship Person invents new and splendid ways of not getting along You will read this book and remember why you mainly read books that have sex in them You will become a person.

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    2 thoughts on “Person

    1. Sam Pink is the author of The No Hellos Diet, Hurt Others, I Am Going to Clone Myself Then Kill the Clone and Eat It, Frowns Need Friends Too, and the cult hit Person His writing has been published widely in print and on the internet, and also in other languages He lives in Chicago, where he plays in the band Depressed Woman.

    2. Person is not a specific person in the sense that it's a character whose arc we follow through a story. This is a snapshot of loneliness and alienation, of over-powering apathy and lack of motivation. The person in Person has no name. He has no description aside from the inner thoughts he shares with us over 87 pages. Person has no sense of self, no ambition to be someone or do something, no idea at all, really, of who he is, or what he wants, or wants to be. Funny, a little sad, pathetic, occas [...]

    3. What I liked the most: glossy cover, book cover (I like all Sam Pink's book covers and book titles), 80 pages long, stylish choices, postmodern repetitions or leitmotivs (neon/practice/left of you), brevity of the chapters, fluidity of the prose, introspection, insightfulness (about the stupid seriousness of hard to get dead-end jobs [3 interviews!], mind games [Eventually I blink. I think he thinks that means he won somehow] and other stuff), baby Jimbo's part, imagination (angel's slice, doll [...]

    4. I got this as a free Kindle book. The detachment and alienation of Person reminded me of The Stranger for Some reason. This is a writer that I want to read more of. Very good.

    5. Person's some tight shit. I'd read this book even if there were a fleet of rape drones saying, "Just do it. I dare you." I'd lick my reading finger and just do it anyway. Fuck a rape drone.

    6. I forget what chapter it was--but the one about jimbo had me rolllllling. that was worth the read alone. otherwise I like this guy's prose and eccentric characters and am off to read witch piss.

    7. Back when I bought a copy of Shoplifting from American Apparel, I also bought a copy of Person by Sam Pink. Since my first exposure to alt lit resulted in what can only be called a complete nervous book-down, I was understandably reluctant to read Pink. Lin’s SfAA filled me with such disgust that had I read anything similar immediately afterward and then discussed it I would have needed a new anus.But a few years have passed, and the fire of my hatred has dimmed. Also, Person is a slim volume [...]

    8. So this is what I chose to read on a Friday 13th that occurred in the ninth month of the year 2013. This is, of course, absolutely inconsequential to anything I'm about to say about this book, but then again random seems to be my middle name lately. More to the point, I feel like I need to start this review by saying that this is my first time ever reading bizarro fiction, as well as the first time I read a Sam Pink book. I can't say what exactly my expectations were before starting it, as the b [...]

    9. I want to say supportive things about a fellow indie author, I really do, butdamn it. This is the laziest book I've ever read, even lazier than Cormac Friggin McCarthy's The Road. That makes my blood boil. You see, I hate Cormac Friggin McCarthy, and I wanted to go on thinking that The Road was the laziest book even written, but now I can't do that anymore. Now I have to say unsupportive things about an orphan, starving small-fry independent author about how HE has written the laziest book rathe [...]

    10. I came to this book at the most perfect time when I wasn't right in the head due to a harsh migraine. In between sleep, I read this book and had some very strange dreams about smelling like pizza, going into a second interview for a bagging position, and having neon colored words scroll through my headhole. It was as if this book played out as a movie in my sleep.However, I still came to the conclusion today (now that I'm feeling like my 'normal' self) that this book is awesome! I loved the absu [...]

    11. "I live in Chicago and I don't get along with a lot of people and the reasons are always new and wonderful."This is a quick read, but a touching one. It's a first-person portrait of extreme loneliness, mistrust and alienation, and how those feelings can reinforce one another, demand your loyalty and make you love them, until finally you start to enjoy being sad and look forward to dying. I've totally felt like this, and Sam Pink nails it. (But again I say: no stars for books on the same press as [...]

    12. I want to punch this writer in the mouth. I don't know why I have that urge. Insulting literature? Complaining about how he doesn't brush his teeth enough and that is suppose to be important to me? Whining about being a giant pussy as if it is a badge of courage? I am sure he is a good guy and all, it's just something about this book. It is pretty funny with lots of dead pan humor; which I appreciate. Maybe I am just jealous of his jokes, or maybe it is just a shitty book. I don't know. Let's ju [...]

    13. Sam Pink's new novel, Person, is the greatest book I have ever read where nothing really happens. A person wanders around Chicago, feeling alternately morose and elated. Although the eponymous Person lives in an apartment, I have never read a book that felt more homeless. The occasional "Other Version" of a chapter (in which something only vaguely dissimilar to the first version happens) emphasizes the feeling of uncertainty. I believe that Sam Pink has access to some of the most universal human [...]

    14. This was a really weird little book, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to read. It seems like this really strange mix of Tao Lin and Knut Hamsun. I've never read anything quite like it. It is absurd, but most of the absurdity is in the mind of the character and in his reactions to things. It's funny, but self-deprecating as well in a way that goes beyond humor. In the end, I'm not quite sure what it isbut it is good.

    15. Person, a reviewI wanted to read some shit that kids read.I don’t know why, for practice, maybe.I heard about person and bought it.The word SUCKER scrolls through my head hole.I don’t know.The blurb on the book’s page says:Who is the person? The person is you. The person is me.No. I beg to differ. I like the sound of that. Other people say that and I like that. So I say it again and again. No. I beg to differ. My dog looks at me like…When you gonna buy me some dog food.Anyway, it’s sho [...]

    16. This book is similar in character to Rontel, and much of what Sam Pink would do in that later work is already on display in some form here. In tone, Person is a little sadder, a little less funny, a little less extreme in its degree of absurdity. It makes use of its own leitmotifs, i.e. elements that are repeated and serve as a sort of a theme, such as the repeated sentences "it feels like practice" and "it's insane," and the tendency to retreat from some of his most extreme or tenuous assertion [...]

    17. If I ever need to remind myself, years down the line, what it was like to be young and emotionally short-circuited in a small apartment in Chicago in the early 2010's, I could read this book again. I thought it was interesting how closely Person resembled my own internal dialogue. Maybe Sam Pink is one of those dudes who has read too much Bukowski, but whatever, I found this book touching and it rang true. It is at least a good artifact of our world-weary, Raskolnikovian zeitgeist.

    18. "I decide to play the disappearing game, where I try to see how completely I can be gone from any interaction.The problem with this game is that with victory comes no recognition."A bizarre self-narration and introspection of a "person" who's overcome with alienation and social ineptitude. I really enjoyed it; but, clearly, it's not for everyone. If you happen to enjoy reading absurd and depressing inner monologues that stem from spotting ordinary things in life, i.e. a roommate sleeping, 7-11 b [...]

    19. "There's an advertisement for a junior college along the inside of the train.The ad features a smilling man holding books.He looks nice.One day I will figure out which stop the junior college is at and then I will go there and meet this man and we will help each other through life."This was one hell of a book.I was reading this book on a train, my girlfriend was reading her Kindle too. On a stop, just before the doors closed, one guy got up, snatched the Kindle from her hands (she was sitting by [...]

    20. Prior to reading this book, I had mostly been familiar with Sam Pink’s poetry (although I had also read a few short-short prose pieces here and there). And this poetry made me a fan of his work, particularly due to its humor and surreal imagery. This book introduced me to his longer work, and I thought it was really great. Unlike his other writing, this is extremely reality-based. Considering Pink’s strength lies in the surreal, I would have assumed that I wouldn’t care for a book that lac [...]

    21. “I walk down the hallway and go into my room and call it a day and it calls me something else.” Sam Pink will fuck you up. This guy is hilarious and throws out beautiful prose like it's garbage he might want back one day. I definitely recommend this for white, cisgender dudes in their early to mid-twenties, but it was fairly easy for me to connect with as well, given that Pink's protagonists are about as sarcastic and confused as any twentysomething. His prose will hurt you the way you hurt [...]

    22. buddy looked at my book and said nevermind. i read a little passage on the first page. he really didnt like that. i asked him why he didn't like it. he told me it was a waste of time and then after a few moments passed he told me i would make a good therapist. you can tell, i'm sure, that the next thing i asked is why he thought i would make a good therapist. he told me because i'm interested in other peoples weirdness.

    23. "Feels like Practice."After reading this book, whenever anything happens in my life I imagine myself saluting words in neon letters in my head.And Sam Pink is right next to me and we wink at each other.

    24. ας μην το βαθμολογήσω καλύτερα, φριχτό βιβλίο πολύ συμπαθητικού αντεργκράουντ συγγραφέα, απ' τις πιο κουραστικές αναγνωστικές εμπειρίες μου - και μιλάμε για 87 σελίδες που τελειωμό δεν είχαν!

    25. Should I be worried that I could identify with the narrator? No. No way. This book is hilariously thoughtful and is definitely going to be read again.

    26. This is my first Sam Pink novel and he says more in 87 pages about the state of modern America than many authors in 500 pages.To be born in the USA today and then reach that point that the nameless narrator is at and to realize you've reached that point is like a dim epiphany.The point that i'm referring to is the slow realization that there might be nothing else in your life and this is it. Could this be it? Seriously, God? Sharing a shitty apartment in a city I hate and looking for a job that [...]

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